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   Chapter 4 Brian Is The CEO

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"Good," Sherry replied gently. She then took the marriage certificate from Kate.

Seeing the name of the man on the marriage certificate, Sherry couldn't help but frown. Kate looked at her in a daze. Well, her girlfriend looked so beautiful even though her brows were furrowed.

"Brian Li, huh?" Pointing at the name of the man on the document, Sherry asked reluctantly.

Kate only nodded. She was about to explain more about the mistake later on, but confusingly, Sherry looked at her in a strange way.

"Is there any problem?" asked Kate, as she finally noticed that the frown on Sherry's face got deeper.

"He is the CEO of Li's Group, your boss," said Sherry.

Those words deafened Kate. Suddenly, she couldn't hear the following words coming out of Sherry's mouth. She could only saw her lips continuously moving.

The CEO of Li's Group. Her boss. Brian Li. These words were like curse to Kate, piercing her.

No wonder he owned a luxury car. Now, it wasn't puzzling anymore that she bumped into him at the company's lobby. It turned out that Brian was the boss of Li's Group!

Not surprising at all, she felt upset and anxious when she was woken up by her phone's ringtone alarm this morning. It seemed like all of this happened for a reason.

During the whole dinner, Kate remained dumbfounded. Her mouth was slightly open and eyes were looking straight ahead. Sherry had cooked her favorite porridge stewed chicken, but she didn't have an appetite to eat even a bit.

When she was sleeping, she was lying on the bed and looking straight at the ceiling. With a pair of black wings and two horns on his forehead, Brian was hanging on the ceiling. He tied her up with a ferocious look. Madly, he lashed the black whip hard on her body. He was laughing demonically, "You will get a salary deduction, and I will fire you. Let's see how long you can sneer! You will struggle and it won't last long!"

"No! Please don't! Don't deduct my salary! No!" With a scream, Kate struggled to sit up straight and finally escaped from her nightmare.

Gently, she rubbed her painful temples. Her eyes were slightly red and swollen, and her hair was messy on her shoulders. She was very dispirited. Obviously, she didn't sleep well last night.

It was sunny outside. The clock on the opposite wall was ticking. Everything reminded Kate that it was time to get up and go to work.

As if wandering in a ghost's world, Kate walked out of her room and into Sherry's bedroom. She shook Sherry, who was asleep, back and forth. "Why did you tell me this?!" cried Kate in a pitiful voice.

Sherry then slipped out of the bed, leaving Kate alone.

The grieving Kate threw herself into the bed and got up miserably in a few seconds. She was an office worker, so she knew better than anyone about time and money.

With a handbag in her hand, she walked out of the Faraway Community on high heels. At the gate, she found a cool, expensive car parked.

Kate pursed her lips and thought, 'How rich people are nowadays! People in the poor Faraway Community even have such a handsome car. Is this brand famous?' She felt it was familiar.

Slowly, the car window rolled down. As she saw the man on the driver's seat, Kate's feet suddenly froze. The man sitting in the driver's seat had an impressive appearance. His nearly perfect sculpted face was as gorgeous as a God who had descended from heaven.

But these were not the reasons to make Kate stiff. Surprisingly, that man in front of her was her newly married husband! Nominal husband. Meanwhile, he was her boss.

She took a deep breath, bowed her head and carefully walked by the car. Uncontrollably, her heart was constantly beating fast. 'You don't see me. No, you're not seeing me. I'm invisible,' she was murmuring to herself silently.

"Miss Luo, I'm going in the same direction as you today." The man opened his mouth, and his deep voice was like an arrow pressing on Kate's groveling back.

'Son of a bitch! What does the same direction have to do with me?' she thought.

But considering that Brian was her boss, Kate didn't utter it out loud. Instead, she straightened her back and forced a smile. "I saw some rubbish just now and wanted to pick it up. But when the wind blew, it was carried away," said Kate.

She ended her sentence with a chuckle that stiffened her facial muscles.

Brian raised his head slightly and looked at the woman in front of him. Kate said immediately, "I can go to the company by myself. I don't want to bother you."

The way she addressed "you" today was evidently more respectful than how she did yesterday. It seemed like her attitude took a sharp turn.

Kate was really bad at concealing her emotions. From a quick glance at her, Brian knew what she was thinking.

"Get in the car," instructed Brian nonchalantly. His face was expressionless. Hearing his cold voice, Kate felt that her shins were about to break.

Why was she in this kind of situation? Though she was extremely hesitant, Kate still cautiously got in the car.

