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   Chapter 294 Detained

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10236

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"I am blackmail you. So what? Do you think the police will believe your bullshit? Even if you are rich, don't you need any evidence?" Hearing what Bruce said, the look on Rick's face immediately turned cold.

Rick had thought that he could get the money and leave this place easily. But it turned out that Bruce was really a tough nut to crack. Although he had the pictures that made them worried, he still felt that he was the weak one in front of Bruce.

With a disdainful snort, Bruce took out the recorder under his desk and pressed the play button. The conversation between them was soon leaked from the recording pen. At this moment, Rick realized that he was tricked.

"Bruce! You bastard, you recorded in secret!" Pointing at Bruce angrily, Rick blurted out angrily.

He now knew that this matter was planned by Louisa and Bruce. The two of them worked together to set him up.

Putting the recorder pen into his pocket, Bruce looked at Rick with a cold face, and said coldly, "you are such a despicable man. Compared to you, it's nothing. You used Susie to get Louisa into trouble. I just wanted you to learn your lesson."

Hearing what Bruce said, Rick felt a little guilty. His eyes became guiltier and his heart was full of worry.

"What do you want?" He looked at Bruce vigilantly. He was very scared. If Bruce really handed this evidence to the police, he would definitely be put into prison.

Bruce looked at Rick in disdain. He always looked down upon such a spineless man.

"Now I have got the evidence of your blackmail, of course I have to turn it to the police. Do you think I will easily let you go?" Bruce said coldly as his eyes turned cold suddenly.

Rick's heart trembled, and he was completely panicked. If he was put into prison, his life would be over.

Just as Rick was about to say something to beg for mercy, Louisa and the police came in. Seeing the scene, Rick knew that he was completely doomed.

"Are you Rick? Someone reported you for blackmail. You should cooperate with us and go to the police station to accept an investigation." After saying that, the two policemen handcuffed on the wrist of Rick.

Looking at himself in handcuffs, the photo in Rick's hand fell uncontrollably to the ground. He still couldn't accept the reality now. A second ago, he was confident that he would ask them for money, but the next moment, he was framed by them. Now, he was caught by the police.

Just when the police was about to take Rick away, the office door was opened again. The person who came in was Susie. She walked straight towards Rick.

Looking at her, Rick felt a little guilty for the first time in his life. Although he had done such a thing to her this time, he could feel that she had always treated him sincerely.

"Rick, may I ask you the last question?" Seeing that Rick lowered his head and didn't look at her, Susie took a moment to break the silence and looked at him seriously.

Although she had been deeply hurt by this man and no longer loved him, their love for so many years could not be

oor opened. Susie thought that she could stop disguising herself, but only to find that there was another person in the elevator. Now Ken was looking at her calmly.

She didn't want to take the same elevator with him, but after a while of hesitation, she stepped into it. When the elevator door was closed again, she felt like the atmosphere was a bit depressing.

"I know about Rick. Are you all right?" Seeing that Susie had been looking straight ahead without any expression on her face, Ken broke the silence first by looking at her with concern.

In fact, Ken heard the news and waited for Susie in the elevator on purpose. He felt regretted that he didn't know about it earlier. Now that Bruce had solved the problem, Louisa must admire Bruce very much in her heart and he had missed another good opportunity.

When Susie heard the name of Rick once again, her heart ached, but she pretended to be indifferent. "Of course I'm fine. He's just a scum. I'm glad to see his true features early, and thank you for the information you gave me last time. If it were not for you, I'm afraid I would still be kept in the dark."

Although Ken's information had ruined all her happy lives, she had seen through Rick. Hence, she was still a little grateful to him, but her gratitude was mixed with a sense of bitterness.

Ken's eyes flashed and he recognized the anger in Susie's words. He knew that he was indeed going to destroy her happy life for his own desires, but compared to her that she found out Rick's true self after a long time, it was the best way to make Susie see the true color of Rick earlier.

"Susie, I know you are in a bad mood. How about I take you out for a walk?" Covering up the embarrassment on his face, Ken looked at Susie and suggested.

Now that Bruce had defeated him, the man in Louisa's heart was definitely Bruce. If he went to see her at this time, it would certainly have some negative effect. So now he got close to Susie, and the chance of getting along with Louisa would be more in the future.

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