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   Chapter 306 Doubt

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9793

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After saying that, Bruce looked at Ken seriously, trying to see from his eyes what Ken really thought.

But what Bruce didn't know was that Susie never told Ken that she had fallen in love with him. The reason why Susie had asked him out to test him.

Ken looked at Bruce in surprise and wondered why he would suddenly say that. Ken had nothing to do with Susie. How could he do something to hurt her.

Confused, Ken looked at Bruce and asked, "why did you mention Susie? Why did I hurt her?"

Although Susie and Louisa were best friends. Ken had never taken Susie seriously. He was very confused by Bruce's suddenly warning to him.

In the eyes of Bruce, Ken was just playing dumb. The look on his face showed that he didn't care a scrap when Bruce talked about Susie, which made Bruce a little angry.

Susie was Louisa's best friend, Louisa would be sad if Susie was hurt. That was why Bruce wanted to warn Ken in advance so that he could know a little about what was going on between them.

"I think you know it better than anyone else. You don't need my advice. I hopes that you could behave yourself. Don't hurt the one who loves you." Bruce said these words in a cold tone, feeling a bit angry. Then he ignored the astonished Ken and directly turned around to the company's building.

The more Ken thought about it, the more confused he became. Then he didn't think about it anymore. In Ken's eyes, what Bruce had said just now was nonsense. He had nothing to do with Susie, but Bruce said something strange all of a sudden. He really didn't know what he was thinking.

Ken shook his head. He didn't want to think what Bruce had said. Ken had come to the company too.

Louisa had been busy all morning. By twelve o'clock, there was still no news coming from the office. However, Louisa knew that Bruce was not going to have lunch, she had to pack it up for him later.

Touching her empty and flat stomach. After Louisa cleared the files on her desk, she walked towards the dining room.

When Louisa came to the restaurant to buy some food, she was surprised to see that Ken was eating alone at a corner of the restaurant. Not far away from him, there were several female colleagues who looked at him from time to time.

Thinking of what happened between him and Susie, Louisa took a deep breath and walked towards him. Louisa sat opposite him with a faint smile on her face.

"Director Ken, why do you have lunch here alone today? You used to eat out before." Ken had never eaten in the canteen of his company before. It was quite unexpected to meet him here today.

Seeing that Louisa sat opposite him, a smile appeared on Ken's face. He began to have lunch in the canteen because he could often see her there.

But Ken wouldn't tell her the truth right in front of her. He was afraid that she would be scared and stay away from him in the future.

"I have a lot of work to do recently, and it wil

very curious about the woman that Ken said he liked.

Ken was displeased by the series of questions from Ken. He put down his chopsticks again and said fretfully.

"Do you really have no idea what kind of woman I love? What should I do to let you know my feelings for you?" The words from Louisa in Ken's ear was like a sharp knife, stabbing into his wounds. He had loved her for such a long time, but she still didn't know. And now she was questioning who the woman he liked.

Ken had never been so angry with Louisa before. In the face of his sudden cold demeanor, Louisa was stunned for a moment. She didn't know how she had annoyed him so much that he had become so angry.

Looking at Ken, she said in a low voice, "did I say something wrong just now? If so, I apologize to you."

She had thought that Ken was a very easy-going person, but it turned out that he was so difficult to get along with. She didn't know how she had offended him just now.

Realizing that he might have said something too harsh to her just now, Ken felt a little guilty. But when he thought of the thing that Louisa had done in helping him reconcile with Susie, he couldn't help but feel angry.

Trying to sound calm, Ken said in a somewhat cold tone, "no, I was just in a bad mood, and my words were a little heavy. Please don't take it to heart."

Although Louisa didn't know why Ken got angry all of a sudden, after hearing his apology, she had to stop asking. After all, this was his personal matter. She was too anxious to make a match between him and Susie, without consideration for the overall situation.

"Nothing. I'm full. I'll go back to work." The atmosphere was a little embarrassing, and it was impossible for Louisa to continue talking to Ken about Susie, so Louisa intended to leave.

Susie couldn't accept the fact that he was in love with someone at the moment, so Louisa had to take it slow. Otherwise, it would be the opposite effect.

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