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   Chapter 1 A Blind Date

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The night was still bustling in Z city. Kate walked through the crowd hastily with a mobile phone and a handbag in each hand, looking impatient.

"Kate, have you arrived at the cafe? Have you seen Brain? " A middle-aged woman's voice came from the other end of the line.

"I am arriving. That's it. Bye." Kate said perfunctorily.

"Don't mess it up again. Brain is a good man. You should pay attention to your image. Beep! Beep! Beep!

Before the woman on the other end of the line finished speaking, Kate quickly put her phone back in the place and exhaled softly.

She really didn't understand why her mother was so keen on blind dates, and her mother wasn't the one who couldn't marry at the end.

Despite her thoughts, she quickened her pace to finish it and go back as soon as possible

At the Moon Cafe.

Kate quickly went across the seat and kept searching for a man named Brian. In fact, she didn't even know what Brian looked like.

"Hey, Are you Brian?" Kate saw a man who seems to be waiting for someone, so she greeted him. She put her hands on the table and looked down at him.

In the dim light, there was a good-looking shadow of the man. Hearing this, the man looked up. Kate was a little surprised. Not only is the man's shadow beautiful, but also he is handsome. His angular and handsome face, and his deep black eyes were even more charming.

But there was one imperfection of this man. He was emotionless and his cold face showed no warmth. Even Kate trembled in front of him.

The man nodded slightly, with no expression on his cold and godlike face.

'Mom, where on earth do you find such a man?' The men of previous blind date couldn't hold a candle to him.

"Hello, I am the girl you date with, Kate. Let's stop talking nonsense. I want to have a fake marriage with you. We are husband and wife in front of outsiders. But when there are no outsiders, we are strangers. What do you think? " Kate asked straightforwardly.

Hearing that, a hint of doubt flashed through the man's eyes.

"Of course. If you are not willing to do that, I'll explain it to my mother." Said Kate.

It was Kate who was looking down at him, but the man's raised-head posture actually completely suppressed her momentum. Under his strong and indifferent sight, Kate couldn't help shrinking her head and her tone also decreased.

"I agree." Said Brian slightly.

When Kate heard his answer, she finally relieved and casually said: "Finally I find one to agree."

She tried to ask many men, but all of them were startled by her careless behavior. They thought that she might have a screw loose.

Well, She was not insane. She just doesn't want to get married.

"When are you going to marry me? I'll give you my phone number. Call me when you decide. " As she spoke, Kate took out her phone from her bag, found her own phone number and read it to Brian.

Seeing that the number was recorded by Brian, Kate turned around and left with the following words: "see you then. Goodbye."

Looking at Kate's back, there is a smile on Brian's face.

"Boss, Miss Chen is here." The assistant beside him said respectfully in Brian's ear.

As soon as the assistant finished his words, a sexy and seductive woman came towards Brian.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting, Brian." The woman's coquettish voice made the man soften his bones.

"I've already been someone's finance. I hope Miss Chen will find the one you love." Brian said in a cold but polite tone."

Then he turned around and left without looking at the woman's face.

The woman was shocked and then regretful. She was deliberately late and asked him to wait for her on purpose. She thought he would marry her at the end. But who was that woman he would marry?

Kate didn't back home. She just briefly reported the situation to her mother. It was a little exaggerated. She fell in love with someone at the first sight. She was so absorbed in him.

After settling with her mother, Kate finally felt relieved. A gentle smile appeared on her face as she sped up to the direction of the Faraway community.

The Faraway community was located in the suburb of Z City, which was far away from the city. It was relatively remote and simple, but it was also quiet. Kate liked here very much.

She went back to their room. As expected, Sherry was waiting for her at the door.

"Sherry, are you cold? Why don't you go inside? " Said Kate in a pampering tone.

A lovely and gentle girl was standing quietly at the door, looking at her with a smile. The woman had long curly hair and a round face. Her face were beautiful and delicate. She looked like a cute Barbie doll.

"I finally succeeded in my blind date today. I met a man, my nominal husband." They slowly walked into the house hand in hand.

Hearing what Kate said, a soft smile always played at the corners of Sherry's mouth.

"Hey, why are you unhappy? Do you want me to punish you? " Kate laughed.

