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   Chapter 321 Father And Son Fight Together

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9971

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Seeing that his son was finally willing to talk to him, Bruce felt a little better, but he couldn't help but feel heartbroken when he thought of that Louisa just said she regretted being with him.

Bruce heaved a long sigh, patted Bran on the shoulder and told him everything that happened today.

While listening to his father's story, Bran frowned and looked like an adult at the moment. After being silent for a while, he looked at Bruce and said with disapproval.

"You promised mom to watch the concert with her. How could you leave her alone during the concert? If I were my mother, I would be angry too." Although Bruce and Louisa were both the most important people in Bran's heart, he had grown up with Louisa, and would naturally favor her when something happened.

Bruce was already sad for what Louisa said to him when she was angry. But now, his baby son not only didn't comfort him, but also spoke up for his mother. Bruce felt even more wronged.

Looking at Bran with some grievance, Bruce said disappointedly, "now even you take your mother's side. You should help me to persuade her at this time to stop being angry with me. You don't want to see us quarrel, right?"

The only person she cared about most was Bran. Now Bruce could only place all his hopes on Bran, hoping that if Bran went to persuade her, she could cool down.

The way she was angry just now really scared Bruce, especially the words she had said. He was afraid that she really regretted being with him.

Looking at the melancholy look on Bruce's face, Bran was surprised. He had never seen Bruce so scared before. It turned out that Bruce was afraid of his mother's anger most. This time, Bran found his weaknesses.

Bran looked at Bruce carelessly and wanted to make fun of him, which could make him more anxious. Bran was angry that Bruce didn't take him to the concert today. "It was you who made my mother angry, not me. Why would I help you persuade her? Don't forget that you didn't take me to the concert today."

Thinking of the fact that he didn't go to the concert, Bran got angry and couldn't help but want Bruce to be more anxious because Bruce didn't want to take him to the concert on purpose.

Bruce had thought that Bran would go to talk Louisa out of this immediately, but he didn't expect that Bran would hold grudges against him. Now Bruce really regretted not taking Bran with him to the concert, but he could do anything if Louisa was not angry with him anymore.

"Okay, I know it's my fault. Please help me to persuade your mother and tell her not to be angry. I'll take you to the seaside in a few days, okay?" In order to appease Louisa's anger, Bruce chose to make a concession.

His words intrigued Bran. Bran looked at him excitedly and asked uncertainly, "are you telling the truth?"

Bran had decided to help Bruce to persuade Louisa, but Bran didn't expect that Bruce would say something like that, which gave Bran a extra surprise.

In fact, Br

u. I have no choice. That's why I came up that idea. Don't be angry with me. You know how sad I am when you ignore me." Sitting next to Louisa, Bruce said with pain.

This cold war between him and Louisa was really a torture for him. Fortunately, Louisa had already forgiven him. Although she was still a little angry, Bruce was confident that he could make her feel better.

Louisa then took a cold glance at Bruce. With much reluctance in her eyes, she said to him, "I forgive you this time for the sake of Bran. If you dare do it again, I think our relationship will come to an end."

For the sake of Bran, this time she chose to tolerate Bruce. But if next time he dared to do that again, she wouldn't forgive him no matter what. By then, they would have no choice but to divorce.

Bruce was shocked by what Louisa said. He didn't expect that she would be so angry about this. Although he was glad that he had been forgiven by her, he still felt a little sad.

Forcing out a weak smile, Bruce immediately said decisively, "don't worry. It won't happen again. I will never do anything to disappoint you."

Bruce thought what Louisa cared about was that he left halfway during the concert. He didn't know there were ambiguous messages appeared on his phone.

Louisa took a complicated look at Bruce before she turned to look out of the window, all sorts of feelings welling up in her mind. How firm their relationship was before, but now there was a gap between them. She really didn't know what they were going to do next.

Seeing that no one talked and they just sat there doing nothing, Bran was a little worried. He gently tugged at Bruce's sleeve, hinting him to curry favor with Louisa.

Understanding what Bran meant, Bruce nodded without being noticed and gestured him to leave.

After Bran left, he held Louisa in his arms and made her listen to his heartbeat, as if he wanted her to know that his heart was beating for her. She was the only one in his heart.

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