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   Chapter 270 Leave Without Saying Goodbye

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9838

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Not knowing why, Louisa felt something convincing when she looked at Bruce's eyes.

A few days passed. During this time, Ella didn't call Louisa again, which made her not only confused, but also worried.

Now that Ella was in such a situation, Ella must often call her to tell Louisa about her sadness. But Louisa hadn't received any call from Ella for so many days. Louisa was worried about if something was wrong with Ella.

Louisa took out her phone and dialed Ella's number, but a female voice reached her ear. The number he dialed was power off, please redial later.

The more Louisa thought about it, the more worried she became. She couldn't focus on her work any more. She quickly straightened her desk and took a taxi to the home of Ella without asking for leave.

But when Louisa arrived at Ella's home, the door was closed. It seemed that no one was at home. Louisa rang the doorbell for a long time, but no one answered. She slapped the door, but there was still no sound.

Meanwhile, Louisa thought of Frank in her panic. She doubted if Ella was with Frank. After all, Ella was trying to restore their relationship.

Louisa dialed Frank's number and heard his deep voice. She could tell that he was in a bad mood.

"Frank, is Ella with you now?" Louisa pounded on the door again and then she asked anxiously.

Listening to the anxious voice of Louisa, Frank frowned in confusion, wondering what made her so anxious.

"No, she's not here. We haven't contacted each other for several days." Hearing the name of Ella, a trace of sadness flashed through Frank's heart. He sorted out his emotions and said coldly at the other end of the phone.

Some time ago, Ella had called him and asked him to reconcile with her, but recently, she didn't call him again. He thought she had given up, because of that he was still sad.

After hearing Frank's negative answer, Louisa's heart sank. Louisa had a bad feeling, and she doubted that there was something wrong with Ella.

"Frank, I called Ella and found that she was missing. Her door was closed when I came to her house. I thought she was with you, but now it seems that she is missing." After figuring out what was going on, Louisa asked anxiously to Frank on the other end of the line.

Originally, she thought that Frank would be very worried about Ella after hearing her words, but his reaction was unexpectedly. The other end of the phone fell into silence.

Thinking that there might be something wrong with the call, Louisa anxiously asked again, "Frank, can you hear me?"

Hearing that, Frank frowned somewhat angrily. He said coldly.

"Do you think I will believe in the same trick again? No matter what Ella does this time, I won't forgive her!" He said coldly and hung up the phone before Louisa got a chance to explain.

Last time, Ella lied to him by leaving, and this time he wouldn't believe her any more. He had been a little softened by Ella's

used to it. Frank began to miss those days when he with her.

Bruce raised his head and looked at Frank with sort of smile flashing in his eyes. Then Bruce said, "in fact, I don't know where Ella is going, but she must have gone to America. If you don't trust her, you can go to find her."

After saying this calmly, Bruce once again lowered his head and began to work. Frank also turned around and rushed out quickly. It could be seen from Frank's fast speed that how worried he was.

Just after the door was closed, Louisa came in. She had heard all the conversation between the two brothers just now. She was very confused that Bruce would know where Ella was.

"Did Ella really go to America? How did you know that? " Seeing that Bruce didn't even raise his head, Louisa looked at him hesitantly and asked lightly. Her eyes were full of doubts.

Hearing that, Bruce just looked up at her and gave her a faint smile. He didn't answer her question. There were many things he didn't need to explain, because she would soon know.

"Didn't you always want to help them get back together? I believe the day will come soon." His eyes were full of gentleness when Bruce looked at Louisa.

The reason why Bruce would get involved in this matter was that Louisa. Now that Louisa had been focusing all her attention on Ella and Frank, she hadn't thought of the emotional problems between her and Bruce. Bruce wanted Louisa to calm down and consider the relationship between the two of them.

In the face of Bruce's words, Louisa was more confused. She did not understand why he said that all of a sudden, but she trusted his words somehow.

Knowing that Bruce wouldn't say much, Louisa didn't plan to ask and walked out of the office directly. He didn't raise his head until the door was closed with a faint smile in his eyes. He could clearly feel that Louisa no longer deliberately distanced him. After this matter, he must try to win her heart back.

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