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   Chapter 5 Go To The Hospital

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Get off work.... He came to pick her up after work

What was going on here? Kate was irritated and scratched her hair. The agreement clearly indicated that they could not bother each other casually.. If Brian really dared to do anything to her, she could sue him with that agreement.

However That meant she lost her job. Moreover, no one could tell who would win the case and who would lose in such case that a small citizen fought against a CEO.

Alas, forget it. Just play it by ear.

Kate was struggling in her heart. She was so annoyed that she wanted to bump her head against the table. However, in Lora's eyes, these were the omen of mental disease. So Lora was so afraid that she stay away from Kate.

Finally, it's time to get off work. Lora wanted to take Kate to see a doctor, but Lora was taken away by her friends.

Kate nodded her head with understanding. Maybe Lora was going to have a blind date. Blind date had been an obvious feature in this era.

They always stayed at home and were lazy to keep a relationship. If she went on blind dates and knew a good man, she could marry him casually.

Kate sighed, trying to slow down and buy more time, but she was afraid to make the boss wait for her. In the endless entanglement, she still arrived at the company's door.

A limited edition Bugatti Veyron was parked in front of the building, and Kate recognized it at once. She hesitated and looked from the rolled down window, only to find a person inside the car. It's Brian.

It seemed that Brian knew she was looking at him. He turned and looked at her, motioning her to get in the car.

Though reluctant, Kate opened the door and got in the car. She put on a bright smile and asked, "Mr. Brian, where are we going?"

hotel? villa? Or a hotel? Kate wondered what he would answer.

Unfortunately, Brian didn't answer her. Then, Kate said again, "it's so late. How about we have dinner first? We have strength after dinner. "

In fact, she just wanted to delay time by having dinner..

Though she had read a lot of romantic novels, she was still scared when she really needed to practice!

There was another silence.

Kate was making a fool of herself and she immediately stopped talking and quietly turned her head to look at his face.

She gasped in admiration again. This man was really handsome. His perfect outline was just like the most beautiful masterpiece of God. His wheat skin was healthy, and there was a foreign style. 'is this CEO a mixed child?'?

It reminded Kate of what Lora had said to her all day. She thought it was very exaggerated at that time, but after seeing the real person, she realized that All Lora's words were the essence. Every word was suitable for the CEO who was dignified, handsome and awe inspiring.

Kate was lost in various fancies and conjectures when the car stopped steadily. She rolled down the window and was stunned.

This place was neither a hotel nor a villa, but a hospital.

He took her to the hospital. Did he hear what Lora said? Did he take her to the hospital for treatment?

"CEO In fact, I'm not seriously ill. I just need to have a good rest. You don't have to take me to the hospital. " Said Kate. She didn't get off the car.

What a joke! Hospital was a bad place where people would get a lot of serious diseases even if they were not ill. And even a cold could be the final stage of cancer.

Brian looked at her coldly, without saying a word, and directly opened the door and got out of the car.

Kate hesitated and thought that if she got out of the car, she might be diagnosed as an idiot. If she didn't get out of the car, her boss would be angry and then she would be fired, and her mother would scold her as an idiot. Kate thought for a while and thought that since both of them would think her as idiot, the first choice would be more decisive.

Thinking of this, Kate bit her teeth and was about to open the door, but when she was about to open the door, the door was opened. Screaming in a low voice, she was dragged out by Brian.

Yes, he had pulled her out by her collar and taken her out of the car.

Kate was in a daze and forgot she wore 5-centimeter high heels. She sprained her ankle and stretched out her hand to grasp the tie of Brian's suit.

It could be thought Kate gave Brian a dose of his own medicine, but this was definitely not her intention. She stood still, but was still in a daze, putting her hand on the neat collar of the CEO.

"Oh, my foot slipped." When she came to her senses, she quickly released her hand, but felt a stabbing pain from her ankle.

Was she out of luck? She was running all the way yesterday and didn't hurt her ankles, but why did she sprain her ankle today after a small sprain?

In order to keep her graceful posture, Kate gritted her teeth, endured the pain and propped up her body with the other foot, and then said with a smile, "let's go."

She arrived the hospital just in time.

Brian took a glance at her leg, and did not go away first.

