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   Chapter 445 Bias

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10053

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With a gentle smile, Louisa looked at Bran lovingly. As long as he was by her side, she could bear the great pain.

"No, thanks. I forgot to prepare dinner for you last night. How can I let you starve now? Isn't it a failure for me as a mother?"

Louisa was so preoccupied with her own emotions last night that she even forgot to prepare dinner for Bran. Her heart was ineffable with remorse. She thought that she was really an unqualified mother.

The seemingly joking words of Louisa made Bran feel a little sad for no reason. He really wanted to ask directly who made her sad.

Coming to the side of Louisa, Bran held her waist tightly and said in a particularly serious tone, "Mom, don't say that. In my heart, you are always the best mom in the world."

Every mother in the world would be moved by these words from her baby. She felt that no matter how much she had done, it was worth it.

Stopping what she was doing, Louisa hugged Bran tightly. She was satisfied with his words.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She tried her best to control her emotions and didn't want to show her weakness in front of her child.

"Well, you can wait for me outside. The breakfast will be ready soon." She was worried that she might lose control of her emotions. Louisa said very quickly.

Bran's stomach was growling because of hunger. Hearing what Louisa said, Bran reluctantly got out of her arms and obediently walked out of the kitchen.

Because of her dereliction of duty last night, Louisa felt very guilty, so the breakfast was prepared very well. Seeing that her mother had become as usual without any expression on her face, Bran relieved, but he would not easily forgive the person who made her mother sad.

"Bran, mommy is going to work. Stay at home and read the book I prepared for you, okay?" She took a look at her watch and found that it was almost over the working time. She put on her clothes quickly and said to Bran, who was looking at her with mixed feelings.

Noticing that Louisa suddenly looked at him, Bran quickly ran to his desk and opened the book. Then he said seriously, "Mom, don't worry. I will read at home and I won't go anywhere."

In order not to arouse Louisa's suspicion, Bran hadn't told her that he had met Bruce, because he wanted to help his father secretly so that the three of them could be together again.

Today Bran was exceptionally sensible, which made Louisa feel a little comforted. She had lived a tired life. She really couldn't imagine what she would do if Bran was an disobedient child.

After taking a gentle look at Bran, Louisa gave him a faint smile and left quickly.

After the door was closed, Bran hurriedly closed the book in his hand, ran to the door and opened a crack. Seeing that Louisa was walking away, he came to the living room and dialed Bruce's number with his phone.

Bran told Bruce that Louisa didn't look good when she came home last night anxiously and asked Bruce to come here as soon as possible.

When Bruce r

to call another man dad.

Looking at the frightened look on Bruce's face, Bran could understand what Bruce did last night. Bruce did that because he cared about his mother. But deep in Bran's heart, he still didn't believe that his mother would be with Josh.

"Dad, I'm telling the truth. Mom told me two days ago that she and uncle Josh are just like friends. The two of them won't be together. I think you must have misunderstood." Saying that firmly, Bran looked at Bruce seriously. Bran was sure about that. If his mother really liked uncle Josh, she would tell him, and she would definitely ask him if he liked uncle Josh or not?

Bran's firm tone made Bruce feel happy and Bruce begin to believe what Bran said.

Looking at Bran nervously, Bruce asked with uncertainty, "Bran, is what you said true? Does your mother really have no feelings for that man called Josh?"

Nervously waiting for Bran's answer, Bruce believed that Bran must know what was on Louisa's mind. Bran was the person Louisa cared most. If she wanted to be with another man, she would definitely tell Bran.

Seeing that his father finally began to believe what he said, Bran's little face became a little complacent, and then said affirmatively, "Absolutely not. My mom won't like anyone casually, because she only like you in her heart..."

Bran was sure that Louisa loved Bruce, because he had seen his mother secretly looking at Bruce's photo and crying. Although Bran didn't know why his mother was going to take him away at that time, he could feel that his father must have bullied his mother.

Bran's last sentence made Bruce smile. This was what Bruce wanted to hear most, and he one hundred percent believed in his baby son's words.

Hearing what Bran said, Bruce felt that there might be some misunderstanding about what happened last night. Maybe it was not like what he saw. It seemed that he really needed to figure it out. Since Louisa was unwilling to tell him the truth, he had to go to find Josh.

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