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   Chapter 410 If You Care About Someone, You Will Be Confused

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Ken left Bruce's office, feeling annoyed. He had planned to help Louisa in this way, but he didn't expect that things would turn out like this. The relationship between them was getting more and more chaotic.

When Ken passed by Louisa's seat, he saw that she was looking at him with a face full of concern. He could not help but stop his footsteps.

Standing by the side of Louisa, Ken said in a caring tone, "Louisa. When you came back home last night, did he make trouble for you?"

In fact, what Ken was worried about the most wasn't himself, but Louisa. Last night when he came back home, he hadn't fallen asleep for the whole night. He had been worrying about her all the time, fearing that Bruce would do something crazy to her. After all, no one could imagine what he could do.

A light smile appeared on Louisa's face when she felt his concern. Then she pretended to say indifferently, "I'm fine. You don't need to worry about me. I will deal with my relationship with Bruce by myself."

Thinking of Ken's sacrifice for her, Louisa was grateful and guilty. She felt guilty for what she had done. He had sacrificed too much for her.

Ken nodded to show his understanding. He cast a complicated glance at Louisa and left straight away. He knew that if he stayed here for too long, Bruce would be suspicious of him.

In order not to embarrass Louisa, he had to keep his distance from her. But he was really sad that he was forced by himself.

Looking at Ken's lonely back, Louisa wanted to call him back but stopped on a second thought. She didn't know how to start.

After what had happened last night, Lina was still very angry. She couldn't believe that Ken would stand up for Louisa in front of her. She began to doubt that if Ken came to pursue her because he really liked her.

She called Ken to her apartment. With fury written all over her face, Lina waited for him. She had to make him give her an explanation, or she wouldn't let him go.

After receiving the phone call from Lina and listening to her unkind tone, Ken was very impatient, but in order to let Louisa guard her own happiness, he had to be patient.

When Ken arrived at Lina's apartment, Ken rang the doorbell and the door was opened. At the moment, Lina was looking at him angrily.

Ken knew why she was angry, but he still pretended to be calm on the surface, and handed her the roses he had prepared on the way.

Looking at the large bouquet of roses in front of her, Lina was shocked, and at the same time, her heart flashed with sweetness, but soon was replaced by coldness again. She did not forget what happened last night.

"What are these for? Are they for me?" Trying to be cold and indifferent, Lina stared at Ken and said in a somewhat angry tone.

Seeing that Lina was still angry, Ken kept smiling. Looking at her, he said in a somewhat fawning tone, "I'm here to apologize to you. It was my fault that I had a bad attitude towards you last night. Don't lowe

this time?"

Every second was a torment for Bruce in front of the cold face of Louisa. He didn't want to have a cold war with her anymore.

Hearing Bruce mentioning what happened last night, Louisa froze for a while. She was irritated again. She did her own things without looking at him.

Seeing that his words did not work and that Louisa still ignored him, Bruce was getting more and more anxious. He hurried to her and spoke again, "Louisa, can we sit down and have a talk calmly?"

They had been conflicting with each other for several times. He believed that as long as they talked about it, there wouldn't be such problems in the future.

Putting the food on the table, Louisa sat opposite Bruce and looked at him expressionlessly. She also wanted to talk to him now. She didn't want to see that the two of them always had conflict.

"What do you want to talk to me? Or do you want to question the relationship between me and Ken?" Before Bruce could speak, Louisa looked at him and said coldly.

Bruce knew that Louisa was still angry about his attitude last night. Bruce was anxious and helpless.

Sitting next to her, Bruce looked at her and said seriously, "Louisa. I know I was too aggressive last night. But that's because I care about you. Don't be angry with me any more."

With such gentle tone, Bruce looked at Louisa with eyes full of expectation. He hoped that Louisa could forgive him.

Hearing that, looked at Bruce's serious looked, Louisa became soft hearted. She sighed and became softer.

"Bruce, why don't you trust me when things happen? The relationship between me and Ken is not what you think at all." Although Louisa had forgiven Bruce, she was still mad at him for not believing her.

When she mentioned Ken's name again, Bruce just slightly frowned, and then his eyes became gentle again. "Louisa, let's not mention him any more, okay? He is now Lina's boyfriend. The two of them managed to get together. We should bless them."

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