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   Chapter 281 A Quarrel Between Friends

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Though it was a tone of reproach, Susie knew in her heart that Louisa was worried about her. If Louisa had not regarded her as a good friend, why would Louisa care about her.

"Louisa, I'm sorry. I know I made you worried these two days. I had some trouble these two days and I didn't want to see anyone. So I locked myself at home and turned off my phone. I don't want to be found by anyone." Susie said in a low voice, as if she was a child who had made a mistake, waiting for her parents' opinion.

Her words made Louisa's anger fade away. Thinking of what had happened to Susie with Rick, Louisa started to worry about her again.

Louisa hesitated as she didn't know how to ask Susie about Rick. She didn't want to see Susie's sad face again, as her words might poke in Susie's heart.

"Susie, let's meet. I have something to tell you," It was not convenient to talk on the phone, so Louisa wanted to ask her out and talk with her about Rick.

Louisa asked with a hint of worry. Susie was touched by Louisa's words, but she had no idea what the answer was that Louisa was going to ask her..

"Okay, see you in the old place!" Then Susie hung up the phone.

Hanging up the mobile phone, Susie looked at Rick again, but the expression in Susie's eyes became a little complicated. This was no longer the anger she had before. Facing his painful eyes, she did not know what decision she should make.

Rick stared at her eyes unblinkingly. He could see that Susie was wavering in her heart.

After they looked at each other for a while, the affectionate expression in Rick's eyes made Susie very uncomfortable, and she hurriedly tried to avoid his eye contact.

"Rick, you can go back first. My friend and I are going out now. we can discuss our business later." Although Susie no longer hated him, she was still unable to forgive him immediately.

She was so distraught that she didn't know whether she should forgive him or not. Although he was forced to leave at that time, only she knew how sad she had been in the past few years.

Hearing what Susie said, Rick pretended to be a little disappointed. He looked at her sadly, but didn't say anything. He just said, "Okay, I'll go first."

He slowly stood up and walked towards the door. When he opened the door, he turned around to look at Susie with unconcealed pain in his eyes.

Susie turned her face away as soon as possible to avoid any eye contact with him. If only one more look at him would soften her heart. Although he left for some reason, she would not forgive him so easily as he had hurt her deeply.

But to his disappointment, she didn't stop him. Rick frowned and walked out quickly.

It was not until he left that Susie took a breath of relief. The stone pressing on her heart was finally removed. She took up her coat and went to meet with Louisa.

After hanging up the phone, Louisa came to the place they had appointed early. It was a snack bar, the favorite place for the two of them when they were free.

As soon as Susie arrived, she saw Louisa immediately. There were not many people here, so they didn't need to be afra

d looked at Louisa seriously.

"Rick isn't that sort of person. I believe he won't lie to me this time. Still, I know you are worried that I will act like last time, but I want to give him a chance. Only after so many years when he and I separate from each other does I realize how important he is in my heart." Susie said in a determined tone, completely ignoring Louisa's increasingly anxious look.

Seeing the firmness on Susie's face, Louisa became more worried. Louisa had meant to persuade her not to believe in Rick, but Louisa had not expected that it turned out like this. She had said something that would hurt Rick and annoyed Susie, so Susie decided to forgive him directly.

If Louisa had known things would go like this, she would never have said something bad to Rick in front of Susie.

"Susie, you'd better think about it again. I really think that there is something wrong with that Rick. It seems that he doesn't really want to return to you," Louisa tried to persuade her again, hoping that Susie would take her words seriously.

But Susie, who had already been fascinated by love, would never take Louisa's words to her heart. Susie really missed the happy time when they had been together, so she could not wait to let Rick come back to her side.

"Louisa, if you don't want to lose a friend like me, you don't need to say anything more. I have made my mind on this matter. You are my best friend. I hope you can bless me." Fearing that the words that Louisa was about to say would ruin their relationship, Susie could not help but interrupt her.

Knowing that Susie was serious about her words, even though there were thousands of words in Louisa's heart to persuade her, but still, Louisa did not dare to say one more word, because Louisa was afraid of hurting their relationship.

Seeing that Louisa was silent and didn't say anything more, Susie breathed a long sigh of relief. Thinking of what she had said just now, she felt it a little heavy. She couldn't help but look at Louisa in embarrassment. There was a trace of apology in her eyes.

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