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   Chapter 412 Met By Accident

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10095

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Seeing that Susie had met Ken in person, Louisa was even more anxious, fearing that Susie would not be able to control her sadness.

"Susie, let's go. I still have something to talk to you. Let's go." Said Louisa. She held Louisa's hand and was about to take her away. She didn't want to see Susie being sad, nor to let Susie cause trouble.

Susie shook off Louisa's hand fiercely and stared at Ken without blinking. She saw him talking intimately with a beautiful woman not far away and his smile stung her heart.

Susie turned around, looked at Louisa calmly, and then said lightly, "Louisa. You knew he was here, didn't you? You were procrastinating just now and you didn't want me to see him, right? "

After saying this, Susie's face immediately became painful. Susie looked at Ken again, realizing that he had already had a girlfriend during the time she left. No wonder when she asked Louisa about the whereabouts of Ken, Louisa was always hesitating. Louisa didn't want her to be sad.

In the face of Susie's inquisitive questions, Louisa didn't know how to answer. She knew that once she told the truth, it would only make Susie sadder.

Seeing that Lina looked at him with a happy expression, Ken felt stressed in his heart. He could not bear to force himself to smile when facing a woman he did not like.

"Lina, it's late. Let's go. Ken didn't want to stay with Lina alone any longer. Ken couldn't help but want to leave.

Hearing Ken's words, Lina looked displeased, and then pursed her lips to show her dissatisfaction, "I haven't played enough yet. You have accompanied me for just one day. Why are you so annoyed with me now? "

Since Ken saw her. His calm attitude annoyed Lina. She looked at him and complained.

Hearing that, Ken, who was about to leave, could not help but frown. There was a touch of irritation in his eyes.

"We've been in this coffee shop for a long time. Would you like me to go out for a walk with you. In the cafe, Ken felt very uncomfortable when Lina kept looking at him, thinking that the sight outside might attract Lina's attention.

Hearing Ken's words, a smile finally appeared on Lina's face. She stood up and grabbed his hand.

Just as they turned around, Ken suddenly caught a glimpse of Louisa and Susie. His face immediately froze.

Seeing the abnormal look on Ken's face, Lina, who was smiling originally, could not help but look at the direction of his sight. However, her beautiful eyes were filled with hatred as soon as she saw that it was Louisa.

Loosening Ken's hand, Lina walked to the front of Louisa and stared at her sharply. "Louisa, it's really a coincidence that we meet here."

Louisa coldly looked at the haunting Lina, and her beautiful eyes were also full of fretfulness. It seemed that Lina came to trouble her again on purpose.

Suppressing the anger in her heart, Louisa countered coldly, "Can only you come here? Can't others come?"

Lina shifted her hostility to Louisa, and did not notice the pain and sorrow in S

such a long time. Susie had completely lost herself. Today, she was completely aware of her own position. Perhaps there would not be a happy ending for the two of them.

Seeing that Susie was extremely disappointed, Louisa really wanted to say something to comfort her, but only to find that no matter what she said, it would be no use. As for the relationship between Susie and Ken, even if Louisa wanted to help, there was nothing she could do.

"Susie, you must be tired after a day's shopping. Let me take you home." Sorrow appeared in Louisa's eyes. She looked at Susie with concern.

Susie didn't say anything, but turned around and walked home. After what happened today, she was really tired. Now she really wanted to have a good sleep on the bed and forget everything when she woke up.

After driving Susie back home, Louisa didn't say anything to comfort her but directly went home. She knew that what Susie needed most now was time. Susie had to adjust herself for the time being. It was useless for others to say anything about it.

Back home, Louisa seemed a little depressed. She kept thinking about the matter of Susie. After all, it had something to do with her. If Ken didn't do it for her, he wouldn't have been with Lina, and Susie wouldn't have been so sad now.

Bruce had been waiting in the living room for Louisa. When he finally saw her, she ignored him and directly went upstairs.

Louisa had already walked to the stairs. Seeing that, Bruce couldn't help but call her, "Louisa. Are you happy to go shopping with Susie today?"

Hearing his words, Louisa stopped and turned around. "I'm afraid no one is sadder than Susie now," Louisa said flatly.

Thinking of what happened to them in the coffee shop today, Louisa felt annoyed. She began to worry about Susie again.

Bruce thought that Louisa was in a good mood today. After all, it had been a long time since she met her friend last time. Unexpectedly, she was not happy at all. On the contrary, she looked depressed.

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