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   Chapter 304 Back Off Again

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10099

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Louisa nodded slightly as a hint to Ken with her eyes, Then she quickened her pace to catch up with Susie.

Louisa caught up with Susie and found herself was out of breath. Louisa didn't expect Susie to be so far away in such a short time.

Louisa patted her chest slightly to make sure that she could breathe normally.

"Susie, why are you walking so fast? And why did you leave in such a hurry just now? " Louisa asked a series of questions. Obviously, she didn't think that was a good idea.

Louisa rushed out in an attempt to persuade Ken not to leave, so that Susie and he could have more time to be alone with each other. But Susie left first, which confused Louisa.

Without answering the question, Susie kept walking.

Looking at Susie's dispirited face, Louisa began to worry about her. She wondered what Ken and Susie had talked just now. Why did Susie look so upset.

"What's wrong with you, Susie? Please tell me. Don't make me worry," Louisa blocked her way out and asked worriedly.

Susie had been quite happy when she had first come here, but now she became upset and dejected all of a sudden. Louisa doubted that if she was annoyed by what Ken had said just now. Otherwise, Susie would not have become so angry in such a short time.

Louisa got in Susie's way, Susie had to stop and look at her. "No, thanks for what you have done for me tonight. But I don't need it anymore. I won't be together with Ken."

Although Susie liked Ken very much, he had already had another woman in his heart. Therefore, even if she was sad, she would no longer have the thought of being with him.

Louisa looked at Susie in surprise, wondering why she suddenly changed her mind. They had a good conversation just now.

"Why? Didn't you say that you like Ken? Why did you decide not to be with him so soon?" Louisa was surprised at the decision made by Susie, but what confused her most was that.

Turning her head away, Susie looked away. She didn't want Louisa to see the sadness in her eyes. Her heart ached. She had just realized that she had fallen in love with Ken, but she didn't expect that she had loved him so deeply. It hurt so much when she heard that he fell in love with someone else.

"Ken told me that he liked a women, but the woman he loved didn't like him." With a sad look on her face, Susie said what Ken had just told her.

This answer also surprised Louisa. She had never heard that Ken had a loved woman. She met him every day in the company, but she had never seen his intimate relationship with that woman. She wondered if what Susie said was true.

But Louisa soon came to her senses. She knew that Susie was very sad at the moment. She immediately persuaded, "do you give up because of this? I can see that your love for him is not less than that of Rick."

Although Louisa was surprised by what Susie just said. Louisa didn't expect Susie to give up so easily. Louisa felt sorry for her. After all, he was that kind of person that she could spend the rest of her life.

n love with was Ken.

Looking at Louisa in astonishment, Bruce didn't expect that Susie would fall in love with another man so soon. He had thought that Susie would be sad about what happened to Rick for a period of time.

But he seemed to hear that the man didn't like Susie, which made Bruce more curious. How could a normal man be indifferent to such a beautiful woman.

"Who is the man that Susie falls in love with?" Bruce asked curiously and looked at Louisa with anticipation.

According to Susie's domineering personality, if she fell in love with a man, she would definitely go after him without hesitation. Now that Susie suddenly became so timid, this man must not be ordinary.

Not knowing whether she should answer his question or not, in a panic, she didn't know how Bruce would react when he heard the name "Ken".

Louisa hemmed and hawed and didn't say that man's name. Bruce frowned and asked again, "what's wrong? Do you want to keep it a secret? There is nothing that can't be told to each other. Besides, Susie and I are friends. You don't have to hide such an important thing from me."

Bruce thought that Louisa didn't want to tell him the truth because she wanted to hide the fact for Susie. Although they were best friends, but he was her husband and he thought there shouldn't be any secrets between them.

Now that Bruce had said so, Louisa knew that if she didn't tell him who the man was, he would not give up. It was better to tell him directly than to let him find out by himself.

"I can tell who is it? But you have to promise me one thing. I won't tell you until you promise that you won't be mad at me. " For fear that Bruce could not control his anger, Louisa made an agreement with him in advance.

Bruce shook her head helplessly. He just wanted to know who that person was. Bruce didn't know who that person was that Louisa made this thing so grand.

"I promise I won't be angry. Is that okay?" So without thinking too much, Bruce directly agreed with her.

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