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   Chapter 268 The Friend Was In Trouble

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9996

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After saying that, Bruce left the room before Louisa could react.

Looking at the closed door, Louisa lowered her eyes sadly. In the past, could they really go back?

Louisa also wanted to go back to the past, but it was impossible for her to fall in love with a man who changed his mind.

As it was Sunday and Bran was at home, she tried to make herself look natural so that Bran wouldn't see anything.

Bruce looked at Louisa quietly with a frown, wondering what was on her mind.

"Bran, Bruce came here to have breakfast!" When she came to the dining table with an exquisite breakfast, Louisa shouted to the two who were watching TV.

Bruce looked at her doubtfully, and then walked towards her. He looked at her carefully, thinking that they had gone back to the past. But he didn't know whether she was pretending or because of love.

"Wow, the breakfast mom prepared is so sumptuous. Dad, you are so lucky when I was not at home. I miss the meals cooked by mom so much." They sat at the table. Looking at the sumptuous breakfast on the table, Bran couldn't help but ask Bruce.

Looking at Bran and smiling at him, Bruce was the first to take the initiative to start eating. In fact, he hadn't eaten the breakfast that Louisa prepared for him for a long time. There was a cold war between them some time ago. All his satisfying problems were solved in the restaurant.

They were enjoying their dinner happily. Looking at them, Louisa thought it would be great if they could keep enjoying themselves like this, and a faint sense of happiness welled up in her heart.

After a long time, her cell phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, she couldn't help but frown in confusion. Since being together with Frank, Ella had been immersed in happiness and seldom thought of her. Why did Ella call her today?

She took a look at Bruce and answered the phone. "Hello, Ella. Why do you call me today? Is there anything wrong?"

She asked directly as soon as she answered the phone. Ella was immersed in happiness now. If she had nothing to do, Ella would stay by Frank's side and never call her.

Hardly had her voice faded away, there was a cry from the other end of the phone. At this time, Ella did not speak but just kept crying.

Hearing the sound on the other end of the phone, Louisa was a little nervous. She didn't know what had happened. "What's wrong, Ella? Why are you crying? "

Louisa's voice was full of concern. When she received Ella's call, Louisa felt heartbroken. But now Louisa's heart was full of worry. Louisa knew that Ella had always been a strong woman, and Louisa had never seen her cry so sad before.

Hearing the words of concern from Louisa, Ella tried to control her sobbing voice and said in a sad voice on the phone.

"Louisa, what if Frank abandons me? He wants to break up with me!" After saying these words, the sadness in Ella's heart was uncontrollable, and she cried again.

Hearing this, Louisa was confused. She asked again, "wha

she was more anxious to deal with this matter.

Faced with the blames from Louisa, Ella accepted them one by one. Now Ella just wanted to retrieve her relationship with Frank, because she had been with him during this period of time. Her love for him was so deep that she would definitely not accept it if he really broke up with her.

"Louisa, what do you think I should do now? Does Frank really want to break up with me? I really can't live without him now. Please help me find a way out!" Then she looked at Louisa as if she was seeking for help.

Seeing how painful Ella was, Louisa felt very sorry for her. Louisa was angry, but she didn't want her friends to break up with each other for such a trifle.

Louisa sighed helplessly and turned to look at Ella again. She said with some lack of confidence, "I don't know what to do now. Let me talk to Frank first and see if there is any room for manoeuvre."

Now, this was all she could do. Louisa hoped that Frank could forgive Ella one deception just because he loved Ella so much.

Nodding her head repeatedly. Now Ella had pinned all her hope on Louisa. Frank didn't answer her phone, not to mention give her any chance to explain. All she hoped now was that Louisa could get through to him.

"But you have to be prepared for it. Do not hold too much hope. You know Frank's character. He can't accept it when others deceive him most, and you are his girlfriend." She didn't want to give too much hope to Ella because Louisa didn't want to disappoint Ella one day. Otherwise, it would be more unacceptable for Ella.

Hearing that, the hope of Ella was extinguished for a while. No one knew Frank better than her. If Louisa still had a talk with him, it would be impossible for her and Frank to get back together. But now that there was only Louisa who could help her, Ella didn't want to give up.

Looked at Ella at the moment with no image, Louisa just shook her head and didn't know what to say. Love made people silly.

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