"I forgot to take my medicine yesterday. I'm sorry." As soon as she hopped in the car, Kate was brave to admit her fault. To make Brian forgive her, she didn't hesitate to defame her health.

"Medicine? What have you gotten?" Brian started the engine smartly and asked i


Kate was stunned. She didn't expect that he would ask her such a question. Nonetheless, she replied with a serious look, "It's a long story. But don't worry, my illness won't affect me, especially how I work. I love this job. This job has increased my value, particularly my social status. And when I got this job, I found that my outlook and principles in life have become different from others. Thank you so much for all you've done! You made these things happen!"

From her deep feeling to her wild passion, finally, Kate put Brian on a pedestal like a deity.

Brian's brows were slightly twitching. He didn't know how great he was until this girl mentioned it.

Kate silently observed the expression of Brian, but there was no hint of change in his expression. He was still as cold as a dead man. His very existence made the temperature inside the car lowered.

No, if the CEO was unhappy, Kate would be facing a formidable enemy. To prevent that, she would use any opportunity she would find to lick his shoes. She giggled and said, "You're really good-looking. Your father must be very attractive, too; your mother must be a lovely woman. Oh my god, are you the son of Leon Li, the famous singer? I liked him so much when I was a child. I thought he was the most gorgeous person in the world, but it turned out that you're better than him. Great genes from your family, huh?"

Kate complimented everyone who was related to Brian with her silver tongue. Noticing that Brian rolled his eyes at her chattering mouth, she immediately shut up and charmingly giggled at him.

Sherry once said that Kate had the brightest smile in the world. Therefore, she believed that with her smile, Brian would forgive her for her reckless move yesterday.

"Has anyone ever told you that you will get more wrinkles if you smile more often?" Brian said in a calm tone, and cast a glance at Kate from the corner of his eye.

His words stopped the wide smile on Kate's face. When she saw that Brian's full attention was on the road, she couldn't help taking out a mirror from her bag and checking if there were any wrinkles on her face.

At the sight of the panic on Kate's face, the corner of Brian's mouth slightly quirked up. A faint smile quietly appeared on his attractive face.

'This woman is interesting,' he thought to himself.

Without finding any wrinkles on her face, Kate was relieved and she subconsciously patted her chest. Right then, she found that the car had already arrived at the company's main door.

Kate glanced at Brian again, not knowing what he would do with her. Finally, she mustered up the courage to explain, "Mr. Li, I really didn't mean it yesterday. Will you please forgive me for my ignorance?"

Kate's eyes were pleading, and they were sparkling at the same time, making her look like a wounded yet adorable kitten.

After taking a look at her, Brian responded steadily, "It depends on my mood."

What he meant was clear. He would fire Kate if he was in a bad mood.

"How are you feeling now?" If she would be fired, Kate would have to listen to her mother's constant nagging for days. What was more, she would have to rack her brains to find a new job.

Slightly tapping on the steering wheel with his slender fingers, Brian slowly turned his head to look at her. Regardless of getting wrinkles, Kate wore a flattering smile and her dimples were very alluring.

"I'll pick you up after work. It depends on your performance tonight." Brian curled up his lips and gave a cold smile to Kate.

His face was glowing that Kate wanted to cup his face in her hands.

After Brian left, Kate came to her senses. What did he mean by saying that it would depend on her performance tonight?

Would he want her to sleep with him?

Thinking of this, Kate couldn't help but stop there. Looking at the car which was speeding away, she found that her heart was beating rapidly.

'We have a deal that we will never sleep together, right? What the hell does he want to do?' asked Kate to herself. She knew she wasn't ready for that yet.

Kate put on a long face and felt even more flustered at the thought of all the offenses she did to him.

She hung up his call.

She was late and made him wait for her.

She even yelled at him.

'The CEO isn't so stingy, right?' Another question popped in her mind. Kate entered the company, feeling uneasy.

"Kate, what's wrong with your face? And your eyes are swollen too." As soon as Kate sat down, the chattering Lora approached her.

Kate raised her head and she said absent-mindedly, "The CEO of our company is my husband. He wants me to sleep with him tonight."

"Bah, never slander my CEO. He is not married yet," Lora uttered in disbelief.

Kate knew that Lora didn't believe her, which made her more depressed. She couldn't do anything but bent over the desk. Lora said again, "Little pretty Kate, are you that crazy about men? You're talking about getting married strangely since yesterday."

'Yes, that's true,'

Kate screamed internally, unwilling to pay attention to such a friend who distrusted her. "Would you like me to accompany you to see a doctor after work? You should get some treatment or at least a consultation if you're ill," Lora whispered as she carefully poked Kate's back.

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