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   Chapter 2 Get Married

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Kate react slowly, she got in the car and then realized that it was the man's car.

And this car looked high-end and classy. Was he a rich man?

Kate was a little surprised, but soon she recovered, took out a crumpled paper from her bag, and spread it out, and said, "by the way, we have to make an agreement before our marriage. Look, this is written by me. You can mention anything you think is unreasonable."

After saying that, her little hands handed a fully written A4 paper to Brian who was driving.

Brian glanced at the paper.

Although the woman was careless, her handwriting on the letter was good and heroic.

What's on the paper was what he wanted. Good, they reached a consensus, and it would be less trouble in the future.

"If there's no problem, we can sign it before we apply for the marriage certificate." Kate pointed at the only blank spot on the paper, which had already been signed with her name.

The traffic light turned red, and the car stopped. Brian took over the documents in Kate's hands, and Kate hurriedly handed over the pen she had already prepared.

Her every move was so smooth and it seemed she had practiced it for tens of thousands of times.

Brian took the pen and signed his name. He asked casually, "when did you write this agreement?"

"Two years ago." Kate answered defenselessly, then she realized that she seemed to be a little impatient, so she quickly redeemed her image, smiled and said: "it's just practicing my handwriting when I'm bored, hahaha."

At this time, when Brian just finished signing his name, he held a pen and fixed it on the paper with his slender fingers. He turned his head and looked at Kate. There was a bit curiosity and exploration in his dark eyes.

Kate was stunned. His eyes were dark, as if she was in a world before dawn. In this dark world, she was completely depraved, without a trace of light.

But in Kate's eyes, his eyes were like X-ray scanning every cell of her body.

Feeling embarrassed by his stare, Kate fiddled with her hair and turned her head to look straight ahead. Her heart was bouncing wildly, perhaps because she was scared or she was nervous.

They kept silent all the way until they arrived at the local civil affairs bureau.

The procedure was very simple. They just signed their names and then got the red marriage certificate. Kate held it tightly in her hand. She was in a trance. She really got married.

When she was signing her name just now, she still had an indescribable feeling. She looked at the blank place in a trance. If it wasn't Brian who had knocked her, she probably hadn't come back to her senses.

This was the happiest moment in a woman's life. Kate seemed to experience it very simply. She didn't know how she felt. It seemed that she had no feelings about it at all. She felt like bottles of condiment spilled over in her heart. All kinds of feelings were complex.

She pinched her face, and it's not painful, so she used a little more strength to pinch her face.

"Ahhh!" Kate cried out because of the pain. However, she pinched her left cheek, but why did her right cheek hurt?

'maybe It's a ghost! Kate was stunned and looked straight ahead. The sun was shining brightly, but she felt a gust of cold wind from her back.

God, there had never been a ghost in the civil affairs bureau in ghost movie! And the ghost was not cold.

Well, how could ghosts be warm?

After thinking a lot, Kate finally got up the courage and looked sideways. She saw that the man, who was a head higher than her, was looking down at her, with a faint sneer on his lips.

"Are you regretting it?" The man opened his thin lips, looking down at her leisurely, and the hand that was pinching her right cheek had not released.

"Why should I regret? Besides, get your hands off me!" Hearing this, Kate was like a irritated kitten and anxiously stared at Brian. Her eyebrows were tightly wrinkled.

Hearing Kate's words, Brian released his hand. At the moment of turning and leaving, he left without forgetting to say, "being impetuous is a sign of being rightly guessed someone's mind."

He said firmly, not allowing anyone to refute.

Kate didn't say anything else, because she really felt a little regret in her heart.

Just do it! Don't be afraid! She clenched her fists, burning the fire of desire in her heart. In order to be able to live happily with Sherry, and to get rid of the blabbering urge to get married, the cost was nothing at all.

While thinking, she caught up with Brian.

"I'm not on your way. Bye." The man got on the car and closed the door. He squinted at Kate who was about to open the door and said casually.

Kate's hand on the door froze. She looked up at the man who was sitting comfortably in the car, who was also looking at her with an indifferent expression. Obviously, he was seeing the guests out.

"Okay. Take care." Kate took her hand back, squinted and smiled sweetly. Her voice was as sweet as honey.

