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   Chapter 269 Fight For Friend

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10304

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Louisa called Frank to meet at a cafe not far away from his home. And she got there early to wait for him

After receiving the call from Louisa, Frank knew why she came to him. He didn't want to see her at first, but after thinking for a while, he finally chose to come.

He was angry and sad when he knew that Ella lied to him. He couldn't accept that others had lied to him, but his girlfriend who knew clearly about him still made such a mistake, which he couldn't accept.

Sitting opposite to Louisa, Frank looked at her in silence and asked, "why did you ask me out? Is it because of Ella?"

Without saying too much polite words, Frank went straight to the point. Now he was not in the mood to talk about anything else with Louisa.

Even though Frank still dressed in an elegant and dignified way, Louisa still saw his bloodshot eyes. She guessed that he also stayed up all night last night. It must be something about Ella.

"I heard from Ella that you planned to break up with her. Have you really made up your mind?" While saying that, she took a serious look at Frank. Frowning and a little worried, Louisa asked him.

Seeing that Louisa came here for the sake of Ella, Frank frowned unpleasantly and said coldly.

"If you are here to speak for Ella, I advise you not to say anything more. I have decided to break up with her and there is no way that I can change my mind." Frank waved his hand impatiently. He didn't want to hear anything about Ella.

When Ella chose to leave him at the beginning, Frank finally opened his heart to her and expressed his feelings. But he didn't expect that all these were lies. At the beginning, she left him because she wanted to prove that he loved her in his heart.

Looking at Frank's firm attitude, a touch of worry flashed through Louisa's eyes. She knew Frank's personality was similar to Bruce's, and once a decision was made, there was no room for regret.

Louisa sighed helplessly and opened her mouth again, "I know why you are angry. But it has nothing to do with Ella. It's all my idea. I just wanted you to be brave enough to face your feelings. I never expected that it would end like this. If you want to blame me, just blame me. Don't your love as the price."

Now Louisa began to feel a little regretful for giving such an idea to Ella. At that time, she just wanted to make a match between Frank and Ella, never thinking about what Frank would do after he knew the truth.

Hearing that, Frank raised his head and looked at her coldly. "I didn't expect that you two worked together to cheat me. Are you treating me like a monkey?"

He thought that it was only Ella's own idea, but he didn't expect that Louisa was also involved, which made Frank more angry.

There seemed to be fire burning in his eyes. He was on the verge of killing.

Seeing that Frank looked more and more angry, Louisa became more and more anxious in her heart. She immediately explained, "no, it's not what you think. At that time, I could see that you like Ella in your heart, but I don't know why you always refused to admi

to break up with Ella. He knew that Ella was deliberately planned to leave."

Once again, she sighed helplessly. In her heart, she wanted to help Ella, but there was nothing she could do this time. After all, people like Frank couldn't be controlled by her.

When she remembered that it was she who gave Ella the bad idea, Louisa felt a little guilty about herself. If it was not her idea, Ella and Frank would not break up.

Hearing that, Bruce didn't show any response, still wearing an indifferent expression.

"I have told you that method is not feasible. If Frank knew it, he would definitely not accept it. Now, you see, your plan has been proved." He had reminded Louisa of that earlier, but she didn't listen to him.

Louisa was already in a bad mood, and what Bruce said undoubtedly made the situation worse. At this moment, she was very worried, not knowing what to do.

She hadn't settled her own love affair yet, and now she had to face such a problem with Ella. She began to doubt whether it would be a difficulty in their relationship with Mu family.

"What do you think I should do now? Do you know how hard it is for them to get together? Do you really want to see them break up?" Not able to think of other solutions, Louisa looked at Bruce sadly.

Every time she encountered problems, he would help her to solve them. Although their relationship had changed, Louisa still habitually looked at him for help.

Looking at the sorrow in Louisa's eyes, Bruce felt a little sorry for her. The relationship between the two of them was so bad that she even did not care about it. And she had the mood to mind other's business. He had to admire Louisa.

"Don't worry. They will be together. You don't have to meddle in this matter." Looking at Louisa, Bruce confirmed.

As Frank's brother, sometimes he knew Frank better than anyone else. So it was not difficult for Frank and Ella to be together again.

In fact, Bruce had decided not to be a busybody. But when he saw the expectation in Louisa's eyes, his heart softened.

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