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   Chapter 287 Further Questioning

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Looking back at the document in her hand, Susie clenched her fists tightly, and anger began to show in her beautiful eyes. Although she kept telling herself that this was not true, she had already believed it, because Ken had no reason to deceive her.

Susie wiped her tears, put the documents into her bag and rushed home.

Ken had done what he had promised Louisa. So he went back to the company in a good mood.

When he arrived at the door of the office, he found that Louisa had been waiting for him there. Then he reacted and smiled faintly.

"Director Ken, how is the matter I asked you to do going?" Before Ken could say anything, Louisa quickly walked up to him and asked anxiously.

Since she came to the company this morning, Louisa had been worrying about Susie. She was afraid that Susie couldn't bear it after she knew it.

Seeing that Louisa was in such a hurry, Ken wore a wider smile on his face and a glimmer of tenderness flashed across his eyes.

"Rest assured. I have handed that document to Susie. I think she should know what to do next." There was still a gentle smile on Ken's face. He walked closer to Louisa and said gently.

After hearing Ken's answer, the look on Louisa's face became more and more worried. Susie loved Rick so much, she didn't know whether Susie could bear the result that Rick did leave her alone in the past.

When Ken saw that the eyebrows of the willow leaf of Louisa in front of him wrinkled tightly, the smile on his face disappeared gradually. He looked at Louisa in confusion.

"Louisa, What's wrong with you? Now that Susie has known the truth, why do you still look worried? " Looking at the worried look on Louisa's face, Ken could not help but frown slightly. He looked at her and asked in a confused tone.

Now that he had done what he had promised her, she should be happy now. How could she be so depressed? Did he do something wrong.

Hearing Ken's question, Louisa sighed slightly. "I'm really worried about Susie. She loves Rick so much, and now she suddenly know that he's such a mean man. I'm afraid that she'll do something stupid if she can't accept it."

Among all the other women, Susie had a strong personality. If she knew the man she loved so much had abandoned her for money, how sad and angry she would be.

Hearing the reason that Louisa said. As long as Louisa was not angry with him, he felt relieved.

Walking up to Louisa and patting her on the shoulder, Ken comforted her, "don't worry. As a smart woman, Susie won't do anything stupid for such a scum. As her best friend, you should trust her."

Although Ken didn't know much about Susie, he could see that she was a proud woman. She would never hurt herself for a man. That was why he gave the material to her without any worries.

Ken's words brought a lot of relief to Louisa's heart. She didn't look as worried as before. She raised her head with gratefulness. If it weren't for his help, Susie would have been deceived by this sc

he just knew the reason.

"Rick, I have a question to ask you. I hope you can answer it honestly," Susie said lightly, looking at Rick calmly.

Although Susie already knew what kind of person Rick was, she loved him so much that she really couldn't accept such a cruel reality for a moment.

Seeing that Susie suddenly became very serious, Rick couldn't help but frown with doubt.

"Go ahead if you want to ask me something. I will answer your question honestly." Susie had been planning for their engagement in the past few days. He had thought that on instinct, she was going to discuss it with him. He smiled.

Seeing that Rick was totally unaware of what she was asking, Susie suddenly didn't know how to bring it up. Even if the paper was true, he wouldn't admit it.

"I want to know why you left me that year?" She looked at Rick with a serious look, waiting for his answer.

But what she saw was not real, but fluster. Hearing her question, a trace of guilt flashed through Rick's eyes, then he looked at Susie with a fake smile.

"I've told you this long time ago. I was afraid that I would affect you if I was with you at that time, so I left without a word. Susie, are you still blaming me now?" Then Rick gave the best answer he could think of and made a sincere apology. Looking at the poor expression on Susie's face, he started to say.

He didn't know why Susie asked this question all of a sudden. A bad feeling flashed through his heart, and he always felt that something would happen.

Hearing his same reply, Susie sneered. He was still lying to her, because she knew he was guilty just now.

She took a cold look at Rick, and then asked in a cold tone, "really? Did you leave me because of this? Or you left because of yourself?"

Susie gave a sharp look at Rick, as if she wanted to see through him.

Rick's heart was suddenly struck, and a bad premonition spread in his heart. She did not know why Susie suddenly asked this, did she know something.

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