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   Chapter 449 The Compound Agreement

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10029

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Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa didn't want to say anything to destroy the atmosphere, which made Bran unhappy. She took a complicated look at Bruce and sat quietly opposite him.

Seeing that all the dishes on the table were her and Bran's favorite, Louisa was a little moved and her eyes were a little sore. It turned out that Bruce would also remember their favorite dishes.

The three of them had dinner together. Although it seemed to be harmonious from a distance and Bran enjoyed the meal, only Bruce and Louisa knew the real feeling.

In the middle of the meal, Louisa couldn't stand the dull atmosphere any more. She stood up and said to Bran indifferently, "Bran, mommy is going to the bathroom. You can eat slowly here."

After saying that, she turned around and walked towards the bathroom. She was eager to relax herself, because she was nervous when facing Bruce.

Bruce had been observing every move of Louisa, so he heard her clearly. This was a good opportunity. It was better for the two of them to make it clear.

Seeing that Louisa was walking towards the bathroom, Bruce also turned to look at Bran and said in a gentle tone, "Bran, wait here obediently. Dad has something to say to mom."

Knowing that Bruce must want to get back together with his mother, and in Bran's heart, he also wanted Bruce and Louisa to be together again, so Bran just nodded obediently without saying anything.

Hearing the response of Bran, Bruce quickly stood up and walked towards the bathroom. But when Bruce came to the bathroom, Louisa happened to walk in. He had no choice but to wait at the door.

Louisa walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. Looking at her pale face in the mirror, she smiled bitterly and ridiculously. If it weren't for Bran, she wouldn't have suffered so much.

After fixing her make-up, Louisa tidied up her clothes and walked out of the bathroom. When she just made a turn, she was shocked by the sudden appearance of Bruce and she stopped by instinct.

Soon enough, Louisa came to her senses. She looked at Bruce calmly and asked, "Why are you here?"

In fact, she had already guessed the purpose of Bruce's arrive. She asked this just to cover herself up.

Hearing the indifferent tone of Louisa, Bruce's face became a little unnatural. Things were not as smooth as he thought. Although she had decided to come back to him, she still did not have the previous feelings for him.

Taking a deep breath, Bruce looked at Louisa and said seriously, "Louisa, I know that since you bring Bran to see me today, it means that you have decided to bring him back to me. I'm glad that you can make this decision. You can rest assured that I will treat you well in the future and will never let your receive any grievance."

Bruce's words moved Louisa a little, but before she came here, she kept telling herself that no matter what Bruce said, she couldn't believe him anymore. She had suffered enough before, and she couldn't let herself re


Hearing what Bruce said, Bran lowered his eyes with dissatisfaction, and then looked at Louisa with expectation. "Mom, when will we go home? I really want to go back to school."

It had been more than a month since Bran went to school. Bran felt that he began to miss his classmates.

Knowing that Bran wanted to go home, Louisa didn't want to disappoint him any more. She smiled gently at him and then quickly said, "Since Bran wants to go home so much, let's leave in the next two days, okay?"

Anyway, it was destined to go back to that place she didn't want to go back. She had made up her mind to face it bravely. She believed that one day she could face it calmly.

Bran was undoubtedly satisfied with what Louisa said. As soon as she finished speaking, Bran stood up from the chair and said excitedly, "That's great. We can finally go home!"

Bruce and Louisa looked at the happy Bran with a faint smile on their faces and love for him, but only the two of them knew the complex feelings in their hearts.

As a child, Bran didn't notice anything wrong with his parents. At this moment, he was completely immersed in happiness. He just wanted to go home as soon as possible and didn't notice anything else.

As if remembering something, Bran looked up at Louisa and said anxiously, "Mom, since we have decided to go home with dad, can we let dad live in our house in the next two days when we are here?"

Bran's request made Louisa a little embarrassed. Although the two of them were still a loving couple in front of Bran, only the two of them knew the real relationship between them. Louisa didn't want to be too close to Bruce now.

With a complicated look at Bruce, Louisa said indifferently, "Bran, you know our house. It's so small. If dad comes here, where do you want him to sleep?"

There were only two bedrooms in the house she rented. Bran had already occupied one, and the rest was her main bedroom. If Bruce lived in, he must be in the same room with her.

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