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   Chapter 279 Be Entangled With The Jerk

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10000

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Susie finally found her voice and looked at the man. She said coldly, "Rick Ling, you can leave now. I don't want to see you again for the rest of my life."

Thinking of how the man had hurt her, Susie's heart hurt as if it had been cut by a knife. She felt that her heart was bleeding.

She once told herself to forget him, and then he was the bitterest lesson for ·her to learn that no man in this world could be trusted.

Looking at the indifferent look of Susie, the man began to panic. He was worried that if she didn't love him anymore. But when he left her at that time, she begged him again and again, and he knew clearly how important he was in her heart.

"Susie, are you still angry with me? I know it was all my fault that I left you at that time, but now I have regretted it. Do you know how I managed to come through all these years? Every night I looked at your photos and fell asleep." Looking at Susie with an injured look in his eyes, Rick Ling said in a somewhat painful tone.

Rick Ling came back specially this time to retrieve the relationship between the two of them. Some time ago, he found that it was a wrong decision to choose to leave.

Rick Ling left for money, and now he also came back for money. He never thought that one day Susie really succeeded, she would really become a star.

Hearing his pained confession, Susie felt sadder. Her heart was like being pinched by someone and she was so hurt that she couldn't breathe. But after all these years, how did she come through? She completely treated herself as a tool without any emotion. It was all because of him that she became like this.

"Rick Ling, I don't love you anymore. Please leave here as soon as possible." Pointing at the gate of the villa, Susie said coldly again, but she dared not look at Rick Ling, because she was afraid that she would not let him go if she looked at him again.

The man became completely anxious when he heard what Susie said. He came back this time to get back together with her. If she drove him away like this, he would get nothing.

"Susie, what's wrong with you? Why are you so cold to me? You must still be angry with me. Am I right? I apologize to you, okay? I only want your forgiveness. " Rick Ling walked a few steps towards her and asked anxiously.

He had given up everything to find Susie. He had gambled on everything he had, so he didn't want to lose, nor could he afford to lose, because once he lost, he would lose everything.

Facing his pestering again, Susie showed obvious impatience, and her eyes were cold without any emotion.

Rick Ling was unwilling to give up and wanted to defend himself again. However, Bruce had lost his patience. He pulled Rick Ling aside and said coldly.

"Didn't you hear what Susie said just now? Do you really want to be kicked out? " Said Bruce coldly as he walked close to Rick Ling threateningly.

Today was supposed to be a happy day, but no one expected that such a thing would happen. From the


Patting Louisa's shoulder to comfort her, Bruce said again, "if Susie really chose to forgive him, it is her own choice. People can only grow up after being injured. Maybe she is destined to be in danger."

After finishing his words, Bruce directly started the car and drove away before Louisa realized what was going on. They had arrived home.

As for Susie, after Louisa and Bruce left, she didn't want to speak to Rick Ling. She went straight into her house and quickly closed the door. Rick Ling didn't even have the chance to stop the door from closing. She didn't reply to him no matter how hard he knocked on the door. He had no choice but to leave.

Two days passed by, but Louisa still didn't receive any call from Susie. This made Louisa completely worried, and she didn't know what was going on with Susie.

One day, at breakfast time, Louisa sat at the table, absent-minded and forgot to eat anything. Looking at the burned bread on the table, Bruce hesitated how to say.

"Louisa, did I do something that offended you?" Looking carefully at the expression on Louisa's face, Bruce asked with some depression.

Louisa had been bothered by the matter about Susie. But after hearing what Bruce said, she felt a little confused and didn't know why he would say that all of a sudden.

But Louisa shook her head unconsciously. She looked at him and said, "No. why do you say that? Aren't we on good terms recently?"

Bruce asked all of a sudden. Hearing this, Louisa was confused. The relationship between them got better and better since Michelle left. How could he offend her?

Hearing that, Bruce was even more depressed. He looked at the already burned bread on the dining table and handed a piece of bread to her.

"Then what do you mean? You never made bread like this before. It's not good for our health, we can't eat that." It was unacceptable for Bruce that Louisa was able to make his breakfast in this way. Because in his eyes, she was a great chef.

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