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   Chapter 290 Extreme Worries

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10214

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Hearing that, Susie who had been silent could not help but get angry. She stood in front of Louisa to protect her.

"Rick, you'd better leave here as soon as possible. Otherwise, I'll call the police. I'm a popular star now. If I say that you're deliberately harassing me, what do you think the police will deal with you?" Susie threatened Rick ruthlessly.

Susie didn't love Rick any more after she knew the truth. She had thought they could on good terms, but she didn't expect him to be so entangled.

At first, Rick just coldly looked at Louisa. But when he heard what Susie said, a hint of panic flashed through his mind. There were many fans of Susie in the police station, and if she really called the police, they would surely make him pay.

"Susie, do you really have no feelings for me? Have you forgotten all the beautiful memories between us in the past?" Looking at Susie, Rick attempted to touch her with their beautiful memories.

However, Susie had become more rational than before. She was a proud woman. She would never be influenced by this man again.

"I'll give you one minute to get out of my sight, or you know the consequences." Susie took the phone out of her pocket and opened her mouth coldly again.

She didn't want to see this man for even one second. Now she began to doubt why she had fallen in love with him in the past. What was there to love in such· an entangled man.

Looking at her action, Rick knew that she meant it. At that moment, he was even more angry. It seemed that he could not persuade her to get together with him.

"You are going to regret what you have done to me!" With his fingers pointing at Susie, Rick's eyes were filled with no affection at the moment.

Afraid that Susie would call the police, he had to listen to the current situation and leave. Even so, he wouldn't let her go easily. Since he couldn't marry her and get her money, he would try another way.

Brows furrowed, Louisa looked at Rick who left angrily because of his last sentence, "who is he? It was obviously his fault, how could he threaten you in turn? Susie, now you should know this man's true face."

Because of the presence of Rick, Susie appeared to be very upset, and at the moment, she had no intention of continuing shopping.

After an indifferent glance at Louisa, Susie said irritably, "Louisa, Let's go back. I don't want to shop any more."

Without waiting for Louisa's answer, Susie turned around and walked back. Looking at her back as she walked away, Louisa let out a helpless sigh, and quickly caught up with Susie.

She had planned to take Susie out for a walk today, but unexpectedly, Susie was followed by Rick. It was a good intention but did the bad thing this time. But that was also let Susie knew the man's real thought.

After sending Susie home, Louisa wanted to stay with her, but she refused. She said she wanted to be alone, so Louisa went back to the company alone.

As soon as Louisa entered the main hall of the company, she saw Ken, who was talking to the receptionists a

as in a much better mood, but after what he had done to her, she started to feel sad again. She didn't want me to go with her either. She said she wanted to be alone." Leaning on Bruce's desk, Louisa said depressingly.

Bruce frowned, but then his frown became smooth again. Looking at Louisa, he couldn't help smiling and comforted her.

"I think what you have done to Susie is more important than your own business. You can rest assured. Susie is no longer a child, she can handle it well. Otherwise, we can take care of her." Holding Louisa's hands, Bruce said gently.

Louisa was so worried about Susie's matter that made Bruce feel sad that· he wanted Louisa to be happy.

The temperature from his hand made Louisa feel warm in her heart. She always felt at ease in his body. Compared to what Ken had just said a lot to her, not even one of Bruce's movement.

Louisa looked at Bruce happily. How she wished time could stay at this moment and she wouldn't have so much trouble.

After a moment of silence, Bruce looked at Louisa earnestly, with a doubt in his heart that he really wanted to solve.

"Louisa, may I ask you a question?" He said lightly. Said Bruce with a serious look on his face.

Facing Bruce who suddenly became so serious, there was a flash of confusion in Louisa's heart. She had never seen him like this before.

Looking at him with the same serious look, Louisa asked in confusion, "what's up?"

After he got a positive answer, Bruce didn't know what to say for a while, because he was afraid that Louisa would be angry. They had once promised to trust each other no matter what happened.

Bruce would never hesitate no matter what decision he would make. Today his sudden change confused Louisa.

"I want to know why you are so close to Ken these days. I have seen you two again and again." Just trying to make his voice sound calm, Bruce looked at Louisa carefully.

Bruce had been resisting Ken the most. He had told her to stay away from Ken, and she had promised him more than once.

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