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   Chapter 282 Awkward Blessing

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10126

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Susie walked up to Louisa, held Louisa's arm, rested her head on Louisa's shoulder and said in a comfortable tone, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. Are you angry with me? I didn't mean it."

Saying these words, she looked at Louisa apologetically, and she also pretended to be pitiful, trying to get Louisa's sympathy.

Thinking of this, Louisa heaved a sigh. She knew that Susie had made a decision about that, so no matter what she said was useless. As Susie's best friend, the only thing Louisa could do now was to bless her. She hoped that Rick would not do the same thing as Susie said.

"All right, I won't be angry. I know that Rick is the most important thing in your heart. Since you have made up your mind that you won't change, then I can only wish you happy." Then Louisa raised the juice at hand and made a gesture of toast. She showed a big smile to Susie.

Although Louisa wore a smile on her face, she was still very worried in her heart. Nobody except herself knew what she was worried about.

Hearing that her best friend could support her decision, Susie felt extremely excited, because Louisa was her best friend and what she wished most was to get Louisa's blessing.

"I know you will wish me happy. You are so kind." Said Susie, giving a big hug to her.

Louisa sighed helplessly in her heart. After saying that, she still kept praying in her heart that her feeling was wrong and that Rick would not do anything to hurt Susie again.

Not knowing what to do, Louisa went home sullenly. A look of disappointment came over her face. She had been confident that everything would go smoothly and persuade Susie not to be with Rick, but things went the opposite way she thought.

After Louisa went back home, Bruce fixed his eyes on her. He was a little worried to see that she was disappointed.

He came to her and got her a glass of water. Looking at her carefully, he said, "Louisa, where have you been today? You look so preoccupied."

Bruce asked with concern.

Louisa sighed again. Louisa turned to look at Bruce and said in a helpless tone, "I went to see Susie just now. I wanted to persuade her not to be together with Rick, but I didn't expect..."

She didn't finish her sentence. With another sigh, Louisa looked disappointed.

Although she only said a half of the sentence, the smart Bruce had already guessed what she was going to say in the following. Despite this, there was still no worry on his face.

"Has Susie forgiven that Rick? You didn't succeed in persuading her, did you?" Said Bruce dryly, he utter what she had not finished.

He was not surprised at the result as he had expected. When he first met Rick that night, the expression on Susie's face indicated that she loved him very much and it was only a matter of time before she forgave him.

Bruce had knew the result already. Again, Louisa nodded disappointedly, indicating that what he had guessed was right.

But his expressionless face made her feel empty inside. Susie was her best friend. Susie

up her mind and looked at Rick seriously.

She nodded firmly again, her eyes filled with tears. After so many years, she had finally got what she wanted. God knew how long she had been waiting for this moment.

Hearing the affirmative answer from Susie, Rick could no longer hide his excitement. He rushed to her and held her in his arms.

"Finally, you are back with me. I have been waiting for this moment for many years." Holding Susie tightly in his arms, Rick said with excitement.

If he had known that Susie would be famous, he would not have left. It was just that her career had fallen into a low point at that time. If he continued to be with her, he would get nothing. But he did not expect that she would be able to be famous again after such a severe scandal.

Hearing what Rick had said to her, Susie felt very touched. It was not easy for them to be together again, so she would surely cherish their hard won happiness.

The next morning, Susie got up very early and got dressed up. As she had promised to shoot commercial photos for Mu's Group, she got dressed up very early.

Due to her harmonious relationship with Rick, she looked especially good. As soon as she entered the hall of Mu's Group, she ran into Ken. As Susie passed by in a hurry, she couldn't avoid it. She slumped to the ground, looking at Ken, who was looking at her vigilantly. Her face flushed immediately.

"Are you okay? Why are you so careless when you walk?" When Ken reached Susie, he reached out his hand to pull her up. Ken found her reaction funny and said.

Looking at the white and slender fingers of Ken, Susie could not help but feel that her thoughts were drifting away. She suddenly remembered that when she had promised Rick, Ken had flashed through her mind then she became a little annoyed.

Susie didn't know why she always thought of Ken recently. Recently, he was always flashing through her mind uncontrollably. Susie began to doubt whether she was ill or not. Why did she always think of him.

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