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   Chapter 317 Set Up

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After sitting down again, Ken looked at Macy impatiently. He didn't know what else she wanted to say.

"Miss Macy, if you have something to say, just say it. I don't have time to waste here." Keeping lowering her head, Macy didn't say a word. Obviously, Ken had lost his patience.

For such a girl, Ken had no love at all, even could say on the dislike, so he didn't like to contact with her.

Summoning up courage, raising her head all of a sudden, Macy looked at Ken and said with less confidence, "director Ken, in fact, the reason why I asked you out today is that I like you!"

As soon as she finished saying that, she lowered her head quickly, while her little fair face turned red in an instant. She was a little nervous about the answer given by Ken.

He was shocked and looked at Macy. He didn't expect that she would say something like that. He really did not expect such a situation.

After a long while, Ken calmed himself down. He hated her even more and said mercilessly, "Miss Macy, it's the second time we meet today. You said you like me. Are you kidding me?"

With a mocking smile, Ken said coldly. There was no joyfulness as Macy expected in his eyes.

In the face of Ken, who kept calm all the time, Macy felt a little hurt. She just straightly expressed her feelings to him, but he didn't believe her and even thought she was just joking.

The look in her eyes became unusually serious. Looking at Ken, Macy said in a somewhat anxious tone, "what I said is true. I fell in love with you at the first sight of you that day. In the past few days, you have been the only one in my mind."

These days, Macy had experienced the great pain of lovesickness. It was the first time for her to experience the feeling of being in love with someone and not being able to get his heart.

There was still no change on his face. Ken looked at Macy coldly, but he wasn't moved by her confession at all.

"Miss Macy, I'm sorry. You know that I have a crush on someone else, so I won't like you. If there is nothing else, I have to go." He refused Macy coldly without any mercy or guilt.

Finishing his words, Ken stood up and left straight away, leaving Macy alone. He had been annoyed enough in the beginning. Now that he heard that she had confessed her love to him, he was even more annoyed.

The woman he loved didn't love him, and the people he didn't love came to confess to him one by one. In his eyes, their love for him was no more than Louisa's gentle look at him.

As Ken's figure was out of sight, Macy's face turned from sadness to resentment. She knew that Ken didn't accept her because of Louisa, and Louisa that he loved was still in his heart.

As the hostility in her heart towards Louisa was growing, she had made up her mind to get rid of Louisa. She had to be with Ken, because it was the first time she met a man who could draw her attention.

In the CEO's Office, Bruce was talking with Fred about the cooperation. After the cooperation was almost finished, the two men shook hands happily.

Hearing the noises in the office, Louisa knew that they had finished talki

ed out of Mu's Group, filled with fury. At this point, his phone rang. It was Macy, and his heart softened immediately.

After getting through to Macy, Macy intended to meet him. After telling him the place of their meeting in a dull voice, she hung up the phone in a hurry.

Fred didn't know what had happened, but he felt worried when he heard what Macy said. He quickly started the car and drove to the appointed place.

When Fred arrived at the bar, he found that Macy was almost drunk. He became furious when he saw she was accosted by many people.

He came to her quickly and looked at her, trying to scare the man away. Then he said angrily, "why did you drink so much? What are you doing in the bar at this time?"

Although Macy liked to have fun before, she seldom came to this place, let alone came here alone, which made Fred confused and sad.

A bitter smile descended on Macy's face as she saw the familiar face.

"What's wrong? What happened? Speak to me!" Seeing that Macy kept staring at him with a silly smile and didn't say anything, Fred almost went crazy. He was more worried about her and couldn't help asking her in a hurry again.

Perhaps it was because she had felt his concern for her, she suddenly felt very aggrieved. Her tears were somewhat out of control and looked at Fred with a bitter smile.

"Fred, how do you feel when you say you love someone but you can't get him? Are you heartbroken?" This was a painful question for Macy to ask. She then put the glass of wine in her mouth and was about to drink it, but before she could do that, she was shot by Fred.

Her words made Fred feel nervous. He guessed that she might have known his intention. Was it because of him that she got drunk here alone? At the thought of this, he felt excited.

He was about to answer her question but she spoke again: "it's my first time to fall in love with a man. Why he doesn't like me and thinks I'm playing a trick on him? Am I such a boring person?"

It was just a simple sentence that made Fred swallow what he had been about to blurt out.

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