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   Chapter 292 The Threat Didn't Work

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10374

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All of a sudden, Rick's eyes turned angry. He stood up at once, looking at Susie a little angrily.

"Susie, you have to think about the consequences. If I post these photos online, your reputation will be ruined and you will won't be a star at ease."

Susie's reply came as a surprise to Rick. He didn't expect she to be so nonchalant on those pictures. ·If it was any other female star, more than ten million, even more, they would not hesitate to say yes.

He didn't expect that he wouldn't get the money this time. But he would not give up since it was still the only way that he could get the money.

Seeing the fluster in Rick's eyes, Susie couldn't help but sneer. Turned out that all he got. After all, she had seen all kinds of the big scenes. How could she be scared by him so easily.

"I have made up my mind. Anyway, I will not let you achieve your goal." Susie said with firmness in her voice again, looking at Rick, her eyes filled with coldness.

Hearing that, Rick, who was expecting a glimmer of hope, began to panic. He didn't know what to do next if Susie really refused his request.

All of a sudden, an idea crossed his mind. The flustered look on his face was replaced by a brilliant smile.

"Since you don't want to give me the money, I'll find another way. I remember the man called Louisa. Aren't you two best friends? His husband is the CEO of Mu's Group. I think this money is nothing to him." All of a sudden, Louisa's name came to his mind, so he naturally shifted his attention to Louisa.

Louisa had been trying to separate him from Susie some time ago. Apparently, Louisa cared about her friend very much. Moreover, her husband was a rich and handsome man. It would be much easier to ask Louisa for money.

Seeing that Rick shifted his attention from her to Louisa, Susie was filled with anger. She felt that she was going to explode. How could there be such a shameless man in the world? And this man was her ex-boyfriend.

"Rick, I warn you, don't have any improper ideas on Louisa, or I won't let you go!" Walking close to Rick, Susie coldly warned him.

Louisa was her best friend, and Louisa offended Rick for helping her. So she would never let Louisa get involved in this.

Seeing the nervous look on Susie's face, Rick was more sure about his idea. From her reaction, he could tell that she cared a lot about her friend. Then he must go to find Louisa. Maybe he would get more money.

"Since you don't want to give me the money, I have to find another way. Susie, I leave, take care of yourself." Rick dismissed the idea of asking Susie for money, he stood up and walked towards the door.

Now that he couldn't get any money from Susie, he had to find someone else to do what he wanted. Compared to Susie, he felt that it was easier for him to succeed in getting money from Louisa.

Louisa was very busy with her work. The company had signed several projects in recent days, so the workload of the company had increased a lot. But it was good for the company. Even though the work was tiring, she was very happy.

Louisa was so busy that s

in woman. Of course, if he gave her a gift or gave her money on his own initiative, she would not turn him down. After all, they were husband and wife, so it was not appropriate for them to distinguish everything.

Being threatened again and again, Rick was very uncomfortable. Now he got the goods on Susie. Susie's future fate was entirely under his control. They should beg him for help. Why did things seem to be reversed.

"Aren't you really afraid that I will post these pictures online? Bruce is your husband. Do you really want to see his company's reputation plummet?" Rick was so anxious that he couldn't help threatening.

In any case, he must get the money, or else he would be ready to risk everything and drag them into the mire. He would soon post these photos on the Internet, so that everyone in the country could see how mess her private life was, given that her clean image.

Seeing that Rick did say those words seriously, Louisa became anxious. She said those words just because she didn't want to encourage his arrogance.

"50 million isn't a small sum of money. You asked me to give you that much money right now. I don't have that much." Her face became serious. Louisa tried to use her tactic. She wanted to tell Bruce about this, and asked him to help her find a solution.

It was a good excuse, and Rick didn't show any doubt. He just looked impatient. Since he couldn't get the money, he would not feel at ease.

Frowning, Rick seemed to consider the truth of what Louisa said. He looked a little embarrassed, but after thinking for a while, he felt that what she said made sense. Therefore, he had no choice but to concede.

"Well, I give you a day. I'll come back to your company at this time tomorrow and then you must give me the money." Rick hesitated for a long time and then gave Louisa one day, because this day had already become his limit.

Seeing that Rick began to compromise, Louisa felt a little relieved. Although the time was short, she believed that Bruce would definitely be able to come up with a solution.

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