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   Chapter 267 A Deal

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9715

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"Is this what you want to talk to me? Don't you shown any affection for our past? " Bruce said with a cold face. He was emanating a powerful aura.

It was the first time he had compromised to a woman, and she was the only one. But she didn't appreciate it at all.

Sometimes he would laugh at himself. Where did the arrogant Bruce go? Now he was controlled by a woman. She had become his only weakness.

Speaking of their past, Louisa smiled bitterly. She felt that maybe there was nobody more reluctant than her, but what Bruce did touched her bottom line. In any case, she could not accept it.

"That's what I want to say. Although we are not divorced now, our love is gone. So I think it's not appropriate for us to sleep on the same bed, so from now on, I will sleep on the floor." She knew that Bruce would never accept to sleep on the ground, so Louisa gave the bed to him.

His face became gloomier than before. His eyes were full of anger now. Only he felt the pain in his heart, which could only be felt by himself.

He took a deep breath and calmed down. Then he looked at Louisa with a complicated look on his face.

"Are we really going to be like this all the time? Why can't you act like you used to be?" Louisa's change made Bruce feel bad."

In the past, she was so gentle and considerate to him. But now, all he could feel was indifference. He didn't know what would happen if they continued to be like this.

Bruce's attitude suddenly softened, which made Louisa a little uncomfortable. For a moment, her heart softened, but soon she quickly made up her mind.

"I just informed you of my decision, not asking for your permission. If you don't agree, I have to move out." The look in her eyes became cold again. Louisa said in a cold tone.

It was the first time that she talked to Bruce in such a domineering manner. In the past, she had to be careful no matter what she did, but now she just wanted to be herself, no longer aggrieved.

Bruce could clearly feel her determination. He knew that she was a man of her word. Right now, he had no right to refuse her. Whether he wanted to or not, he could only agree to her request.

"Well, I promise you that I will sleep on the ground from now on. You are not in good health. You'd better sleep on the bed in case you catch a cold." Bruce took out a quilt from the wardrobe and lay on the sofa in the bedroom.

As a man of over 1.88 meters, Bruce had to curl up on the sofa. One could imagine how hard it would be for him to sleep on the sofa for a long time.

What Bruce did astonished Louisa. She was touched deeply in her heart. His concern melted the iceberg in her heart. She was still unable to resist him.

Trying hard to suppress the urge to compromise, Louisa took a complicated look at Bruce and then lay down on the bed. Her eyes were full of sadness when she looked at him just now.

In the morning, Bru

e can't be so selfish, even for the sake of Bran." Bruce couldn't wait anymore when he saw that Louisa didn't speak for a long time. He looked at her and asked anxiously.

Although Bruce also wanted Louisa to fall in love with him again, he said that on the sake of as a father. As he saw that Bran became more and more sensitive, he couldn't tell how worried he was.

Louisa fell into silence again. Looking at the wedding ring on her fourth finger, she felt in a dilemma. After a long time, she looked up at Bruce and said firmly.

"From today on, you have to pretend that we love each other in front of Bran. But can you promise that we won't interfere with each other in private?" She made this decision for the sake of Bran. As a mother, she didn't do her duty well. The only thing she could do now was to protect Bran from being hurt.

Bruce's heart ached when he heard that. He didn't know why they tried so hard to pretend to love each other. If they are together only because of Bran. He would rather leave her alone than force her to stay.

"Don't you think it's funny? We pretend to be in love every day. Bran is smart and he can easily tell that we love each other or not. Only if we make a little mistake, Bran is smart enough to see through us." Bruce sighed helplessly and looked at her with a scowling face.

She knew that what Bruce said made sense, but now was the only way she could think of, and she did not know what better way to prevent Bran from being hurt.

"What do you think we should do now?" Louisa looked at Bruce in confusion and asked anxiously.

As long as Bran wouldn't get hurt, she would do anything to protect him.

Looking at Louisa with a complex look, Bruce was so upset that he kept silent for a long time and then turned to put on his clothes.

When Louisa thought that Bruce would not answer her qusetion, Bruce opened his mouth, "the best way is that we go back to the past."

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