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   Chapter 320 A Fight Without Reason

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10088

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A sneer flitted across Macy's face when she saw that Louisa didn't believe Bruce. But Macy still stood out hypocritically, looked at Louisa and said apologetically, "Louisa, Mr. Bruce was telling the truth. It's all my fault. I didn't have a good rest these days, so I felt a little dizzy. I didn't let him finish watching the concert with you."

Seeing the apologetic look on Macy's face, Louisa was so embarrassed that she almost lost her temper. After all, no one wanted such a thing to happen, and her good mood was completely gone.

Louisa smiled, pretending that she didn't mind that at all. In a careless tone, she said, "Macy, don't blame yourself. It's okay. It's just a concert."

After all, Macy was Susiee's cousin. Even if Louisa didn't care about her, she would also care about Susie. If Louisa made a fuss about such a small thing, it would be too disgraceful. Louisa didn't want to become a person like that in the eyes of others.

It was not until Macy found that Louisa had forgiven her that she pretended to feel relieved. She took a glance at Bruce carefully. She knew that he was angry from his grim face. Hence, she dared not say anything more, for fear that she would screw it up.

Susie, who hadn't spoken yet, frowned and took a look at Macy with complex emotions, and then stood up to mediate. "Forget it. Louisa, don't care about it too much. You still have many chances to go to the concert with Bruce."

Since Susie had said so, it would seem petty of her to keep asking.

"I don't care. It's late now. You two didn't drive just now. How about letting Bruce drive you home?" Susie was her best friend, and Macy was Susie's cousin, so Louisa thought she shouldn't think too much about it.

There were too many people at the concert, so it was crowded to drive. Susiea and Macy came here by taxi. Now that the concert was over, it would be difficult for them to take the taxi. If Bruce drove them back, that would be the best thing.

"Thank you. I was wondering how to get back." With a faint smile on her face, Susie agreed without hesitation.

Therefore, Macy was undoubtedly the happiest one. If Louisa offered to drive them back, her plan would be easier to implement and she would not need to think of other ways.

The four got into Bruce's car, and Louisa sat on the copilot seat. Although she was very unhappy about his leaving halfway, she did not blame him for that as there was a certain reason. She just felt a little uncomfortable.

As Bruce started the car, they chatted with each other. Because of the traffic jam, the people in the car were all very bored.

Macy took a glance at the phone in the gap between her feet. After the car was restarted, she pretended to pick up Bruce's phone and then picked it up quickly.

"Mr. Bruce, is this your phone?" Macy asked in uncertainty as she handed the phone to Bruce and Louisa.

Then they both looked at the phone in Macy's hand. Puzzled, Louisa didn't know why Bruce's phone was in her hand, but Louisa could


Seeing that Louisa was still angry and didn't believe whatever he said, Bruce had to give up and wanted to explain to her when she was not angry.

"I'm going to see Bran first. You must be tired after watching the concert for such a long time. Have a good rest." Seeing that Louisa was getting more and more emotional, Bruce had to leave her alone to calm down.

Louisa ignored Bruce and didn't turn back to talk to him. Bruce felt wronged and took a look at her back. He turned around and left the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Bruce sighed and felt aggrieved. Then he pushed the door of Bran's bedroom open. When Bran saw it was his father, he opened the door, then he went back to his bedroom in anger.

Bran was still mad at them for not taking him to the concert tonight. They must have finished the concert, so they came to him.

Knowing that Bran was still angry because he didn't take him to the concert, Bruce sighed helplessly. Bruce wondered whom Bran was so stubborn looked like.

Now that Louisa had been mad at him, he thought that he should let his baby son get angry with him. Otherwise, he would be lonely.

Bruce sat down beside Bran and asked, "is Bran still angry?"

Bruce's tone sounded somewhat flattering. It was indeed too much not to take Bran with them today, but he did it for Bran's own good. Children should learn more, instead of participating in some useless social activities.

Bran turned his head away to avoid meeting Bruce's eyes. Because of anger, Bran's chest went up and down. He looked very cute.

With another helpless sigh, Bruce said sadly, "Bran, are you really not going to talk to me? Your mother is angry with me. Are you also angry with me?"

When Bruce saw that the two people he cared most both ignored him, he felt more aggrieved and sad.

Bruce's words drew Bran's attention. He looked at Bruce in confusion and asked, "weren't you two very affectionate this morning when you went out? Why did you make mom angry again?"

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