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   Chapter 303 Disappointment

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10349

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When passing by Susie, Louisa patted her on the back slightly, indicating that she should seize the opportunity.

For fear that Ken might find out something, Susie didn't look back at Louisa but nodded slightly.

They both looked at Louisa after she left. When Louisa was out of sight, they turned to look at each other, feeling awkward.

"Director Ken, I'd like to propose a toast to you. Thank you for helping me so much last time." To hide her embarrassment, Susie raised her glass and looked at Ken gratefully.

Last time, Ken gave Susie the information about Rick, which made her realize that she had been deceived. Although she felt very painful due to her failure in love, she was very grateful to Ken for letting her see the true color of Rick. If it was not Ken, she might have been kept in the dark.

Hearing what Susie said, Ken said in a hurry, "don't say that. You might be happier than now if it were not for the document I gave you."

Susie felt extremely grateful to Ken, who really could not bear it. He did not mean to help her. He did that all for the sake of Louisa. He just wanted to please Louisa.

Ken's modesty made Susie feel more pleasant to him, she thought that he was not a vainglorious man.

"Of course not. If I find out that I have been fooled by Rick after I married him, I will be more upset, so I have to thank you." Now when Susie looked at Ken with her eyes full of love, she felt as if she was dreaming every second she spent with him.

Sensing that there was a hot look in Susie's eyes, Ken suddenly felt a little awkward between the two of them. He coughed and looked towards the bathroom.

Louisa had been in the lady's room for a long time and hadn't come back yet. He was worried about her.

"Louisa haven't come back yet? Would you like to see her? " Ken didn't want them to sit there doing nothing, so he looked at Susie and asked her in a calm voice.

The main purpose of his visit this evening was to see Louisa. Ken didn't expect that Susie would come with them. Plus, he hadn't talked much with Louisa since they met. All these made him very upset.

Hearing Ken's suggestion, a tinge of panic flashed across Susie's heart. She was worried that he might find out something, so she said hastily, "no, thanks. She will come back by herself later. We're going to treat you to dinner tonight. It would be embarrassing if you're left alone here without anybody to accompany you."

Finding an excuse to prevent herself from interrupting, Susie felt somewhat guilty at the moment. After all, Ken was a smart man. She was afraid that he would find out that it was a negotiation she had with Louisa before.

Seeing that, Ken frowned slightly with his good-looking dashing eyebrows. He had a strange feeling in his heart. He felt that Louisa was deliberately avoiding him tonight, as if he had done something wrong to make her angry so that she would not want to see him.

"Director Ken, I saw you in the clothing store last time. Is the girl next to you your girlfriend?" Thinking of the meeting between her and Ken last time, Susie c

Ken leave so easily. Louisa knew that Susie wouldn't have such a good chance next time.

"I'm sorry. I had something to deal with just now, so I went out." Before she reached them, Louisa said.

Ken was a little surprised to see Louisa suddenly appear in front of him, but he felt much better when he saw her come back. Again, a happy smile appeared on his face.

But Susie kept her head down and didn't say a word. She was very sad now and didn't know how to conceal her emotions. She didn't care about Louisa's explanation at all. She knew that Louisa just wanted Ken to stay.

"Louisa, I thought you would never come back!" With a happy smile on his face, Ken looked at Louisa and gently said.

Taking a peek at the sad look on Susie's face, Louisa couldn't help frowning and gently tugging at her skirt.

Confusedly, she looked at Louisa, wondering what she was doing. But when Susie saw the expression in Louisa's eyes, she lowered her head again in silence. She was very concerned that Ken had a crush on someone.

"Louisa, you have gone for such a long time and it's getting dark. Let's go." Susie knew what Louisa meant, but at the moment she didn't have the mood to continue. Ken had someone he liked in his heart. Even if Susie told him that she liked him, he would not accept her.

Louisa was about to persuade Susie to give up, but before Louisa could say anything, Susie turned around and took steps. Louisa had to swallow her words back.

This time, Louisa turned to look at Ken, finding that he was frowning at Susie and thinking about something.

"Ken, I'm sorry. I'm leaving now. I'll meet you some other day." Seeing that Susie had gone far, Louisa looked at Ken with a little guilt and said.

Ken withdrew his sight to look at Louisa. Looking at her with a soft voice, he said, "okay. It's late. You'd better go back home now. Be careful on the way."

His eyes were full of tenderness when he looked at Louisa. It was only when he was in front of Louisa, he would be so gentle. She was more and more important in his heart.

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