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   Chapter 327 A Plastic Surgery

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Due to her trust in Fred, Macy didn't think that Fred would make things difficult for her, so she promised without hesitation, "Okay, I promise you. As long as you can help me bring down Louisa, I will do whatever you ask me to do."

It was easy for her to say yes, but she didn't know what exactly Fred wanted. Now she just wanted to mess with Louisa, and didn't think about how much trouble she would get herself into in the future.

As Macy agreed, a satisfied smile spread across Fred's face. It seemed that his goal had been achieved today.

The next morning, Louisa woke up early and turned on the TV to watch news. She used to like Korean soap operas, but since she was with Bruce, her taste has improved a lot. She learned more from watching news.

The moment she turned on the TV, a picture of Bruce appeared. She put the remote control down and was ready to read it carefully. She thought it was about a report about him again.

It was not about Bruce. It was about his wife that he hadn't introduced yet, it was about Louisa.

Hearing the news that she had undergone a plastic surgery more than ten times, Louisa was shocked. She couldn't believe that she would appear in the news without any reason, and how could it suddenly come out that she had a plastic surgery.

"It's reported that the newly married wife of Bruce who is the president of Mu's Group, Louisa had a plastic surgery for more than ten times in order to be with Mr. Bruce. Some people claimed that she was an extremely ugly woman before the surgery. In order to become the wife of the president of Mu's Group, she has done everything she can. It's really unfortunate that Mr. Bruce married such a woman." The report on TV smashed the reputation of Louisa. It made the reality completely distorted.

It was not until quite a while after Louisa saw the news report that she was blanked out, that she dropped the remote on the floor.

Hearing the noise, Bruce walked out of the bedroom and asked in confusion, "what's wrong?"

She kept her eyes fixed on the TV and didn't hear Bruce's voice. At this moment, Louisa was sitting still on the sofa, as if she was nailed to the wall.

Looking at her, Bruce was a little worried. He walked to her in a hurry and saw that she was watching TV all the time. He felt confused and looked in the same direction with her.

When he saw the news on TV, his face suddenly became gloomy, and his eyes were full of anger. He immediately understood why Louisa would become like this.

"Louisa, I know this news is fake. Don't worry. I will deal with it." Holding Linda's hands, Bruce said firmly.

He was also shocked by the news that Louisa had a plastic surgery. But he didn't believe it at all.

She felt a little relieved after hearing what Bruce said. She turned to look at him and said anxiously, "Bruce, the content of the news is not true, I have never had a plastic surgery, and I don't know why there is such a news."

Afraid that Bruce would believe what the news said, at the moment, Louisa was a little scared. T

he did, she wouldn't answer the question.

Ken stopped when he was about to catch up with Louisa. He knew that she was still hiding from him. If he still caught up with her, she would only be more disgusted with himself. So after thinking twice, he resisted the impulse to chase her.

He came to the company's lobby. Before he was waiting for the elevator, he heard the gossip of his colleagues and then realized what had happened.

Ken was shocked and angry, wondering why these reports would suddenly appear, which might be the reason why she left with a breakdown just now.

He couldn't believe the fact that Louisa had a cosmetic surgery. As far as he knew about her, she didn't look like that kind of person who would do the surgery. Besides, even if she did a plastic surgery, she wouldn't hide it from everyone. So he was almost sure that this news was not true.

Louisa ran on the road like a lunatic. She couldn't control the tears break any more. She didn't know what she had done wrong. Why was this kind of shocking news happening to her? She had never had any plastic surgery. Why was the negative news happened?

Bruce dialed the number of Louisa several times, but it couldn't get through, which made Bruce a little worried. There was such a news this morning, and now Louisa's phone suddenly couldn't be connected, so he had a bad feeling.

He called his assistant and in less than a minute, the assistant came to his office and waited with bowed head respectfully for his order.

"Mr. Bruce, what can I do for you?" The assistant asked respectfully and looked at Bruce in confusion.

At this moment, Bruce had lost his patience. Looking at his assistant anxiously, he asked anxiously, "have you seen Louisa today? Do you know where she is?"

Bruce called her several times, but all he heard was that her phone was turned off, which worried him beyond words. He was afraid that she would do something stupid, after all, the news today caused a big effect, and he was afraid that Louisa couldn't bear it.

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