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   Chapter 265 Hesitate

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10256

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Bran was more mature than other kids. What he was thinking was always amusing and annoying for adults.

As soon as his words came out, both Louisa and Susie could not help laughing out loud, looking at him helplessly.

He was only a six-year-old boy now, but he was already thinking about such a long-term thing. They really felt helpless. Sometimes they really wanted to know what was on Bran's mind.

"Okay, I promise you that I will never kiss you again, okay?" Again, Susie fondly stroked Bran's head and promised with a smile.

Bran pushed Susie's hand away and curled his lips. He didn't know what they were thinking. They either kissed him or touched his head. Fortunately, Susie agreed to his request, which satisfied him a lot.

"That's better!" After making a fuss, Bran said in satisfaction. At this moment, his action and expression did not look like a child at all.

The two adults on the bed smiled again helplessly. Susie looked down at Bran and said softly, "Bran, can you watch TV alone for a while? I have something to tell your mother."

Thinking of what she was going to say to Louisa in the next, Susie tried to distract Bran.

Bran nodded gently. He was a sensible boy. He knew what they were going to say, so he watched TV obediently.

Looking at the earnest expression on Susie's face, Louisa became serious. Louisa seemed to have guessed what Susie was going to say, but Louisa was still a little hesitant.

After Bran left, Susie sat by the side of Louisa and asked seriously: "does Bran know that you are going to divorce Bruce?"

Susie took a look at Bran, who was watching TV attentively, and said with concern. Although Louisa was Bran's mother, Bran had only told Susie a lot of things. Bran had always avoided talking about his father in front of Louisa before because he was afraid that she would feel sad, but he had been eager to know how much a father would love him, only Susie knew.

After hearing the inquiry of Susie, Louisa nodded in an almost invisible way, with a surge of remorse in her heart again. If it hadn't happened, Louisa might never know what was in Bran's mind, and never know how important his father was to him.

Louisa's answer didn't bring Susie much surprise. Looking at Louisa's reply, she sighed helplessly, "it seems that paper can't wrap fire. Now you should know how important Bruce is to Bran. Even for the sake of your child, do you still have the heart to divorce him? Do you have the heart to let Bran go back to the days of inferiority?"

Looking at the hesitation on Louisa's face, Susie couldn't help but to persuade her again. Although Bran was not her biological son, she loved him as much as Louisa did. Therefore, Susie didn't want Bran's little heart to be hurt again.

Susie's persuasion made Louisa silent. In fact, Louisa could not bear it. However, since there had been a problem in her relationship with Bruce, it would be hurt for everyone if she and Bruce could not be together, including for Bran. Louisa was afraid that if they continued to live together for a l

his phone, Bruce knew that Michelle was blaming him. With a poker face, he said flatly, "I have a lot of work to do, so I didn't answer the phone in time. I have to work now, Michelle. You can go first if there is nothing important. I will call you back after I finish my work."

Bruce knew Michelle was an uninvited guest, so he just wanted to get her out of here as soon as possible.

Michelle frowned in dissatisfaction. She didn't want to leave like this. She had spent a lot of effort to see him. How could she leave so easily? She wanted to spend more time with him.

I came all the way here to see you. I'm so glad that you're willing to see me. But at least you should treat me to a meal. " Looking at Bruce who was still busy with his work, Michelle's eyes were full of expectations.

There was a touch of impatience in Bruce's eyes. But because she lowered her head, Michelle didn't notice that Bruce was impatient with her. She still looked at him with a smile.

"How about having dinner another day? I have a lot of documents to deal with today. Don't interrupt my work, Michelle." His tone showed that he was impatient. He had lost his patience with Michelle.

She looked at Bruce with disappointment, and then went to his desk, playing with the arrangement on the table, and considered how to ask him the thing she was most concerned about.

Seeing that Michelle finally calmed down and Bruce went back to work again, he did not know how long it was before he heard Michelle's voice again.

"Bruce, I heard that you are going to divorce with Louisa. Is that true?" Looking at Bruce seriously, Michelle asked expectantly.

The purpose of her today's visit was to confirm the accurate content of the news. She had waited for their divorce for a long time.

Bruce raised his head suddenly and stared at Michelle coldly. His eyes were full of anger.

"How did you get the news? It's impossible for me to divorce Louisa. Don't ask me such gossips any more." As for the divorce thing, Bruce had become very sensitive.

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