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   Chapter 305 Compromised

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9912

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With the promise of Bruce, Louisa felt a little relieved. But when she thought of his darkened face after she told· him, she couldn't help but feel a little scared.

She took a deep breath to make herself look calm. Louisa looked at Bruce with a serious look in her eyes before she opened her mouth, "the person Susie falls in love with is Ken, I would have told you earlier, because I was afraid you would be angry. But you have promised me that you would never be angry, so you must keep your words."

Worrying that he would forget his promise, Louisa could not help reminding him again.

Hearing the name Ken, a trace of surprise flashed through Bruce's deep eyes, which were then filled with coldness and anger.

He was about to lose his temper, but when he heard Louisa's warning, he had to suppress his anger. Although his heart was very complicated, he had just promised Louisa that he would definitely keep his promise.

Trying hard to suppress his anger, Bruce glared at Louisa with a gloomy face. Then he asked in a cold voice, "what the hell is going on? What did you do with Susie today? Did you meet Ken?"

Even though Louisa hadn't told Bruce where they were going, Bruce was so smart that he could guess what they had done. He would have been furious if he hadn't promised that he wouldn't be mad at her.

Bruce didn't lose his temper, but his cold face added more fear to Louisa. The appearance of him being calm was more frightening than being angry. She began to regret telling him this.

"I think Ken is a man who can spend the rest of her life with. Although you two have a bad relationship, and you always fight against each other, I think if Susie and Ken can be together, there will be one more person to take care of Susie, so tonight I called Ken out, wanting to make a match between them." Louisa lowered her head and talked about what she had done tonight in a low voice. As Bruce's face became darker and darker, her voice trailed off.

Hearing her words, Bruce really wanted to yell at her, but he was reluctant to do so. He could only point at her with his hands and heaved a long sigh.

"How do you expect me to talk to you? You always don't listen to me. Today, you even meddle in the matter of bringing Ken and Susie together," Bruce felt both angry and annoyed for her refusing to take his words seriously. How could he tolerate her like this if he didn't love her so much.

Bruce's sad look made Louisa feel a little guilty. He did remind her many times, but she never listened and he never blamed her, which made her moved and guilty.

"I'm sorry. I just think that Susie stays at home alone for Ken's sake, and I doesn't want to see her like this. That's why I want to help her. What's more, I think that she and Ken are a perfect match." Embarrassed, Louisa lowered her head. She explained to Bruce, hoping that her explanation could make him less angry.

Bruce knew that Louisa did that out of kindness. She

aged her not to give up. Susie was really conflicted, and didn't know what to do.

In the early morning, Bruce didn't go to the company with Louisa because of a customer. As soon as he parked his car, he saw Ken's car coming into the parking lot.

Bruce, who had planned to go directly upstairs, paused in surprise and waited for Ken. He remembered the thing that Louisa told him two days ago, so he wanted to test Ken.

Noticing that Bruce's eyes had been fixed on him and Ken knew that Bruce was waiting for him, a tinge of coldness flashed across Ken's eyes. He was confused and wondered what Bruce wanted to say.

Recently, Ken did not take any actions, and the two did not fight face to face. Bruce should not be able to grab any evidence of him.

Full of doubts, Ken walked up to Bruce, faced him and asked, "what's wrong? Are you waiting for me here?"

For Bruce, Ken had always regarded him as his enemy, because Ken felt that he was no worse than Bruce. But his father ultimately handed over the position of CEO of Mu's Group to Bruce, which made Ken very unhappy.

Seeing that Ken was still hostile to him, Bruce had been used to it. Since Bruce was a child, Ken had tried his best to compete for everything against him, but Ken had failed in the first place.

"Nothing. I just want to tell you something." Putting down his airs as a president, Bruce behaved like an elder brother first.

They were brothers but never loved each other like brothers.

With a confused frown, Ken asked again, "what do you mean?"

Ken didn't think that Bruce would be nice to him, so his tone was still cold. Because Ken had been used to the state of confrontation between the two of them. Bruce's sudden change made him uncomfortable, and he doubted if Bruce was deliberately giving him a good look on purpose.

Bruce didn't care much about Ken's attitude, then he said somewhat incomprehensibly, "Susie is a good girl. As her friend, I hope you won't hurt her."

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