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   Chapter 255 Regretful Decision

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10233

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When she remembered what Ken had said outside the conference room the other day, Louisa felt a little embarrassed. She was afraid that he would say something that would make people misunderstand.

"No, thanks. You go back first and I'll take a taxi." Even though she knew it was hard for her to get a taxi, Louisa still didn't want to have too much contact with Ken.

He had thought that Louisa would say yes to him without any hesitation, but he couldn't help feeling a little disappointed when she refused him. But he had always been good at hiding his emotions, so he didn't show any difference on his face.

It made him feel bad that Louisa had hidden from him for so long. He wanted to ask why, but he knew clearly that he had no stand because she was not his woman yet.

"Do you want to stay here for a night? It's hard to get a cab here. Or do you want to continue hiding from me?" Turning his head calmly to look at Louisa again, Ken said meaningfully.

He made up his mind to win her heart as soon as possible. He wanted Louisa love him, not Bruce.

Ken's words sounded reasonable, and if she insisted that she might stand here for the whole night. Thinking it over and over again, she got on his car.

Bruce, who was so angry that he left Louisa where she was, thought of the danger of a girl late at night, so he came back half way.

But when he saw that Louisa got on Ken's car, Bruce, who had been a little remorseful, immediately became very angry. He glared at the car not far away.

Bruce was worried about her, but he didn't expect that she would get on Ken's car. Bruce came all the way back to pick her up. He was just flattering himself.

Bruce turned his car around angrily, and then drove to a bar he used to go. He drank the strongest alcohol one after another. He wanted to get drunk, because only if he was drunk would he not feel pain because of the thing between Louisa and Ken.

After a long time, his cell phone rang. It was Michelle. He wouldn't answer his phone before, but now he was completely out of his mind because of anger. He answered the phone without even thinking.

"Bruce, you finally answered my phone." Bruce answered the phone, Michelle looked very excited. Because she didn't expect that he would answer her phone any more.

She had called him almost every day before, but he never answered. She knew that he was deliberately avoiding her, and Michelle was very excited when he answered her phone today in sports.

"What's the matter?" To be honest, Bruce still held a grudge against Michelle. When he thought of that Louisa was with Ken now, he wanted Louisa to know that feeling so that he picked up the phone.

After drinking another glass of wine, Bruce looked at the men and women swaying in the dancing floor, looking more irritable.

"Why is it so noisy there? Where are you now?" Hearing the noise from Bruce, Michelle asked in confusion.

Michelle could tell from the way he talked that he was drunk now. She was worried about him. Something must have happened since he drank alone

lized that he really cared about her.

Although Ken could clearly feel that Louisa no longer resisted him, he was still a little uncomfortable when he heard her so polite words. He didn't need her thanks for his kindness to her. He just followed his heart.

"You don't have to be so polite to me. I told you that I want to make friends with you, so if you need help, I won't stand by."

Although what Ken really wanted was to have Louisa fall in love with him, he did not say his thoughts out.

Because he and Louisa relationship had just been eased a little, and Ken did not want her to know his thoughts and continue to avoid him.

The sincere look on Ken's face touched her heart. Louisa felt that she had never seen him like this before, and that she might have treated him too badly. Now she could feel how much he cared about her as a friend.

Before Louisa could say anything more, Ken's phone rang. She swallowed the words she was going to say and looked at Ken with expectation.

Ken picked up the phone. His face darkened as he listened to a report from the other end of the line.

Hanging up the phone. Before he could say anything, Louisa became impatient. She asked anxiously, "what's the news?"

She couldn't wait to find Bruce and ask him what misunderstandings between them and why he was so indifferent to her all of a sudden.

Turning calmly to look at Louisa, Ken said, "he's in the bar now. Do you want to see him?"

The person on the phone just now told Ken that Michelle was accompanying Bruce, but he didn't tell this to Louisa. If she saw it with her own eyes, it would be more persuasive than saying it from his mouth.

Hearing that Bruce was in the bar, Louisa felt a little sad. She thought he was out to talk business, but unexpectedly he was amusing, which made her feel bad.

"I want to see him. Can you take me there?" Looking at Ken, Louisa asked in a somewhat pleading tone. Now she wanted to figure out what Bruce was doing. Would he really have another woman with him as Susie said?

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