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   Chapter 394 The Opponent Has Collapsed

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10376

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As long as the recorder pen issue came out, it was not only Macy got involved, but also Fred Group. Because Fred was the direct partner of Macy. He was the president of Fred Group, so naturally Fred was involved in the lawsuit.

One day, Bruce made an appointment with Fred in a private room of a high-end bar. He saw the gaunt look on Fred's face when Fred came in, presumably because Fred had a headache because of the plan.

The moment Fred stepped into the room, he wore a cold face. This time, he was completely defeated by Bruce. They had been almost as powerful as each other in the past, but from now on, only Mu's Gourp would be the strongest company in the world.

Sitting opposite to Bruce, Fred said coldly, "Why did you ask me to come here? Do you want to make fun of me by taking advantage of the planning case?"

They looked like friends and cooperative partners in the surface, but they were fighting secretly and trying to defeat each other's company. Now since Fred Group had such a mistake in principle, many companies had terminated the contract with them. Now Fred Group had become an empty shell.

In the face of Fred's questioning, Bruce still looked indifferent, as if he hadn't been affected by it at all.

"If I wanted to tease you, I wouldn't have waited so long. The reason why I asked you out today is that I want to ask you something else. I hope you can tell me the truth." After saying his purpose, Bruce looked at Fred with a complex expression in his eyes.

Perplexed, Fred frowned and looked at Bruce scrutinizing, as if Fred was suspecting that Bruce had some plans. Fred could not help but become on the alert.

Leaning casually against the sofa, Fred said in a cold tone, "Well, what do you want to ask me? But I'm telling you in advance, I have the right to not answer your question."

Fearing that Bruce would rise his bait, Fred became extremely cautious at the moment. The company had been in danger. He couldn't give Bruce another chance to strike down the company.

Bruce didn't mind his cold attitude. If Bruce's company had been reduced to such a bad situation, he would have been more emotional. But since Fred had made mistake, he must take the responsibility.

Picking up a bottle of cocktail, Bruce drank a few mouthfuls of it, and then put down the bottle. He looked at Fred and coldly said, "I want to ask you, last time in a construction site, it was you who did that thing. It was you that bought off the people in my company, and my company was in a financial crisis because of that."

Thinking of a series of things in the company, Bruce was full of doubts about Fred. Except for Fred, there was no other person who was capable of doing such a thing.

When he heard that, Fred was shocked, but he calmed down soon. He had done a good job. Bruce could not find any evidence, Fred would not admit it.

With a scornful smile, Fred said, "Why do you think I did that? You shouldn't have said that. If you suspect me, you should have the evidence, or I can sue you for defamation."

Fred was quite confident about this matter, so he

y, I know. I'll find time to apologize to Susie."

Then Ken stood up and was about to leave. When he reached the door, he looked at Bruce again and said, "I have one more thing to tell you. Don't worry. I won't try to compete Louisa with you in the future. I know that you are the only one Louisa loves in her mind and I hope she will be happy. But if you dare to hurt her again, I will take her away from you."

Ken had given up on Louisa. He had tried so hard to persuade her, but her heart had no place for him. He knew she wouldn't fall in love with him. Although he was sad, he still chose to let her go.

Ken's words sounded like a threat, but Bruce knew what he meant. Bruce's eyes couldn't help becoming softer, and then he said firmly, "You can rest assured that I won't give you this opportunity, and I will definitely cherish Louisa as a treasure."

Although Bruce's tone was flat, it sounded like a promise to Ken. After receiving Bruce's promise, Ken didn't say anything more and turned away directly.

After returning to his office, Ken pondered over Bruce's words seriously, and felt that the thing he had done was indeed a little excessive, so he dialed the number of Susie.

However, the phone could not be connected. Ken knew that Susie must be angry with him now and she hung up the phone immediately. All of a sudden, he was somewhat angry.

Seeing that there was no second phone after she hung up, Susie was very angry. It turned out that Ken's patience to her was only one call.

Susie had been in a much better mood these few days, but a call from the other end of the phone had distracted her thoughts. She hated Ken very much, but at the same time, she loved him.

She dialed Louisa's number and asked Louisa to have a drink with her. Louisa was worried that Susie would be as drunk as she was several days ago. So Louisa agreed without hesitation.

They made an appointment with a common Chinese restaurant and ordered several dishes that they liked. With a worried look on her face, Louisa looked at Susie who kept drinking.

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