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   Chapter 299 Sad

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The shop assistant saw what Susie was doing. She was in a dilemma and didn't know what to do. They were all VIP here, but this dress was the only one left. She really didn't know who she should sell to. It was the first time that matter happened. She was at a loss.

Seeing that Susie did not want to show weakness, Eva's eyes were full of anger. It was the first time that someone dared to do this to her, which was hard for her to accept. At the same time, she wanted this dress more.

Seeing that Ken hadn't opened his mouth to say a word, Eva felt somewhat anxious. She grasped his arm in a hurry and said in an injured tone, "Ken, you said that you would go shopping with me today, so I want this one."

She said in a coquettish yet angry tone. Ken was the director of Mu's Group. Everyone in the shop knew that she would definitely sell the dress to him only if he told her to do so.

Looking at Susie complacently, Eva was waiting for Ken's answer, in which Susie couldn't even think about buying this dress.

Meanwhile, Susie looked at Ken quietly, wondering how important this woman was in his heart.

Seeing the two women looking at him, Ken knew that if he didn't say a word, the two women would certainly have a quarrel again. But he was also a little disgusted with the fact that the two women came to him for trivial matters.

"Eva, there are so many beautiful clothes here. Why do you have to buy this one? You can give it to Susie. How about I buy you some other clothes?" Ken, who didn't want to offend Louisa and Susie, could only turn to Eva and gently persuaded her.

In fact, he didn't want to take care of such trifles, but he had to speak for Susie in front of Louisa for fear that Louisa would misunderstand him.

Hearing what Ken had said, Eva's face fell at once. She looked at him a little angrily, and there was still injury in her beautiful eyes. She hadn't thought that he would help the two outsiders. In the past, he had never asked her to give away anything.

Hearing what Ken said, Susie was a little surprised, but then she felt happy for no reason, because what he did was a little different from what she had imagined.

"Why? Why should I give it to her? I just want it and I don't want anything else!" She shook off Ken's arm and she got a little angry and shouted.

Meanwhile she looked at Susie and Louisa with hostility. Eva didn't know how charming they were to have Ken speak for them. He used to love her the most.

Looking at the unreasonable and troublesome Eva, Ken frowned somewhat unhappily. He shouldn't have agreed to go shopping with her if he had known this would happen.

Although he was a little angry, he did not show it on the surface. If his attitude was not good, according to Eva's character, she would definitely be endless. So he could only comfort her with words.

"Eva, don't act like a child, okay? This dress doesn't fit you. How can such ordinary clothes set off your temperament?" With a faint smile on his face, Ken uttered words against his will.

Although it was undeniable that Eva was very beautiful, there was stil

It was not until Ken left that the shop assistant handed the dress to Susie with a respectful expression on her face. But at this time, Susie didn't want it anymore. She just cast a cold glance at it and didn't take it.

Thought that Susie was still mad at Eva, Louisa took the dress from the shop assistant in a hurry and walked up to her. Louisa comforted, "well, don't be angry about what happened just now. Look, the dress is yours now, and it doesn't cost you. You earn· money."

With the clothes in her hand, brandishing in front of Susie, Louisa said smilingly.

Susie was in a flutter just now, but she was in a worse mood after hearing what Louisa said. Susie couldn't help but think of the promise that Ken made to Eva just now.

"No. just throw it away." Susie said without even looking at the clothes in Louisa's hands. She just walked out directly and had no mood to go shopping anymore.

Louisa didn't listen to her and just threw the clothes away. She caught up with Susie as fast as she could. These expensive clothes were bought with anger in her heart, and it was a pity to throw them away.

As soon as she arrived at her house, Susie threw all the bags in her hands onto the sofa. With anger all over her face, she didn't say a word on the way back. Instead, the figure of Ken kept flashing through her mind. She was always wondering what kind of relationship he had with that Eva. Was it the one in her mind.

Susie suddenly cared so much about Ken that she was quite agitated. She didn't know what happened to her and why she always thought of him.

"I've brought you the clothes. Don't throw them away. I know you are mad. It's not good for your health. It's not worth it." Seeing that Susie did not say a word, Louisa was somewhat worried and could not help conciliating her.

Louisa had never seen Susie get angry because of such a trifle before. If it was in the past, Susie would be very happy to buy the dress without money. She would not be so angry as she was now.

Louisa just felt that Susie was acting very strange today.

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