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   Chapter 274 Sabotage A Relationship

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10249

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Hearing Ken's question, Louisa displayed a happy smile again. In her heart, she already took Ken as a friend, so she didn't intend to hide anything from him.

There was a faint smile on her face when she raised her head to look at Ken. With a happy expression on her face, she said, "we are not together again. We have never been separated. "

Happiness filled her heart. But she didn't notice that Ken's eyes narrowed at once. Hatred flashed across his eyes and his hands in his pockets clenched again. How hard did he try to hide his true emotions.

After trying hard to look as calm as possible, Ken looked at Louisa with burning eyes and asked again, "have you forgiven him for what he had done to Michelle? Don't you take it to heart?"

When it came to Michelle, Ken hoped that she could remember those unhappy things and change her mind. The last thing she could accept was a betrayal of her love. Therefore, as long as she was still unhappy, she would not forgive Bruce.

However, he failed in his plan this time. After hearing his words, the smile on Louisa's face became more brilliant instead of getting angry. She looked at Ken with some self-mockery.

"In fact, there is nothing between them. I have been so suspicious all the time. At that time, I should have chosen to believe in Bruce." Louisa still felt sorry when she recalled that she had wronged Bruce.

Taking a lesson from this time, Louisa and Bruce had misunderstood each other because of her doubt. No matter what would happen in the future, she had to trust Bruce, believing that he would never betray their love.

The firm tone of Louisa made Ken's heart sink again, and he had a bad feeling. How could she choose to believe Bruce so easily? In order to make Louisa and Bruce broke up that he had put so much effort into it, but he was easily forgotten by them.

No, he was not reconciled. His eyes grew a little anxious to look at Louisa. He said anxiously, "Why are you so sure? Michelle is so beautiful, and the two are best friends from childhood, so it is natural that Bruce falls in love with her. How can you be so sure about their relationship? "

No matter how hard he tried, Louisa still didn't change her mind. But Ken still wanted to give it a try. He couldn't let his efforts be in vain.

Immersed in the happiness, Louisa didn't doubt Ken at all. She had no idea that all the things were designed by him.

Ken stayed with her when she was most upset. In her heart, she had treated him as a friend, so Louisa did not doubt him.

"It seems that I have ignored an important thing, but also you. Have you forgotten that your family has special blood, and that you are not interested in ordinary women? Bruce is the case. Bruce is not interested in Michelle, how could they be together?" Having said the most convincing evidence, Louisa found it funny.

If it were not Bruce who reminded her last night, she would still have given birth to him now.

Louisa's words dumbfounded Ken. Because this was the most powerful evidence. No matter how beautiful Michelle

le!" Saying the crazy words, Michelle took off her sunglasses and slammed it on the table.

If it was not Louisa, her relationship with Bruce would still be as good as before. She would never be like this. It was all Louisa's fault that caused this situation.

As for Michelle's insistence, Louisa could only shake her head helplessly. Michelle had been pursuing something that didn't belong to her at all. In the end, Michelle would be the one who would be hurt.

"Don't you forget that Bruce is not interested in your body at all? Because of this, you two will never be together." Louisa sighed helplessly and said in a much softer tone. She hoped that after hearing her words, Michelle would give up and stop doing those vicious things.

Michelle's face turned stiff when she heard that. She even forgot that Bruce was not interested in her body. But if she had the same blood as that of Louisa, would he fall in love with her.

Thinking of this, Michelle's smile was creepy. Louisa wondered what evil plan Michelle was coming up with.

Seeing the sudden smile on Michelle's face, Louisa had a kind of uneasy feeling, and she didn't know why she felt a little cold on her back.

"Louisa! Don't be so cocky. I bet I'm the only woman who can match up to him!" Standing up, Michelle got closer to Louisa, and she said word by word, with coldness in her eyes.

Louisa looked at Michelle in silence. She didn't know what a vicious idea Michelle came up with. Louisa had been accustomed to Michelle that she was breaking up her relationship with Bruce. So no matter what Michelle did, Louisa would not fall into the trap.

After looking at each other for a while without showing any weakness, Michelle stood up straight and put on her sunglasses again. Then she left with her slender legs. She needed to find a way out.

If she wanted Bruce to fall in love with her, she must have the special blood that could interest him. As long as he was interested in her body, Michelle didn't believe that Bruce could still control himself.

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