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   Chapter 323 Taking A Deep Breath

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10131

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Bran couldn't fall asleep for almost the whole night. He was excited about the sunrise.

Around five o'clock in the morning, when the sky was just about to dawn, Bran couldn't hold back his expectation. He quickly put on his clothes, came to the door of their bedroom and kept knocking at the door.

Hearing the urgent knock on the door, Louisa suddenly woke up. When she heard Bran's voice, she was a little worried and quickly sat up to look at the door.

"Bran, what's wrong? What happened?" In the past, Bran liked to sleep late. Today, he suddenly woke up so early and knocked at the door in such a hurry, which made Louisa worried about his health.

Hearing that Louisa was awake, Bran became more anxious when he knocked at the door. He kept knocking at the door and shouting.

"Daddy, Mommy, get up now. We are going to the sea by cruise later." Speaking of going out on the sea, the knocking became more and more urgent.

Before Louisa stood up and was about to open the door, Louisa heard that Bran knocked at their door because of going to the sea today. She felt relieved and sleepy again.

It was only five o'clock at morning that she went to bed, tried to sleep again, but she couldn't fall asleep because of the knock at the door.

She sat up and covered her ears with her hands with an annoyed look on her face. She was helpless with Bran's impulsive temper. She really didn't know whom he inherited this temper.

Just when Louisa was getting impatient, Bruce sat up, breathed a sigh of relief and said reluctantly, "well, we'd better not sleep here anymore. If we don't open the door now, he will destroy the bedroom."

Bruce got up and got dressed while he said that. He had expected this situation last night and had fully prepared himself for it.

Hearing Bruce's words, Louisa knew that if they did not open the door, according to the persistent spirit of Bran, he would not give up easily, so the best way was to get up quickly. As the people who knew Bran best, Louisa could also quietly wear clothes.

Finally the door was opened. Bran looked at the two people walking out of the bedroom with excitement, and said, "you finally opened the door. My hand that knocked on the door hurt."

Looking at his hands which had turned red, Bran could not help complaining. He got up early in the morning to wake them up and knocked on the door for half an hour before they opened the door.

Looking at the little red hand of Bran, a faint of heartache flashed through Bruce's dark eyes, but soon he was replaced by dissatisfaction. "Why don't you sleep early in the morning? You came here to knock at the door. It's only five o'clock now. It's too early to go to sea. Let's wait a little longer."

It was so early now. Even if they got up and were going to go to the sea, and also they had asked so many companions, they wouldn't be so impatient as Bran was.

Bran pouted at Bruce's words, indicating his dissatisfaction. But Bran knew his words wouldn't change. So no matter how unhappy he was


The voice was low, but loud enough for Louisa to hear. Seeing Bran's disobedience, Louisa was a little angry and could not help but raise her face to frighten him.

As expected, seeing Louisa's unhappy face, Bran turned his face and looked at the sea again with disappointed, but not as naughty as before.

"Louisa, don't yell at Bran. This is his first time on the sea. He must be very excited. I'm here with him and nothing will happen to him." Looking at Bran's disappointed face, Bruce began to feel sorry for him and couldn't help dissuading Louisa.

Louisa turned around and took a look at Bruce who spoiled Bran. There was a flash of dissatisfaction in her eyes, but she was much relieved because of his words. As long as he was with her, she would feel safe.

The others were amused by the three of them. At this time, Susie walked up to Bran, caressed his head, and said in a spoiled tone, "Bran, aunt Susie asked you if you had behaved well at school recently."

Susie wanted to make Bran happy, and she didn't want him to be unhappy because of what Louisa said just now. Susie really loved him from the bottom of her heart.

At the thought of this, Bran immediately turned around, nodded seriously and said without hesitation, "of course I'm a good boy. My teacher praised me every day."

Seeing that Bran became happy immediately, all the people could not help but chuckle. Although he was a gifted child, he was still a child, so he was not as sensible as an adult.

A complicated look flashed through Macy's eyes when she looked at Bran. Then she put on a faint smile and walked towards him.

"Bran, you are such a handsome boy. Is there any beauty in your class who likes you?" Bran looked very much like Bruce. It could be seen that he would be a charming man just like Bruce when he grew up.

But Macy couldn't restrain her hatred to Bran when she knew that Bran was Louisa and Bruce's son. Macy didn't think that Louisa was able to make Bruce marry her with such a smart child.

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