Kate didn't le

ave first as her foot was injured. She didn't want to be seen limping by Brian. But when she stood with the CEO, she was under a lot of pressure. She looked at Brian and said seriously, "boss, you can leave now. I will follow you."

Without saying anything, Brian just looked at her with his deep dark eyes, which made Kate feel so embarrassed. After a while, Kate couldn't help but speak. Brian slowly bent his knees, with an elegant and gentleman gesture. He said in a low voice, "get up."

What was going on? Kate was stunned and didn't get what he meant.

Brian was a little impatient, and he said again in a low voice. "Do you want me to hold you?"

As soon as he said this, he felt something heavy on his back.

"Mr. Brian, I can walk." After lying on Brian's back, Kate bargained with him. Although Brian's back was so warm and comfortable, she still didn't like to be too close to men.

"Don't move." Brian stood up and ordered Kate on his back.

"But..." Kate faltered. She felt a little uncomfortable and wanted to slip down like the ants.

When she was about to slip down, her buttock hurt slightly, as if someone had twisted it. All cells in Kate's head had been dead for three minutes, and she was rigid Did Brian spank me?

After realizing this, Kate was immediately obedient. She froze and stayed motionless on the back of Brian. The pace of Brian was as steady as a moving towering tree, and Kate was like a vines attached to a tree.

It seemed that It was not that bad.

Kate thought.

Sitting on the bench, Kate helplessly glanced at the old doctor who was wearing a pair of glasses. She just had a sprain, but the doctor needed to tie her whole foot so tightly?

"Remember, keep away from water for the next few days, or your wounds will get inflamed." The doctor said in a domineering tone as he adjusted his glasses.

I'm going to take a shower tonight. Humph. Kate thought gloomily. It was just a sprained ankle. If it weren't Brian, she wouldn't care about her ankle at all. She had suffered more serious injuries before, and she didn't need to go to hospital in this way. She was not so effeminate.

Brian looked down at her and said unhappily, "listen to the doctor."

Kate was so shocked that she almost fell down from the chair. She didn't say these words. Why did this man know what she was thinking?

"Well, people nowadays all feel themselves so strong. If such a small wound was not treated properly, it would suffer a lot in old age." The doctor sighed and pounded his old bone.

Kate lowered her head in silence. The doctor looked at Brian and said, "as her boyfriend, you'd better take good care of her. How could she fall over while walking on a road? That's not decent for an adult!"

When she heard the word "boyfriend", Kate was stunned and glanced at Brian from the corner of her eyes. Then, Brian said indifferently: "I'm not her boyfriend."

That's the way it should be. They are pure boss and subordinate. Kate nodded her head with satisfaction. She didn't want to admit this relationship casually.

"She is my wife." Said Brian lightly.

He was not surprised or uncomfortable at all, and his tone was natural and smooth, as if she was really his wife.

Kate trembled with fear. She was so scared that she almost put down her foot which was binded up carefully. She looked at Brian blankly. She opened her mouth and wanted to ask something, but she didn't know what to ask.

It was clearly shown in the agreement that they were a couple in front of outsiders, and that Brian didn't overstep the boundary. However, Kate still felt weird about it. She lowered her head and patted her chest to calm herself down.

"Let's go." Brian pulled Kate up with one hand and held her slender waist with the other. Kate was too shy to look up at him, and she let him control her walking. It was absolutely a pleasant scene in the eyes of the outsiders.

The man was calm and handsome, and the woman was beautiful and gentle.

Even the old doctor looked at them and sighed, "such a loving couple is rarely seen nowadays."

With her legs trembling, Kate tried to hold back her laughter. 'old doctor, when did you see us intimate?'

The moment they went out of the door, they immediately aroused the envy and envy of many people.

"Mr. Brian, shall we go back now?" Kate's one leg was tightly tied, so now she could only be supported by the arms of Brian, jumping up and down like a lively and lovely rabbit. She happened to wear a white work shirt and trousers today.

The stereotyped work became lovely and lively in the presence of Kate.

Since Brian didn't answer her, Kate didn't dare to say anything either. From yesterday till today, she had found that the CEO was very quiet and always neglected others. After getting along with him for such a long time, she spoke a hundred times more words than he said.

With the help of Mr. Brian, she entered another ward. Kate was confused. She just got hurt on her foot, but the doctor didn't ask her to stay in the hospital.

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