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   Chapter 307 Deliberately Evade

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10541

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"I have made up my mind about the relationship between me and Ken. Although he doesn't like me now, I believe he will fall in love with me in the future." Susie said. In Bruce's villa, Susie said to Louisa in a firm voice.

Susie had been thinking about this for several days. No matter how difficult it was, she wanted to be with Ken because he seemed to be calm and reserved, which gave her a sense of safety.

Hearing what Susie said, the smile on Louisa's face froze. She didn't know how to comfort Susie. A few days ago, she tried to test Ken. Now she knew that Ken didn't feel anything about Susie. If Susie went after him now, he would definitely turn her down. As proud as Susie was, she wouldn't accept the fact.

"Susie, why did you make this decision all of a sudden? Weren't you hesitating about giving it up a few days ago? Why did you decide to go after Ken today? " Not knowing what to say, Louisa turned to look at Susie with an unnatural expression.

She had thought that Susie would hesitate for a long time on this matter, Louisa would have enough time to think of ways to help her. But Louisa didn't expect that she would make a decision so quickly. This was a result that Louisa had not expected.

Susie didn't notice the change on Louisa's face, but Susie's face was full of confidence.

"I have been thinking about this matter these days. I think you are right. I still have a chance, so I don't want to give up so easily. You know my character. Once I have decided, I will be brave to move forward." The look on Susie's face became more and more serious. She looked at Louisa firmly.

Seeing the firmness on Susie's face, Louisa was a little worried. Louisa was afraid that Susie would tell Ken directly that she liked him. If Susie was rejected, how could she accept the fact that she was the most proud woman in the world.

"Susie, I think it's better for you to reconsider this matter. After all, you are a public figure now, so your emotional problems will surely be paid attention by the media. If you can't be together with Ken by then, your image will be affected." According to Louisa's understanding of Ken, she had seen that the woman Ken loved had a very important place in his heart, as he had been angry at her words the other day.

There were very few chances for Susie to be with him. That was why Louisa didn't want Susie to take any risks to be with him and the main reason was that she didn't want to see Susie sad.

But how could a hot blooded person like Susie listen to her? How Susie wished she could tell Ken everything she thought in her heart right now.

"Louisa, I know that you are doing this for my own good, but I have decided that I will make an appointment with Ken tomorrow. I want him to know my feelings for him." Susie patted Louisa on the shoulder and said. She didn't see that Louisa was in a hurry.

Seeing that Susie had made up her mind, and it was useless for her to say anything, Louisa could only stop saying more, but she became more worried in her heart.

At this moment, Bruce, who was reading newspaper and never interfered in, put down the newspaper in his hands a

t take the risk.

The disappointment in Susie's eyes was becoming more and more obvious. He had refused her, but now he didn't even tell her who he liked. It could be seen how estranged he was from her.

"Can't you even give me a reason to give up on you?" Said Susie with a sad look on her face.

She just wanted him to give her a reason to give up, but he never gave her. How could she persuade herself to give up.

Looking at the distressed look on Susie's face, Ken felt deeply remorseful. He didn't want to hurt her, but he was unable to answer her question.

"I'm sorry. It's not that I don't want to tell you, it's just that I can't tell you. I don't want to hurt you. I just want we to be ordinary friends." Ken said perplexedly. There was nothing he could say to comfort her.

He had calculated everything, but he didn't expect that Susie would fall in love with him, which ruined his original plan.

As Susie was immersed in sorrow, she could not see any trace of sadness hidden in his eyes. She just felt that he was deliberately hurting her.

"I see. I have overestimated my importance in your heart." Susie smiled bitterly.

She stood up and walked towards the door. She didn't want to continue her injury here, neither did she want Ken to see her fragility.

Looking at the spiritless Susie, Ken was a little worried. He was about to say something to comfort her, but she had already left.

Ken thought it over and over again, but still did not catch up with her. He was afraid that it was an unnecessary move for him to make Susie completely give up on him.

All of a sudden, it began to rain heavily. Hit by the cold rain, Susie felt as if she was frozen from head to toe and her heart had become cold.

It was the first time that she had confessed her love to a man. She hadn't expected that Ken would refuse to accept her love. Having been arrogant as she had always been, she felt upset because of Ken's rejection.

The sapphire blue BMW roared past. While driving, Bruce made a phone call to somebody. At this time, a figure he passed caught his attention.

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