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   Chapter 278 Bad Man

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10000

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On the weekend, Louisa, Bruce and their son came to visit Susie's house.

With the cooperation with Mu's Group, Susie gained a good reputation and became a hot star. A lot of companies came to cooperate with her, because this opportunity Susie was fully accomplished.

The sight of the various delicious dishes served by the chef named Susie shocked everyone present, who didn't expect her to cook. All of the people except Bran were shocked.

"Susie, I didn't know you can cook." The food on the table was appetizing and inviting.

It was the first time Louisa had seen Susie cooking since she knew Susie for a long time. When they had meals together in the past, she cooked by herself. Now that she knew Susie could cook, she felt a little bad.

Looking at the depressed look on Louisa's face, Susie couldn't help laughing. Susie was really good at hiding her cooking skills, how could she show them easily.

Bran calmed down a lot when he faced his mother's surprised. He cast a scornful glance at Louisa before he added, "I have eaten aunt Susie's dishes many times. It turns out that you still don't know she is a good cook."

Then Bran picked up a Cola Chicken Wing and put it on his plate.

Bran's words shocked Louisa even more. She turned to look at Susie with some dissatisfaction. Susie was so good at cooking that she kept it from her all the time, which made Louisa very unhappy.

"Susie, I'm so angry that you and Bran keep it from me all the time." Louisa looked at Susie with discontent while Louisa protested in a loud voice.

Susie looked frightened then She looked at Louisa worriedly, but the smile in her eyes couldn't be hidden.

"I didn't mean to hide it from you. He said that he loved my cooking most and I never cooked since he left. I was once pestered by Bran, so I didn't know what to do that I..." Thinking of the heartbroken bad man, Susie suddenly felt sad.

Susie used to like cooking his favorite food, but now it had become the thing she hated most.

If she hadn't made it now and become a well-known star, she wouldn't have cooked personally to celebrate it. The reason why she did so was to tell herself to forget that jerk and start a new life.

Hearing that Louisa knew that she had uncovered Susie's wound. Louisa couldn't help but feel guilty. Her eyes were full of sorrow.

"All right, let's stop talking about this unhappy thing. Now Susie has become a big star. Let's cheer for her success." Noticing the sadness in Louisa's eyes, Bruce felt a little sorry and couldn't help changing the topic.

There are so many things that can't be changed. What they can do is not to think of him again and try to forget him.

Hearing that, Louisa quickly changed her expression into a light smile and raised her glass to Susie.

"Susie, let's forget the unhappy things happened before. Now you are a famous star all over the country. The wonderful tomorrow is waiting for you tomorrow!" Not wanting to make Susie sad anymore, Louisa

l them her decision, but at this time, Bruce discovered a shadow spying on them.

The man wanted to run away instinctively, but Bruce had already stopped him and looked at him coldly.

Bruce thought some paparazzi would stroll around in Susie's house, but when he saw the man dressed up in a casual way, he started to wonder what the man was up to here at midnight.

Looking at the man who was pulled out, Susie was stunned, looking at him incredulously.

"It's you." Susie did not know how long it took before she began to speak with a trembling voice. Her whole body became very stiff. It was clear that how excited she was at the moment.

Seeing such a reaction of Susie, Louisa was somewhat curious who the man in front of her was that Susie could react like that.

The man looked into Susie's eyes affectionately. After a long time, the man opened his mouth, "Susie, we haven't seen each other for so many years. I miss you so much. "

The affectionate look in his eyes and the words he said warmed most people's heart.

From their conversation, Louisa could almost figure out who this man was. He must be the man who had hurt Susie before.

Looking at the man who was familiar yet strange to her, Susie's eyes were full of tears. She just looked at him quietly, not knowing what to say.

Seeing this, Bruce also guessed the identity of the man. For a moment, his eyes became colder.

"Who are you? Why are you sneaking around here at midnight? " Bruce's tone was full of questioning, and Bruce was emanating a strong aura.

In the face of such a bad man, Bruce deeply disdained him. If he was a good man, he would never hurt his woman. However, if such a good girl like Susie was hurt by him, it was enough to show that he was not a good person.

The man then turned to look at Bruce and gave a careful look. When such an excellent man came into the room, the man guessed that Bruce was Susie's boyfriend. The man's eyes were filled with hostility all of a sudden.

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