Taking a glance at Kate, Sherry didn't say anything.

After they went into the house, Kate went straight to the kitchen and grinned: "what is the supper today?"

"Your favorite fried chicken leg, potato stewed chicken, braised pork ribs with brown sauce, fried meat with mushroom, fried eggs with tomato..." Sherry started to count one by one.

"I love you so much, Sherry! These are all my favorite food! ha-ha! Ahem! " Kate was so excited that she picked up a chicken leg and began to eat. She was choked on it because she was in a hurry.

"Take your time. No one's gonna take your food away." Looking at the girl who had no image at all, Sherry shook her head.

A woman giggled as she ate.

The cold wind was strong outside, but the house became warm because of the appetizing smell of food.

The next day, Kate was awakened by an urgent ringtone. She irritably turned around and picked up the phone on the desk. Dazedly, she looked at the caller ID. it was an unfamiliar number.

Kate thought someone called the wrong number and hung up directly, continuing to sleep.

Not long later, the phone rang again. Kate was shocked and had a bad feeling. She picked up the phone and found it was the same number.

Her sixth sense told her that this call is not a wrong number.

"Hey, who is speaking?" Kate answered the phone.

"Take your documents and we will register today." A cold male voice came through from the other end of the line. There seemed to be some dissatisfaction in his voice.

It turned out to be that man. He was too urgent, but Kate thought that it was better to solve the problem as soon as possible. She only needed to put on an act in front of her mother. She hadn't thought about other things.

"Okay, see you the place of yesterday." Kate said straightforwardly.

Kate got out of bed at once. She didn't see Sherry walk out of another bedroom until she finished the morning wash.

"Are you going to marry him?" Asked Sherry in a soft voice, rubbing her eyes.

"Yes, but they are all fake." Said Kate, smiling, and patting on Sherry's forehead.

"Take care." Sherry smiled slightly in Kate's arms.

After saying goodbye to Sherry, Kate hailed a taxi to the rendezvous.

It was the Moon Cafe again. The moment she got out of the car, she saw the man quietly sitting in his seat. His slender fingers gently fiddling with the coffee cup in front of him. His cold face did not change at all, and he turned a blind eye to the female employees who were not far away with her anthomaniac expression.

This man had been waiting here for a long time? The thought made her heart sink. She quickened her pace.

She didn't like others to wait for her. Although she was not willing to go on every blind date, under normal circumstances, she wouldn't be late.

She arrived early yesterday, but the man unexpectedly arrived earlier than her.

"Mr. Brian, sorry for keeping you waiting." Kate greeted her politely.

Brian looked up at her slightly, and then stood up and said, "let's go."

Of course, Kate knew where they was going. Suddenly, she was stunned. She had always been looking for a man who could feign marriage with her. By this way, she could not only fulfill her mother's task, but also continue to live her single and unrestrained life.

But the man stood in front of her and said to her, "let's go.".

She hesitated.

Marriage was one of the most important moments in a woman's life. Every woman dreamed of wearing a snow-white wedding dress and standing in a holy church with a man she loved and receiving the blessing of God.

When Kate was a young girl, she indeed dreamed of this moment.

But when her third stepfather disappeared, her illusion was completely shattered. Men for her were all fickle, greedy, and lascivious.

While she was hesitating, the man had already taken the lead to leave.

Seeing this, Kate followed up immediately. She was still immersed in her inexplicable mood, and she did not expect that the man in front of her had stopped.

In an instant, her delicate nose bumped into the man's solid back. Kate woke up and immediately jumped away. She touched her satisfactory nose and gave a dissatisfied stare at the back of Brian.

Well, I should have been told if you stopped! Kate was indignant, but in order to keep her polite and virtuous appearance, she kept silent.

The man was so tall that even though Kate wore high-heeled shoes, she just equaled to the back of his head. He stood there in a black Italian-handmade suit which showed his straight and broad back entirely, like a majestic peak, and half of the sunlight was blocked by this big shadow.

Well, she didn't have to hold an umbrella anymore.

When Kate was still lost in her own thoughts, Brian had already got in the driver's seat. He frowned at Kate, who was standing still outside. Then he said in a low voice: "get in the car."

His tone was full of impatience.

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