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   Chapter 285 A Date

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9696

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Coming home preoccupied, Louisa was a little unhappy to see that Bruce was working. He didn't take her friend seriously at all.

Then she slammed the door behind her. Louisa slumped into the sofa and angrily looked ahead. Frightened by the loud noise, Bruce looked at the angry woman and stood up in confuse.

Louisa had always been a good tempered person. Bruce had never seen that she would get angry for no reason. He guessed that something must have happened since she got so angry today.

When he came to Louisa, Bruce looked at her and asked with concern, "Louisa, what's wrong with you? Didn't you go shopping with Susie today? Why are you so angry?"

He sat down next to Louisa and gently put his arm around her shoulder. His eyes were full of gentleness, yet Bruce was also a little worried.

Hearing that, Louisa was even angrier. She looked at him coldly, "Bruce, you promised me to help me, didn't you? You just want to make me happy to say that?"

She could no longer hold back her anger, but asked angrily. A few days ago, he promised her that he would help her. It had been a long time since the matter happened, but he still didn't do anything, which made Louisa wonder if Bruce was lying to her?

Seeing that Louisa was brought up Susie's matter, his brows furrowed. Bruce had found out something about Rick, but he didn't know why she brought it up again today.

"Louisa, What on earth happened?" He frowned and asked anxiously.

Seeing that the look on Bruce's face finally changed a little, Louisa felt a lot better, but when she thought that he hadn't finished his task, her eyes were still full of anger.

"Rick proposed to Susie and she agreed. What do you think we should do now?" Irritably speaking of the proposal of Rick, Louisa could not tell how anxious she was.

To begin with, Rick didn't do anything that hurt Susie. Somehow, Louisa just didn't want him to stay with Susie. Louisa felt he was not a reliable man.

Hearing that, Bruce knew why she was angry. He frowned.

"Rick actually proposed to Susie. I didn't expect him to be so efficient." Said Bruce coldly, with a flicker of coldness in his eyes.

In the beginning, Bruce was going to use his own methods to make Rick disappear without being noticed by anyone, so that Rick could disappear completely in front of Susie. However, Bruce didn't expect that Rick would take such a fast action. It seemed that he had to play a tough trick this time.

The coldness in Bruce's eyes made Louisa confused. She didn't know what he meant, but she didn't care much now. She only hoped that Rick really loved Susie.

"Although I hate this man called Rick, if he really loves Susie, I will bless them." Louisa quietly said. Then she looked straight ahead, lost in thought.

Bruce frowned again and sighed. Although Louisa always wanted to protect her best friend, but this time Susie might get hurt

was filled with fury. What Ken had analyzed was correct and confirmed that it was the reason why Rick had come back.

"If Rick really returned to be together with Susie for money, then I can't let him succeed. I can't let him hurt her." Louisa said in a cold voice, and her eyes were full of determination.

Louisa had made it very clear that she couldn't let the same thing happen again. Rick had hurt her so much last time. Louisa couldn't let him do it again.

"Louisa, If you trust me, leave it to me. I will let Susie know that Rick doesn't really love her." Seeing that Louisa was so troubled by this matter, Ken felt even more distressed and could not help but want to solve the problem for Louisa.

Louisa looked at Ken in some surprise. She didn't expect him would help her with his usual disagreeable character.

Louisa was very grateful that Ken could help her investigate these things. Now he helped her again, so she didn't know how to thank him.

"Of course I trust you. I just feel sorry to have you help me all the time." Louisa said sheepishly, her eyes full of gratitude.

Seeing that, Ken smiled faintly to her. Patting her on the arm gently, he walked towards the gate of the park without saying a word.

Ken walked away slowly with a satisfied smile on his face. Louisa was very grateful when she looked at him just now. If he helped her solve this problem, she would definitely be more grateful, and then she would not deliberately keep him at a distance.

Watching Ken's figure disappear at the gate of the park, Louisa was about to leave too. It was not until then that she realized that she was still wearing his coat.

Louisa ran to the door and wanted to return the coat to Ken, but there was no one there. She had no choice but to return the coat to him in the company.

Thinking of what she had just heard, Louisa became worried again. She didn't know if Susie could accept the truth.

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