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   Chapter 280 The Reason For Leaving

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9808

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Louisa looked at the blackened bread in Bruce's hand with confusion. Her face suddenly turned awkward. This morning, when she was preparing breakfast, she was thinking about Susie all the time, so she didn't notice that the bread had already been burnt.

She smiled awkwardly and put the bread carefully back into her plate. Then she said, "Bruce, I'm sorry. Can I make another one for you?"

Then she stood up and walked to the kitchen. Although she hated her absentmindedness, she was more worried about Susie.

Looking at Louisa who was absent-minded, Bruce sighed with profound resignation and quickly stopped her.

"No, thanks. I'm not hungry. I'm just worried about you. Did you have something on your mind?" Louisa had been worried these days. It was not the first time that Louisa had been in such a situation this morning. She had never been like this before, which made Bruce very worried.

Hearing Bruce's voice, Louisa stopped and turned to look at him worriedly. A moment later, she began to talk.

"I'm just a little worried about Susie. It's been three days. I called her but she didn't answer. I really don't know how she is now. I'm really worried about her." Said Louisa worriedly, looking at Bruce.

He had expected what Louisa would say. Looking at her anxious look, Bruce sighed again helplessly and said slowly.

"Louisa, I know you are worried about Susie. It is about her own relationship. Even though you are good friends, you are just an outsider in this kind of things. So you can't help much." Bruce was patient enough because he knew that Susie was her best friend.

But what he said made Louisa more worried. The man once hurt Susie so deeply. She was afraid that Susie would make the same mistake again.

Sitting opposite to Bruce, Louisa looked up at him in disappointment and said, "Bruce, I'm really worried about if Susie cheated by him again. Now he's so sentimental, but I don't think he's telling the truth. I can't see any love for her from his eyes."

Thinking of what happened that night, Louisa could not help telling Bruce her innermost thoughts. She felt that the man called Rick was not reliable.

Bruce frowned at the worry of Louisa. He had the same feeling in his heart. That man didn't really love Susie at first glance. Maybe he was planning something.

Although Bruce really wanted to help Susie for the sake of Louisa, he couldn't help Susie as an outsider. After all, it was about her love.

Looking at the silent Bruce, Louisa was even more anxious. She looked at him, as if seeking help, and said, "Bruce, you don't think that man really loves her, do you? So we must figure out a way to prevent him from hurting Susie again. "

Louisa looked at Bruce expectantly, hoping that he could help Susie. After all, he was the smartest and most rational person. If he wanted to help, there must be a way.

Bruce didn't want to get involved in it, but looking at

at on earth do you want to say to me? " After spitting out her confusion, Susie lost her patience to play charades with him again.

At the moment, Susie had a premonition that the reason why Rick left was not as simple as she thought. Susie could not help but look at him anxiously, eager to know what had happened.

Seeing that Susie had gradually walked into the trap that he had set for her, a hint of complacency flashed across Rick's eyes. It was not until then that he could explain as she wished.

"At that time, we were together. Because we were photographed by paparazzi, your image was influenced. At that time, I thought that you couldn't have any work if I was with you. I felt sorry for you, so I left without saying goodbye. At that time I thought you would get famous again as long as I left. " Recalling what had happened in that year, Rick's face looked even sadder.

"Are you serious? That's why you left at that time." Shock was written all over Susie's face when she heard this.

She looked at Rick in disbelief, and it took a long time for her to find her voice back. "Rick, are you telling me the truth? Did you leave me for that reason?"

Somehow she felt relieved and her hatred for him disappeared.

"Of course it's true. I loved you so much when we were still together. How could I leave you if I wasn't forced?" Rick uttered these painful words, looking a little sad, hoping that Susie could believe his words.

When Susie was about to forgive him, her phone rang. Recognizing the caller ID was Louisa, Susie frowned and answered the phone quickly.

"Susie, you finally answered my phone. I haven't contacted you for two days. Do you know how worried I am?" As soon as Susie answered the phone, Louisa couldn't help but blame her.

Louisa had been worrying about Susie's things in the past two days. She hadn't eaten well and slept well. Now Susie was finally contacted, so Louisa must vent her dissatisfaction.

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