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   Chapter 289 Being Entangled By Rick

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10194

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With the company of Louisa, Susie felt much happier these two days. Louisa had been living at her home for two days, because she was afraid that Susie would take things too hard because of Rick.

Louisa didn't want to make her stay in her room all day long. Louisa wanted to go out with her friend to relax.

On that day, Louisa prepared the breakfast. Looking at Susie was much happier, she said excitedly, "Susie, you've been staying at home for a few days. How about we take a walk outside today?"

Looking at her, Louisa was somewhat distressed. She had never seen Susie so haggard. She could imagine how deep the wound that Rick had caused to Susie.

There was a good breakfast on the table, but Susie had no appetite at all. She had no appetite for anything now.

"I don't want to go." Susie lowered her head eating rice, and she showed no interest in Louisa's suggestion at all.

Seeing that, Louisa was more worried. If Susie continued to live like this, Louisa was afraid that her body would really not be able to hold on.

Louisa came to the back of Susie and spoke to her in a coquettish manner by hold her neck, "Susie, please don't be so depressed, okay? I know you are sad, but it's not worth it at all for the sake of that scum Rick."

Anger flashed through Susie's eyes as she heard the name "Rick" and her hands clenched into tight fists.

"Of course it's not worth it. That bastard, Rick, how could I feel sad for him since he has hurt me like this!" Said Susie with anger, her eyes blazing with fire.

Now the only feeling she had in her heart for Rick was hatred, and there was no love at all. She was so sad just because she had been deceived.

Seeing the anger on Susie's face, Louisa was a little regretful for mentioning the name, but she really didn't want to see Susie like this any more. The decadent girl was not the person Louisa knew before.

"Now that you're not angry and sad because of that bad guy anymore, I'll go shopping with you after breakfast. Get yourself dressed up. You don't look like a super star at all." Looking at Susie's disheveled and dirty face, Louisa couldn't help disdaining her.

Susie was now a famous female star. If she was photographed by the paparazzi when she went out, there would be some news that was unfavorable to her.

Susie had no desire to go out at all. The reason she agreed to Louisa was that she didn't want to disappoint Louisa. Louisa had been living here for a few days and she was very clear about Louisa's worries. So she didn't want Louisa to worry about her.

After the breakfast, Louisa dressed Susie up to make her look good like before.

They went to the biggest shopping mall and Louisa kept choosing the suitable clothes for Susie. Susie used to like shopping a lot.

Susie looked behind intentionally or unintentionally, because she always felt that someone was following her. At first, she thought it was because of her professionality, as long as she went out, she would feel that there were paparazzi secretly taking pictures. But this

urned disdainful.

How could a man who could easily kneel down had integrity? How could she trust him again? His action made her more firm her decision.

"No matter what you said is true or not, I hope you will never appear in front of me." Susie wanted to go to the lady's room to check if Louisa had come out.

A hint of coldness flashed in his eyes, and Rick quickly stood up to block her way. Before he could say anything else, Louisa just came out of the bathroom. Louisa was annoyed to see him come close to Susie.

Louisa walked to Susie quickly, pointed at Rick with her finger and said loudly, "Why are you here? Why are you pestering Susie?"

Louisa asked coldly, with flames of fury burning in her eyes. The man who had hurt Susie was so shameless to appear in front of her now.

Looking at the person who just popped up in front of him, a trace of displeasure also appeared in Rick's eyes. He knew that this woman had never wanted him to be together with Susie. Now Louisa would only add fuel to the flames, because the situation was very disadvantageous to him.

"This is between me and Susie? As an outsider, how can you interfere in my affairs? " Rick glared at Louisa with a little anger.

Not taking Rick's anger to her heart. At this moment, all Louisa wanted was not to let him hurt Susie again, so Louisa was trying to protect her like protect her child.

"Don't think that I don't know what you are thinking? I advise you to leave Susie alone. She will never forgive you, and she will never be with you. " After taking two steps towards Rick, Louisa said coldly again.

For Louisa's sudden intervention, Rick was very unhappy and had the urge to scold her. But he thought that she was Susie's best friend. If he offended her in front of Susie, Susie would never forgive him either.

"I don't want you to get involved with this. It's none of your business. If you keep meddling, I won't be polite to you." Seeing that Louisa didn't take his words seriously, Rick couldn't help threatening her.

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