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   Chapter 253 Sulking

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Seeing that her colleague didn't believe what she said, the female colleague who had just gossiped pursed her lips and continued.

"Of course it's true. I saw it with my own eyes. Director Ken cast emotion's eyes down on Louisa. I don't know what they said, but she was just too shy. It seems like they have a very special relationship."

Bruce couldn't help but feel angry when he heard the gossips of the two employees. He hated it most when the employees gossiped at work.

But this time was not the key point to piss him off. The point was why Louisa had been absent-minded all day. It turned out that it was because of Ken.

Bruce, who was very possessive, could not accept it. He was the last one to know that another man showed love to his woman, and Louisa deliberately hide it when he asked. It was obvious that she didn't take him seriously.

Bruce gave two hard coughs to let two gossipy employees know his existence, and he had nowhere to vent his anger.

The sound of Bruce's coughing shocked the two employees. They turned around in confusion, and when they saw it was Bruce behind them, they were shocked and immediately lowered their heads. "Hello, Mr. Bruce."

They pretended to be humble, but in fact, They were scared. They all knew that Bruce hated the gossip of the employees in his company the most. And now they were caught on the spot.

Looking coldly at the two gossipy employees just now, Bruce suddenly appeared. His deep eyes were full of anger.

"Work is for you to do the job, not gossip, understand? If I find you do it again, you will be fired!" Bruce said it in a cold voice and then ruthlessly walked into the elevator. The other two staff were so scared that they even didn't dare to make a sound.

Only when they saw the number on the elevator began to go up did they dare to raise their heads. They looked at each other and then stood straight. Just now, Bruce was too scary and they were still a little scared to death.

With a long sigh, the short haired woman looked at her colleague and said, "Mr. Bruce was so frightening just now. I don't know who irritated him and got so angry."

Although Bruce was very rigorous in managing the company, he had never been so indifferent, which made the two of them a little uncomfortable and scared.

"Yes. We have to be more careful. If we are caught again, we will lose our job." Another colleague echoed.

A little angry, he returned to the CEO's office. When he passed by Louisa, he didn't stop at all. He was still thinking about what the two employees had just said, and felt a little angry with her.

At first, Louisa wanted to report her work to Bruce. But before she stood up, Bruce had already passed her without even looking at her. She was a little worried about if the failure of the contract.

Out of concern, Louisa gently pushed the door of the president's office open and walked in. The moment she entered, she saw Bruce standing

rested in ordinary women at all.

"No, Bruce won't have another woman. I can assure you." After thinking for a while, Louisa said to Susie firmly.

No matter whether Bruce was sick or not, Louisa didn't think he would betray her. They are good friends and no woman can easily get involved in their affairs.

Hearing that, Susie shook her head somewhat disappointedly and said, "I advise you to be careful. If there really is a woman who tries to step in your relationship, it will be too late for you to cry."

Susie didn't know where Louisa got the confidence from, but she said that for Louisa's sake. Susie had experienced such things before.

Susie had loved a man deeply before, and they loved each other so much, but he had betrayed her in the end. Therefore, for matters of love, she was very sensitive.

Although Louisa had confidence in Bruce, she was still worried when she heard the reminding from Susie. After all, Louisa was not the only one in the world who had different blood.

"Well, don't say that again. I trust Bruce. I believe that he won't do anything wrong to me." Obviously, Louisa was suspicious of him. However, she still tried her best to convince herself not to doubt him.

After all, there was no solid evidence for this kind of thing. She didn't want to easily suspect Bruce, because it would hurt the feelings of the two of them.

"Well, I won't say it anymore. You'd better take care of yourself. Don't regret what you have done." Knowing that Louisa didn't want to hear her say such words, Susie heaved a sigh and changed the topic.

Louisa was too simple and tended to trust others, so she was cheated every time. Susie was worried that Louisa would get hurt again. As Louisa's good friend, she did not want this to happen.

The two hung up the phone. Louisa curled up on the sofa, waiting for Bruce to come back home. Time passed, but she still didn't see the door open, which made Louisa a little disappointed.

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