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   Chapter 301 Re Love

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10034

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Ever since Susie had seen Ken and Eva together last time, she had always thought of what had happened that day for no reason. She had a feeling of uneasiness in her heart. She didn't know why she had cared so much about what had happened that day. what did· it matter to her which· woman Ken be with.

Susie was drinking alone at home, feeling very lonely. Of course, the first person she thought of was Louisa. Susie didn't care about· whether Louisa was at work or not, she called Louisa directly.

When Susie called her, Louisa was a little confused. Susie had so much work to do at the moment, so she shouldn't have time to call her. Thinking of this, Louisa picked up her phone.

"Louisa, come to my home and drink with me. I am so bored being alone." When Louisa pick up the phone, Susie couldn't wait for her to ask. Just spoke directly to Louisa.

Listening to the drunken tone of Susie, Louisa was about to refuse. However, the phone had already been hung up by Susie at this time. Louisa put down the phone and continued to work, but she was still worried.

Susie didn't say much, but she felt as if Susie had something on her mind. Susie was drinking alone at home. Maybe it was because of a phone call that she couldn't focus on her work. So she decided to take a look.

In the CEO's Office, Bruce was focusing on his work. Louisa tiptoed to him and wondered how to ask for leave from him.

Bruce noticed her since she opened the door and came in, but he didn't say anything. Now that she was already in front of him, he had to raise his head and look at her.

"Louisa, what can I do for you?" When Louisa was at the company, she didn't want others to gossip about their relationship, she was afraid of their relationship and never had too much contact with him. So he was sure that she must have something to tell him.

Bruce's inquiry made Louisa couldn't help praising him for his cleverness. He knew she had something to tell him before she said anything.

With an embarrassed smile, she said, "I'm here to ask for a leave. I have something to do this afternoon, so I can't work?"

Speaking of this, Louisa looked at Bruce with a guilty conscience. If he knew that the reason why she asked for leave was to drink with Susie, she didn't know how he would react as a workaholic. Would he be furious.

But Bruce was not as emotional as Louisa had imagined. He just frowned and asked, "what's the matter?"

Bruce knew that Louisa was not a playboy, so he was confused that she had to deal with something.

The look on her face was a little awkward. Louisa didn't know if she should tell him the truth. If she said she was going to have a drink, he would definitely not agree. Therefore, after thinking for a while, she decided to tell him the truth. "Susie called me just now and said that she had something to tell me, so I have to go to her home."

Although she knew that what she said was true, she still felt a little guilty, fearing that he would continue to ask.

, he has a girlfriend now. I, a famous star, will never fall in love with a man who has a lover."

Although Susie said so, she felt very guilty in her heart. She didn't want to admit because that she got hurt before. She didn't trust any man now. She was afraid that if she fell in love with Ken, that man would hurt her as Rick did.

By now, Louisa was fully aware of Susie's feeling of guilt, that she had actually fallen in love with Ken, just as Louisa had guessed.

"Susie, there is no need for you to deny it. I can see from your eyes. This is not like you. I know you have the courage to pursue, but why don't you admit it today?" Louisa asked in a reproachful tone because Susie didn't want to admit that.

Louisa knew what Susie was thinking, but Louisa wouldn't mention the name of Rick in front of Susie. Louisa didn't want to hurt her anymore, so it might be a good thing for her if she turned on a new relationship.

Lowering her head, Susie didn't say anything while thinking about what Louisa said just now. It was true that she had the courage to pursue, but now she didn't have the courage. What's more, Ken already had a woman by his side.

"It dosen't whether I admitted it or not. He has a girlfriend now. Even if I admit it, we can't be together." Knowing that she couldn't hide anything from Louisa, she didn't intend to hide anything from Louisa and admitted it frankly.

Her confession made Louisa even happier. As long as Susie admitted that she liked Ken, everything would be okay.

A big smile appeared on Louisa's face. As if encouraging her, Louisa patted her on the shoulder, and said, "now that you have a crush on him, you should fight for it. You're such a good girl and every man will fall in love with you!"

Susie was a gorgeous beauty. Since she started her career in the entertainment industry, she had been the goddess in men's hearts. Many men hoped to get close to her, so Louisa believed that if Susie went after Ken, she would surely succeed.

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