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   Chapter 291 Blackmail

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10098

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Hearing Bruce mention Ken, Louisa was sure that he must have misunderstood her. But this time he could ask her frankly, which meant that he trusted her in his heart.

Without even blinking her eyes, she looked into his eyes, and said very seriously, "I met Ken several times just because he helped me once."

As for the matter that Ken helped Susie, Louisa did not intend to hide. Moreover, if Bruce wanted to know earlier, it would be easy for him to find out the truth. Now he could ask her so directly, which meant that he believed in her in his heart, so she would not hide it from him.

Looking into the eyes of Louisa without dodging, Bruce believed what she had just said. However, he began to feel confused about what Ken had helped her.

"What did Ken do to help you? Why didn't you tell me that you were in trouble? " Bruce was very unhappy that Louisa asked help from another man instead of him who was her nominal husband.

But what Bruce didn't know was that his words successfully provoked the discontent of Louisa. She had asked him for help more than once. Every time he promised, he did not take any real action.

"Ken helped me find out something about Rick's past, so that Susie could fully see through this man. I did ask you for help before, but you never put it in mind, so I had to ask someone else for help." Speaking of this, Louisa clearly showed her dissatisfaction towards Bruce.

If he had been able to help her all the time, she wouldn't have come to Ken for help,.

The discontent in Louisa's eyes did not hide from Bruce, but she said that he just said that he did not help her. It was really an injustice.

"Who said that I didn't take actions? When have I failed to keep my promise?" The complaining look of Louisa made Bruce feel a little wronged. He had already found out what Ken had found, but Ken just faster than him to give it to Susie.

In fact, Louisa was sure in her heart that Bruce hadn't done anything, so she didn't take his words seriously. She only knew that it was Ken who had prevented Susie from making any regretful decision.

"All right, Bruce. Let's stop talking about this. I have explained to you what has happened between me and Ken. Now you can rest assured." Louisa didn't want to hear those useless explanations from Bruce, so she couldn't help interrupting him.

At first, Bruce wanted to explain to her, but he swallowed his words when he saw that Louisa was impatient. He seemed not to be a person who liked to explain, and it was also a shame for him to be taken advantage of by Ken, so it would be better not to say something.

"Well, if you don't want to talk about it, then I won't say anything more. It's almost time to get off work. Get ready and I'll take you out for dinner tonight. You have been living in Susie's house these days. You don't know how much I miss you." Bruce quickly changed the topic and talked about his grievances in the past few days.

Happiness showed on Louisa's face. Bruce seldom said such sweet words.

Rick was sure that Susie would grant his request without hesitation.

Rick could not tell how excited he was when he thought that he would leave this city and move to live in another place after his plan succeeded.

"Haha, it turns out that you asked someone to take these photos in secret in order to get money. I should have seen through you a long time ago, Rick. Why would I be cheated by you again and again? You are such a despicable man!" Hearing that, Susie couldn't help but sneer.

She should have thought that his purpose was for money, but she was reluctant to believe it. If she hadn't heard him threaten her to ask for money today, she would still want to keep their beautiful past. After all, he was the first man she fell in love with. But she felt ashamed at the very beginning.

What Susie said somewhat irritated Rick. Although he was really mean by doing so, he could not help but be angry when he heard · it from other people.

"Susie, I advise you to do something practical. If I post these pictures online, you can imagine what the consequences will be. Moreover, taking out ten million won't be difficult for you." Seeing that Susie hadn't agreed immediately, Rick couldn't help but threaten her again.

Rick couldn't stay here any longer, so he was in urgent need of money to leave here. He had already offended too many people here. If he continued to stay here, he might get troubl sooner or later.

Looking at the man in front of her who had completely changed into another person Susie did not know at all, she was angry, surprised and disappointed. She did not expect that the man he once loved was such a person.

"I won't give you the money. If you want it to be sent online, just do it. I will never compromise to you. Ten million dollars is not a problem for me. But I will never give you money. " Said Susie, who was a little angry.

Even though her reputation was ruined, Susie would never let him do what he wanted. She would make Rick suffer what he deserved.

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