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   Chapter 295 Engagement Invitation

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Facing Ken's gentle eyes, Susie had a strange feeling in her heart. She didn't know why she felt so grieved all of a sudden. She wanted to cry in his arms, but she refrained herself.

Susie knew very well that Ken was not an ordinary man. He was a dangerous man, so by instinct, she wanted to keep a distance from him.

"No, thanks. I want to go home and rest now." Susie turned her head away and refused him without hesitation. She was afraid that she would regret her decision.

Ken didn't get angry because of Susie's refusal. Instead, his eyes became more gentle. However, he was patient enough to take advantage of the person who could help him approached Louisa.

"You will make blind and disorderly conjectures if you go home alone. I'll take you to a good place and make sure you will feel better there." At this moment, the elevator door was opened. Ken ignored her refusal and directly pulled her out of the elevator.

At first, Susie was so angry that she wanted to refuse him. However, when she saw the big hand which held her wrist, she felt sweet and forgot to refuse him at all.

Ken took Susie into his car and drove fast on the road. Looking out of the window at the fast flashing scenery, she felt much better.

Thinking of their holding hands just now, Susie couldn't help but blush. She had just experienced a break-up and she didn't know what was wrong with her. And the feeling of being with him was not at all sad.

Ken soon drove Susie to the seaside. Seeing that she was still in a daze, he opened the door and pulled her out of the car domineeringly. Then he walked towards the seaside.

They went to the beach. Occasionally the water rose above their ankles and it was cool.

"Why did you take me to the seaside?" The wind was strong by the sea, which made Susie's long, wavy hair a little messy. But at the moment, it added to her charm.

Ken was not only stunned to see her like this, but also completely ignored what she had just said.

Noticing that Ken had been staring at her all the time, Susie looked at her whole body in confusion, wondering whether she was dressed properly. However, she was not surprised to find that there was no messy part on her whole body. She looked at him in confusion.

"I'm talking to you. Why are you staring at me?" Looking at Ken's gaze for a long time, Susie felt somewhat uncomfortable and could not help speaking out loud.

Hearing that, Ken came to himself all of a sudden. In a somewhat flustered manner, he tried to conceal his emotions. "I didn't hear what you said just now," he said

Ken felt a little regret that he had been tempted by the beauty of Susie. His goal was to get Louisa. Since when had he been interested in other women.

She looked at Ken in confusion, wondering what he was thinking just now and why he didn't hear her words. For a moment, she was a little dissatisfied, but she didn't show it. Instead, she repeated it patiently.

"I asked you why did you take m

o brothers' conversation brought a warm smile to Ella and Louisa's face. Then Louisa looked at Ella and asked in a calm voice.

"By the way, what are you doing here today?" Although they always talked on the phone, but for their sudden visit, Louisa still felt that they had something to do here.

Seeing that Louisa got down to business, the face of Ella suddenly turned happy. There was a faint blush on her fair face. Then she took out an envelope from her bag and handed it to Louisa.

Confusedly, Louisa took the envelope and opened it. When she saw an invitation inside, she was shocked with her eyes wide open.

"Is this the invitation to your engagement?" She looked at Ella with uncertainty.

Although Louisa had expected that they were here for something, she never thought they would send the invitation to her.

Shyly, Ella lowered her head and gently nodded her head. Confirmed Louisa's question. Ella's happiness was totally shown on her face, making her look like a bride to be.

"It's such a sudden decision for you two. I'm not ready yet," Louisa exclaimed

They had just made up with each other for such a short time and suddenly decided to get engaged. Louisa was shocked in her heart.

Frank was amused by Louisa's words. He teased, "it's my engagement with Ella, not yours. What do you need to be prepared? You just need to prepare your cash gift for the wedding ceremony."

Smiling, he said. Then, Frank gently put his arms around Ella, with a tender look on his face.

Seeing them in such an intimate way in front of their faces, Louisa got goose bumps. She didn't feel uncomfortable when she kissed with Bruce in the past, but she couldn't help feeling embarrassed when she saw others do that in front of them.

Bruce looked at Louisa with a tender smile. She was becoming more and more adorable now.

"When is the wedding date?" Bruce, who had been silent all the time, lightly coughed to interrupt their intimacy and then asked lightly.

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