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   Chapter 293 Go For Wool And Come Home Shorn

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Louisa pretended to be in a dilemma, while she did not let Rick know that she feel happy in her heart. She then said in a pretended angry tone, "Okay, just for one day. I hope you can leave here after you get the money tomorrow, and never appear in front of Susie."

These words were more convincing to dispel Rick's suspicion of her. He was such a despicable man who could do such a despicable thing. Naturally, she did not believe that he would do anything to hurt Susie after he got the money.

Seeing that Louisa agreed straightforwardly, Rick felt relieved. As long as he could get the fifty million by the time tomorrow, it was more favorable than asking Susie for ten million.

"Don't worry. I just want money. As long as I get money, I won't regard you as an enemy. Besides, I was in a relationship with Susie. I won't do things so absolute."

Readily agreed to Louisa's request. All Rick could think about now was money. He had already forgotten all the other things.

There was no change in the expression on her face. Louisa didn't believe a word of Rick, but she didn't show it on her face.

"I hope you remember what you have said." Louisa said coldly. She didn't want to talk to Rick any more and just walked towards her company.

On the other hand, Rick, who had made a deal with Louisa, was in a very good mood now. He thought that he could easily get 50 million tomorrow. Now, he began to admire his wisdom. Fortunately, he was not so angry as to post all these photos online, or he would not have a penny.

Louisa came to the CEO office as fast as she could. Because of the matter with Rick just now, she entered the office without knocking at the door.

Hearing the sound of door opening, Bruce frowned and looked at the door unhappily. He hated it most when someone suddenly pushed the door open while he was working, but when he saw who it was, the displeasure on his face immediately disappeared.

Seeing that Louisa looked worried and anxious, Bruce was confused and wondered what happened to make her so anxious.

"Louisa, why do you come in suddenly? What's the matter?" Bruce asked with a confused look on his face.

In the face of the concerned eyes of Bruce, Louisa told Bruce directly about the situation that Rick had just come, and then looked at Bruce anxiously.

"Bruce, what should we do now? Rick has photos that are not only harmful to Susie, but also affected our company." Bruce didn't respond, which made Louisa anxious and she said in a hurry again.

Bruce frowned. There was a hint of coldness flashing in his eyes. Rick even wanted to play a trick on him. Bruce thought that it was time for him to make troubles for Rick.

He held her soft hand with his warm hand as if to console Louisa silently.

"Don't worry. I will deal with it. When he comes to you for money tomorrow, you take him to me. At that time, I will let him know the consequence of plotting against me."

Bruce said

the photos is obviously you?"

Bruce asked casually and looked up at Rick, waiting for his answer.

Bruce answered affirmatively, which made Rick feel relieved, but Rick was still hesitant to tell him about the question or not.

"I asked someone to take these photos. At the beginning, I was going to marry Susie. I thought these photos would never be used anymore, but I didn't expect that they would come in handy today." Looking at the photos in his hands, Rick felt somewhat grateful for his wise decision.

If he didn't have these pictures in his hand, he would get nothing. Susie would throw them like rubbish.

Bruce nodded with satisfaction. He knew that what Rick said just now was true, and felt a little regretful in his heart for Susie. The man Susie once loved deeply began to plot against her. If Rick really couldn't get a penny, he would probably choose to destroy her.

"Rick, don't you know you are breaking the law?" Said Bruce calmly. His eyes suddenly became sharp.

Rick was shocked by Bruce's sharp eyes. Rick sighed at Bruce's imposing manner. But Rick knew he had the goods on Susie. Everyone should be afraid of him. He couldn't be soft on them.

Rick puffed out a laugh in his heart, as if he had heard a big joke. Then he said casually, "breaking the law? Do you have any evidence to prove that I did it? How dare you say that I broke the law?"

Feeling that Bruce had just said something laughable, Rick looked at him with some pride.

No one could prove that he asked someone to take the pictures. Even if Bruce knew that but he didn't have enough evidence, the police would not believe it. So Rick didn't take Bruce's words seriously.

"Really? Do you really think that there is no evidence to prove that all these things are planned by yourself alone? You are blackmail now. Fifty million is not a small amount. How long do you think you will be sentenced? " With a sneer appearing in his eyes, Bruce said coldly.

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