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   Chapter 316 Make An Appointment

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10556

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The cooperation with Fred Group was settled, which was a good news. In recent days, they would discuss the specific details of the cooperation, which encouraged the employees of Mu's Group.

Over the past few days, Macy hadn't forgotten Ken and wanted to see him alone.

It was a rare chance for Macy yesterday. Susie and Macy were watching TV in the living room. It was late. Susie turned around and said with tiredness, "Macy, I'm very tired after a whole day's work. I'm going to take a shower first."

After saying that, Susie went straight to the bathroom, completely ignoring that her mobile phone was still on the tea table.

Soon, the sound of water came from the bathroom. Macy intended to watch TV while eating snacks alone. She glanced at the phone on the tea table and came up with an idea.

She looked carefully at the bathroom door and found that Susie was still in the shower. She took up Susie's phone quickly and sent a message to Ken with Susie's phone. Then she deleted the message quickly.

Then she saved Ken's number into her phone. After doing all this, Macy put Susie's phone back quickly again in the distance. Macy's heart beat faster because she was afraid of being discovered.

Seeing that Susie still didn't come out of the bathroom, she took a few deep breaths to make herself calm down. After a while, Macy could make sure that Susie wouldn't find anything wrong when she came out.

Macy pretended to be watching TV, but she was not in the mood any more. She always took a look at the cellphone of Susie purposely or unintentionally, for fear that Ken would reply her message. However, after waiting for quite a while, she still didn't receive any reply, which made her a little disappointed.

Just when Macy was in no mood to watch TV, Susie walked out of the bathroom. She was wrapped in a bath towel, toweling her wet hair.

Seeing that Macy was still watching TV, she said directly, "Macy. I'll go to my room to have a rest. You should take a shower and go to bed now."

After saying that, Susie walked towards the bedroom. After two steps, she suddenly remembered something. She turned back and took her phone away from the coffee table.

Macy stared at Susie's phone without blinking. At this moment, Macy was extremely nervous, fearing that Ken's text message would suddenly come in, but it seemed that Ken would not reply.

The next day, Macy made up an excuse to go out. She came to the place where she made an appointment with Ken, ordered a glass of juice and waited patiently.

As time passed, Ken still didn't show up. At the thought of this, Macy was a little worried about that Ken wouldn't come.

Just when she was about to lose her patience, Ken finally appeared. He sat opposite her, frowning and looking at her in confusion.

"Why are you here? Where is Susie? Didn't she send me a message and invite me to meet her?" Ken was very confused to see the woman in front of him, who was not Susie at the moment, and was also confused to see Macy here.

Embarrassed, Macy lowered her head with a blush on her face. Then she looked up and said, "in fact, I texted you last night. I didn't h

for someone she loved. When she heard that Louisa mentioned the name of Ken, the smile on Susie's face was somewhat stiff.

Then she shifted her gaze to Louisa and asked disappointedly, "why did you mention him all of a sudden?"

Previously they had agreed not to mention Ken's name in front of Susie, but now Louisa mentioned it again. Susie felt confused and sad.

For a moment, Louisa didn't know how to answer Susie's question. Nor did she know why herself asked that. All Louisa hoped was that Susie didn't love Ken anymore, so that she wouldn't feel so guilty.

"Nothing, I just remembered it all of a sudden." Louisa lowered her head hurriedly so as not to let Susie see through.

Susie frowned and looked at Louisa carefully. Susie felt that she was a bit strange today. She had never been like this when she was with Susie.

"Even if I like him, so what? He loves another woman deeply in his heart. I have no place in his heart. No matter what I do, he won't love me." Said Susie sadly. She lowered her head and swirled the tea.

Tears welled up in her beautiful eyes. Every time Ken was mentioned, Susie had an urge to cry.

Thinking of that, Louisa sighed slightly in her heart. She knew that Susie was still in love with Ken, which made her feel even more guilty. She didn't know what to say to comfort Susie.

"Susie, since you are so sad, just let it go. If you continue to pursue your love, you will eventually get hurt. I don't want you to be sad about love again." Sorrow was written all over Louisa's face. She looked at Susie intently.

She thought that Louisa would persuade her not to give up, but unexpectedly, Louisa asked her to give up, which surprised Susie. Susie felt that was not her style.

Susie looked at Louisa in confusion, and said in disappointment, "I thought you would persuade me not to give up. It seems that you don't have confident on me anymore."

Susie thought that Louisa had thought that Ken would never like her no matter what she did, so Louisa asked her to give up, which made her sadder, but she didn't want to give up in her heart.

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