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   Chapter 298 Scramble For Clothes

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After a series of things, they finally returned to peace. Everyone lived a quiet life, and there was no such thing as mess around again. This made Louisa heave a long sigh of relief.

One day, she made an appointment to go shopping with Susie. As Susie became more and more famous and had a lot of companies to cooperate with, it was rare for her to spare some time to go shopping with Louisa.

They made an appointment to meet at the gate of the shopping mall. Louisa had been waiting for her there for more than an hour. But she still didn't show up, which made Louisa a little impatient. She took out her phone and was about to call Susie. Then she saw Susie walking towards the shopping mall.

When Susie walked in front of her, Louisa complained, "why do you come so late? Look at what time is it now. I have been waiting for you here for a long time."

It was Susie who called her to ask her out for shopping, but Susie was still late. This made Louisa a little angry and sort of blamed her.

After taking off her big sunglasses and curling her lips, Susie said helplessly, "I'm a super star now. It's your honor to wait for me in the mall. Please don't complain as soon as you come up."

The narcissistic Susie couldn't help praising herself again. She had been busy with makeup at home and forgotten the time.

Thinking of how narcissistic Susie was, Louisa couldn't help but feel helpless. She frowned with displeasure.

"We are good friends, but I'm not your fan. Don't you feel embarrassed to ask me to wait for you at the mall gate for such a long time?" Louisa had been waiting outside the mall for such a long time and her legs were sore. But Susie still continued to say that, that made Louisa more unhappy.

Hearing that, Susie, who had been proud, felt a little guilty. Looking at Louisa, she smiled in embarrassment.

Putting on her sunglasses, Susie wrapped her arms around Louisa's neck and said like a little girl, "just because we're good friends that I thought you wait for me longer would not make you angry. Okay, I know it's my fault. Let's go shopping, okay?"

As soon as she finished speaking, she dragged Louisa straight into the mall without waiting for Louisa to open her mouth. Louisa had no choice but to swallow her words back.

Susie went into a clothing shop of famous brands. She went on a round of search as before. Occasionally, some people recognized her. She was taken care of them enthusiastically, and even took pictures with her fans.

After the incident with Rick, she hadn't been so happy to go shopping for a long time. Although Louisa was very tired of helping her carry things, seeing that she had walked out of the shadow of Rick, Louisa was happy from the bottom of her heart. Louisa finally saw the previous Susie.

After a long time, Susie arrived at a famous brand menswear store, which she liked most, so she would buy clothes here every time she went shopping. Therefore, she had become a frequent visitor here.

Seeing that Susie stopped at the door of the shop, Louisa pulled a long face and said with uncertainty, "Susie, are you g

as Ken came, Susie noticed him. Looking at the woman who was so intimately holding his arm, Susie felt very uncomfortable, a little harsh.

Afraid that Louisa might misunderstand him, Ken withdrew his hand awkwardly and explained hastily, "Louisa is my colleague and a friend. The girl by my side is Eva Xu."

He introduced them to each other in a hurry. In such a situation, Ken felt very embarrassed.

After hearing Ken's introduction, Louisa nodded to Eva Xu with a smile as a greeting, but Eva Xu did not appreciate it. She only took a cold glance at Louisa and then looked at Ken again.

"Ken, I like that dress, but that woman insists on scrambling for it with me. Could you buy it for me?" Glancing at the dress in Susie's hand, Eva Xu was reluctant to give up.

From childhood to adulthood, she would try her best to get whatever she wanted. Therefore, the dress that Susie held, · she must get it.

Taking a look at the dress in Susie's hands, Ken looked a little embarrassed. After all, he knew Susie and Louisa, and they were not just friends. He didn't want to ruin their relationship because of such a small matter.

Seeming to see the hesitation in Ken's eyes, Susie stepped forward without showing weakness. Looking at him, she said firmly, "I saw this dress first, and I liked it very much, so I must buy it!"

When she saw that Ken and the woman called Eva Xu were so close, Susie felt a little sad.

Seeing that Susie was so serious, Louisa pulled her arm and persuaded her in a low voice, "Susie, it's just a dress. You don't have to make a fuss about it. You have many clothes and you don't need one. Could you give it to her?"

Fearing that things might get worse Louisa with a worried look on her face, but Susie couldn't let it go so easily. Susie handed the coat to the shop assistant next to her and said coldly, "I've bought the coat. Wrap it for me."

In fact, Susie didn't want the dress, but because of Ken's attitude towards Eva Xu. She wanted to know if Ken would force her to give up the dress for the sake of this woman.

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