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   Chapter 3 See Brian Again

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"The CEO may come to our branch to check the work today. Everyone must prepare yourself well and wait for him."

Hearing the director's words, all kinds of expressions were shown on everyone's face. Some of them were anthomaniac like Lora, while some were serious and serious. Naturally, some others were careless like Kate.

But they were all wrong. Although CEO came to the company, it did not mean that he would condescend himself to their small office. So they had been waiting in different mood the whole afternoon, but they did not see the corner of the president's suit.

"Well, it seems that we are really destined not to see the CEO." Lora sighed and passed by Kate, lowering her head.

Kate had asked for a morning leave, so she had to finish some work. As a new comer to the workplace, she didn't dare to loaf around, so she could only watch those colleagues leave.

Lora were so sad that she ignored Kate completely and walked out of the office like a ghost.

The narrow office suddenly became broad after everyone had left. Kate took a deep breath and began to work.

At about eight o'clock in the evening, Kate finally sorted out her documents. When she stood up and stretched herself, her phone rang. It's Sherry.

In a good mood, Kate picked up the phone. When she opened her mouth and said "Darling", she held the phone and walked out of the gate. The evening sky in Z city was not dark, but orange because of light.

The warm wind blew over her beautiful face. Her hair was flying in the wind. The tight uniform set off her curvy figure, making her like a tempting goblin at night.

She didn't look like a lesbian at all, but this world is multicultural. Kate is just a part of the world, so she became a lesbian. This characteristic was not obvious.

"Well, I am going back. See you later." Then Kate hung up the phone with a smile on her face.

She talked to Sherry too happily. Besides, the light in the company was not very bright because the company wanted to save electricity.

So she bumped into something by accident, and it was her forehead that hit the thing first.

She raised her head and saw a familiar face. She exclaimed, "eh, why are you here?"

She recalled that she had registered for marriage with this man this morning, and then the man threw her at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau for a reason he was not on her way. Then she was punished by 100 dollars, and she had to walk back to the company because she didn't have money.

Kate became angry when she thought of this. She looked up at Brian and smiled, "what a coincidence! What a wrong way!"

Her tone was full of irony.

"You work here?" Unaware of the sarcasm in Kate's words, Brian asked her coldly.

"Yes, I am an employee of this company." Hearing this question, Kate raised her head and looked at Brian with confidence.

Li's group was famous in Z City, and the selection of employees was very strict. Even a sweep worker had to be chosen particularly. But correspondingly, Li's group was highly paid. Kate, such an ignorant girl, could earn thousands of money every month.

There were two men in suits and leather shoes following Brian. They looked at Kate with a frown. One of them even wanted to stand out, but was stopped by Brian's eyes.

"If you don't have anything else to say, I'm leaving now. Mr. not on your way." Kate was staring straight at Brian. She didn't hide her emotions. Her disgust and sarcasm were obvious on her face.

She was so disgusted that she didn't even want to know what his position was. After that, she took three steps away from Brian, just like bypassing a pile of trash, and left.

"Boss, do you need to deal with that woman?" The manager of the branch, standing behind Brian, had been in a cold sweat, and his back was cold. He had never seen a woman who could be so rude to his boss.

"Just take it as nothing happened." The sound of Brian came from the empty lobby of the company. With his voice, the atmosphere in the lobby was suddenly depressed so that nobody dared to make a sound.

Walking into the Faraway community, Kate could see the white light of the apartment belonged to them. Looking at the light, Kate felt warm in her heart.

Kate quickens her pace.

At this time, Kate's mother called her. She answered the phone while walking.

"Hello, mom. What's up?" Asked Kate.

"Kate! If you don't want to go on a blind date, just tell me. What do you mean by standing that man up? Didn't you say that you fell in love with each other at first sight? And you are going to get a marriage certificate? How could you lie to me? " Kate's mother shouted at the phone.

Kate moved her cellphone a little bit away from her ear, so as not to hurt her ears. She impatiently said: "when did I lie to you? We have got... "

"Gooooot what! The matchmaker has called and blamed me why you stood that man up and made him wait for you a whole n

ight! " Before Kate could finish, Mary shouted again.


