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   Chapter 393 Complain Tearfully

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Ken's ruthless expression made Susie even more painful. Yet he didn't show any care for her in his words.

With a bitter smile, she looked at Ken and said word by word, "Ken, I have really misjudged you. How could I fall in love with a man as ruthless as you?"

After saying that painfully, Susie dashed out of the CEO's office. She didn't want to see Ken any more.

Looking at the back of Susie, Ken's good-looking eyebrows wrinkled slightly. Thinking of what she had just said to him, he felt a little sad.

Standing there, looking at the two quarreling and not interrupting them, and when Bruce saw Ken's somewhat annoyed eyes, Bruce seemed to feel something and walked up to Ken, acting completely like a brother.

"Conduct yourself well. Susie is a good girl, don't hurt her." Bruce patted Ken on the shoulder and sat back in his chair.

Now things had come to this and it was impossible to retrieve the situation. It was Macy's destiny to be put in jail. Although Bruce felt a little sorry for Susie, the company's crisis was finally resolved.

Although Bruce had been hesitant for the past two days, he had always been thinking about the company. If it hadn't been for the sake of Louisa, he would have chosen the same way as Ken.

Taking a look at Bruce, Ken was a little annoyed and left without saying anything to Bruce.

Susie kept running crazily all the way, and her tears also fell down. Now she was completely disappointed in Ken.

A girl ran into a bar and was continuously drinking beers. Many people saw a beautiful girl, a famous star, drinking alone. They couldn't help but want to try to talk with her.

Ignoring the eyes of people around her, Susie dialed the number of Louisa.

Hearing Susie's drunk voice on the phone, Louisa was worried. She asked where Susie was and rushed there.

When Louisa arrived at the bar, she found Susie quickly. Louisa came to her and found that she was drunk, her fair face flushing. Her blurred eyes made many men around her drool.

When Louisa came to Susie, Susie was drinking nonstop. Seeing that Susie was hurt herself, Louisa grabbed her glass of wine immediately.

"You have drunk too much. Stop drinking." Susie's look made Louisa can't help but frown doubtfully, full of worry in Louisa's heart.

After the wine in Susie's hand was taken away, Susie couldn't stop snatching it, and her sad face was fully shown on her face.

"What happened to you? Why did she get so drunk?" Looking at her, Louisa asked worriedly.

Louisa still didn't know that Macy had been taken away by the police, so she had no idea what had happened.

She looked at Louisa with her misty eyes and wore a bitter smile on her face. Then Susie said sadly, "Macy has been taken away by the police."

After saying that lightly, Susie forced herself to look at Louisa as if she wanted to see how Louisa would react.

Susie's words shocked Louisa. She look

e that Ken really liked Susie, and Ken knew that he would make her hate him for doing so. But he still did so, because the company was the most important for Ken.

Not as angry as before, Louisa wasn't that mad. However, she was still not happy about the fact that Ken had done something bad to Susie. She couldn't believe that the only man in the world that Susie loved so much, was a heartless man who had done such a thing to hurt Susie.

"Even if he did that for the company's benefit, he never cared about Susie. Didn't he know how sad Susie would be when he did that?" In the heart of Louisa, the feeling of Susie was more important.

Looking at the placid look on Louisa's face, Bruce sighed in helplessness. Then he said calmly, "What Ken did is not bad. In this way, the company can be saved from the crisis, and it doesn't have to face the bankruptcy any more."

Looking at the indifferent look on Bruce's face, Louisa was very unhappy. Susie was her best friend. Louisa could not accept to trade Susie's lifetime happiness for the company's safety.

But after thinking for a while, Bruce might hope that it would end like this, so Louisa wasn't that angry anymore. She looked up at Bruce and asked worriedly, "Bruce, what should we do now? Susie loves Ken so much, she must be very sad now."

Looking at the woman lying on the bed, who was still calling out Ken's name while she was asleep, Louisa felt even more distressed. How could she let Susie hate the man Susie loved so much?

Following the eyes of Louisa, Bruce took a look at Susie. He was also a little embarrassed. Although he had solved the company's crisis, the result of it was not what he wanted to see. This time, Ken was going to ruin his happiness for the whole life for the sake of the company. Seeing this, Bruce felt a little pitiful, and was about to let Ken and Susie be together.

"Let me handle it. Susie has been through a lot because of Macy."

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