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   Chapter 319 Leaving Halfway

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10284

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Worried as Louisa was about Bran, she couldn't say anything more after hearing what Bruce just said. All she wanted to do now was to make it up to Bran when they got home.

Bruce drove a luxurious Lamborghini to the concert site with Louisa. Just then, Susie and Macy appeared in their sight.

"Susie, Macy, you are here." Louisa came to them quickly and greeted them cheerfully.

At first, Louisa felt guilty for not being with Susie and letting her down. But now, seeing Susie's cousin with her, Louisa felt much better.

"Yeah. What a coincidence. We ran into you the moment we got here." Susie was thrilled to see Louisa.

At this time, Bruce stopped the car and got out. The first thing they saw was his tall and handsome back, and then he turned around to let people see his handsome face.

At the first glance, Macy felt her heart beating fast. Bruce looked very similar to Ken, but the overall temperament of Bruce was a little more noble than Ken. At this moment, Macy felt that Bruce was like an art of the God, without any flaws.

Seeing that Macy had been looking at Bruce all the time, Susie coughed slightly to draw her attention back. Although the man in front of them was indeed very handsome, it was not polite to keep staring at him like this.

Hearing this, Macy looked away in embarrassment, but she glanced at Bruce purposely or unintentionally and asked, "Susie, who is this?"

Turning to look at Susie, Macy asked for the name of Bruce expectantly. She thought that since Ken refused her, she would find a man several times better than him.

Susie glanced at Bruce and found that he didn't get angry about her cousin's rudeness. Then she introduced him, "this is the president of Mu's Group, Bruce. He is also Louisa's husband. You should have met him at the party that day."

Hearing that Bruce was Louisa's husband, Macy was full of shock. When she recovered, she was full of anger and jealousy.

Louisa had such an excellent husband, and even Ken loved her dearly. At the thought of this, Macy felt it was unfair to have so many excellent men loving Louisa, but she didn't have any.

Although Macy was angry, she didn't show it on her face. She swore in her heart that she would take Bruce away from her

"You are Louisa's husband. You are so lucky to have such an excellent husband." Pulling out a bright smile, Macy looked at Louisa's face full of envy, but there was also a hint of jealousy in her tone.

Hearing Macy's envious words, Louisa just smiled happily and didn't reply. She walked beside Bruce and affectionately held his arm, fully showing their love.

What Macy saw saddened her even more. Jealousy flashed across her beautiful eyes, and anger was suppressed in her heart.

"Susie, since we meet here, let's go together." Seeing that the concert was about to start, Louisa looked at Susie with a smile and said.

Susie agreed without hesitation. She had planned to come to the concert with Louisa. Now sitting with Louisa made Susie less upset.

The four walked into the concert and soon the concert starte

ch a hurry it might be because of Louisa.

It was true that there was no one else that could make Bruce so anxious except for Louisa. They had been out for a long time, so Louisa must be very anxious.

They hurried back to the concert. That the concert was over, people came out one after another. Bruce walked fast to the place where Louisa was. He was relieved to see that Louisa and Susie were still on their seats.

Seeing that Bruce came here in a hurry, Louisa was a little unhappy. He said that he was going to watch the concert with her today, but he went out halfway and didn't come back until now. During the whole concert, she watched it alone.

"Bruce, where have you been? Why did you come back so late?" There was a hint of displeasure in her tone and more disappointment.

Understanding that Louisa didn't in a good mood, Bruce felt a little guilty. Furrowing his eyebrows, he glanced at Macy and explained himself quickly.

"Louisa, please listen to my explanation. Just now, I went to the washroom with Macy. After she came out of the washroom, she suddenly passed out. I was worried about her, so I quickly took her in the car and wanted to take her to the hospital. However, she woke up on the way, so I came back quickly." Although this excuse was far fetched, it was indeed the truth. There was no need for Bruce to make up some lie to deceive Louisa.

After hearing Bruce's explanation, Louisa took a look at Macy, who was looking at her apologetically. Louisa felt uncomfortable in her heart and felt unhappy when she thought that Bruce was holding another woman in his arms.

But there were so many people here, and she couldn't lose her temper in front of Macy. Louisa could only suppress her anger, but her dislike for Macy decreased a lot.

"Are you telling the truth? You didn't lie to me?" After Louisa took a complicated look at Macy, Louisa looked at Bruce again and asked.

Bruce was displeased with Louisa's suspicion. But it was his fault to leave her halfway, so he had to explain to her patiently.

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