Kate didn't make a response. Didn't she go to see him last night? They had got married today. What was going on?

"I went there yesterday." Explained Kate.

"Are you still lying to me?" Mary sneered.

"Mom, that man's name is Brian. Right? " Kate was a little uncertain all of a sudden.

"What Brian? His name is Brain, who calls the same name with the man who has been the emperor before! " Kate's mother shouted again.

Kate's feet froze and she asked in confusion: "Mom, are you sure?"

"Wow, you even know how to pass the buck? I am not too old to remember right name! "

"I, I..." Kate hemmed and hawed, and didn't know what to say.

She got the wrong person. Besides She had got married. How should she explain it to her mother?

To put it bluntly, she was not sure whether her mother would punish her.

But how to say it indirectly?

She didn't want her mother to know about her marriage now. She just wanted her mother to know that she was in a relationship. There was no need to make too much progress.

After hesitating for a while, Kate mustered up her emotion and burst into tears. "Mom, I'm so sorry! It's my fault. I shouldn't have lost my way last night. I shouldn't have sent an old granny who had an accident to the hospital. I shouldn't stay with the poor granny who is lonely. I shouldn't have missed Brain. The last thing I should not to do is to lie to you in order not to let you know that I have done something good. I know you would blame me for being stupid because I insisted on sending an irrelevant patient to the hospital. You've told me to be careful all the time. So I can't do good things sometimes. It's my fault! "

Kate cried. And her pathetic voice attracted many people's attention. Some people even sighed slightly.

Hearing that, Mary was stunned.

"Mom, I did another wrong thing. That grandma's son came to pick her up. We fell in love with each other at the first sight. He drove me back." Kate stopped crying and said.

"What! Did he drive you back? " Mary raised her voice.

"Well He gave me the money but I refused. He gave his bank card to me directly and I also refused. " Said Kate.

The other side was silent for a moment, and suddenly a horrible laugh sounded, "Okay, my daughter, you've done too well! You can't have it. If you have it, people will think that you are greedy. He is testing you. You have to show that you are not interested in money, and keep on fishing in the long term. "

"Yes, yes." Kate responded obediently at once.

During the two years of blind date, Kate had already known what kind of a perfect son-in-law her mother wanted. For one thing, he must be rich because this could help Kate live a carefree life. For the other thing, his personality could guarantee that Kate would not be abandoned after getting married.

After talking with her mother, Kate walked with ease. If she didn't wear a pair of high-heeled shoes, she might be dancing now.

But why was Brian in the company? After her excitement, the scene of seeing Brian in the company emerged in Kate's mind.

That's weird. Was Brian working for that company as well? It is possible, otherwise, how can Brian have money to buy a car. Li's group was nothing but rich. It was the old group which ranked first among the wealth list in Z city.

Tut, tut, she really did not expect that she was his colleague. But fortunately, they were not in the same office, or it would be embarrassing.

However Kate was curious again. That man was so handsome, but why had she never heard from Lora? She remembered that Lora said there was no flirting man in Li's group other than the CEO.

Or was Brian just wandering around?

Kate thought for a long time but couldn't figure out the answer. So she directly forgot all her thoughts and went home happily.

The so-called home was just the apartment she rented with Sherry. In order to save money, they lived together after graduation. In fact, Kate had never seen what it looked like to be lesbian. They just didn't want to get along with any men, so they got together naturally and became best friends of each other.

Because they were so intimate, it was inevitable that people would gossip about them

When Kate went back to the warm house, Sherry had already prepared the dinner. Before taking off her shoes, Kate quickly walked into the kitchen, putting her arms around Sherry's waist.

Under subconsciousness, Sherry struggled, but when she turned her head. she saw it was Kate, so she was obedient to her and let her hold her.

"Are you happy today? Did you get married successfully?" Taking off her apron, Sherry turned around and gently smiled at Kate.

Kate nodded heavily and took out a marriage license from her bag. She smiled and said, "look, I'm married now. my mom doesn't need to worry that I can't get married anymore."

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