Brian rolled up the window and

started the engine. The car was in good performance and went away without making a sound.

As soon as the car left, Kate's smiling face became twisted. She furiously stared at the car which was farther away from her and smashed the crumpled waste paper and threw it to the car. Then she gave a loud snort.

Originally, she had a good impression of Brian, but now her good impression of him had dropped sharply, and only the poor impression of 40 points left, which can't pass the examination!

"Miss." When Kate was boiling with anger, she heard a voice.

"What is the matter?" Kate had a bad attitude and glanced at the man. It was a man in his thirties.

"This is a punishment form. You threw away the garbage just now." The man handed one form to Kate. There were words written there: throwing away trash randomly and fined 100 dollars.

Caw! Caw! Caw

The crows overhead made her ears ring.

She left home in a hurry today so she didn't bring much money with her. She even paid the penalty which is 100 dollars after finding all money she had. As a result, She had no choice but to walk on her 5-inch high heels to rush to the company.

Fortunately, she was on duty in the afternoon. After swiping the card, she felt a pain in her legs, calf, old waist and ankle. Anyway, all over her body was painful.

"Oh, you finally come to work?" The colleague, Lora was staring at Kate who was holding the door and gasping for breath, leaned down and joked.

Lora's real name was not Lora, It's just because she always told others that she had got all the titles of campus Belle since she was a little girl. To express the intimate relationship between colleagues, everyone called her Lora.

"Lora, help me," Kate raised her head, with one hand supporting the wall and the other trembling and reaching to Lora.

Lora looked at Kate with contempt. However, she still took Kate's hand and held Kate with difficulty to walk to Kate's working position.

As soon as her butt hit the chair, Kate's whole body became soft and she leaned weakly on the desk. It was so comfortable. Her table, her chair. For the first time, Kate found her chair was so soft, which she had complained a lot about it before.

"Why did you ask for leave this morning?" Lora's position were next to Kate's, so it is were very convenient to talk to each other.

Kate weakly glanced at Lora and said: "I went to get married."

"Humph!" Lora gave a snort with her nose. Obviously, she didn't buy Kate's words.

"Come on, spark hasn't hit the earth yet. How can you marry?" Lora took a glance at Kate helplessly.

Listen what Lora said? Are we still friends? Did it mean that the chance for me who is Kate to get married was lower than that of a spark colliding with the earth? Bad friends!

Kate continued to lie on her table. She didn't know Lora in the company, they were in the same class when they were in college, but they were not familiar with each other that time.

The classmates in college was just a little closer than strangers.

After working at the company, these two women who had no one to depend on suddenly became good friends. Though Lora were a little cocky and narcissistic, she were very loyal at critical moments. Kate liked loyal man.

However, since Lora didn't believe her, Kate didn't want to explain. Anyhow, she didn't lie and she didn't hide the fact on purpose.

"I heard that our CEO is really handsome." Without getting any reply from Kate, Lora again came forward and whispered to Kate.

Kate ignored her. They started work two months ago. From the first day they entered the company, Lora talked about the beauty and handsome CEO of the Li's group, who was the well-known golden Bachelor in Z city.

As time went by, Lora's information about the CEO of Li's group was not only exaggerated description, but also accurate height and weight, including how many girlfriends he had made.

Facing with Lora's enthusiastic attitude, Kate keeps what Lora said coming in her left ear and out from her right ear. She didn't have to irritate the excited nerves of Lora and didn't need to give a cold eye to suppress Lora's passion.

Kate remembered that she only said something against Lora very much. She asked, "Lora, have you ever seen him?"

Lora were so excited but her face became dark in an instant. Her body, which was waving and dancing all the way, also stiffened. In the end, she looked pitifully at Kate like a deflated ball.

The truth was, they had never seen the legendary CEO before. Since they were low-ranking employees in the company, they were even not eligible to attend the annual staff meeting.

Legends could only be legends.

"Hello, Hello, the director is here!"

Hearing the word "here comes director", the sleepy Kate immediately straightened up her back, searched the data quickly in her hand, and took out a piece of tissue to wipe the saliva on the table.

The director clapped his hands, and all the staff in the office immediately looked up at him carefully.

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