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   Chapter 250 Pressures

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10185

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Although Susie was eager to ask Ken what he was going to do next, the words she almost blurted out was swallowed by her. Looking at his cold eyes, she had a glimmer of trust in him from the bottom of her heart.

The shooting was suspended because it was too much for Susie to take. And Bruce told them to carry on after this matter was settled. So after telling everything to Ken, she went home alone.

After Susie left, Ken left the company after arranging the work. He was going to look for Michelle and ask her if she had really done such a thing.

When Ken arrived at the café which Michelle often stayed at, Ken saw her as expected. Now she was looking at the gossip about Susie through her mobile phone. A sneer appeared on her face.

Susie had been so arrogant a few days ago, and now what else could she do. If she couldn't deal with it well, she might not be able to stay in the entertainment industry for the rest of her life.

Ken sat directly across from Michelle. Ken looked at her coldly with anger in his deep eyes. "Did you do that?"

Without any extra nonsense, Ken cut to the chase, having no time to play charades with Michelle.

Facing Ken's angry eyes, Michelle knew what he meant, but she still pretended to be ignorant. "What do you mean? What did I do? "

Last time Michelle asked him for help but he refused. She was still suppressing her anger and her tone was very bad at this moment.

Seeing that Michelle seemed to know the answer but asked intentionally, Ken was even angrier, and his face became more and more gloomy. She knew exactly what he was talking about, but she was still pretending to be silly in front of him.

"Do you know what I'm talking about? "It was you who made the scandal of Susie, right?" Seeing that Michelle did not admit it, Ken put it straight.

Ken didn't need to pretend in front of Michelle. If she crossed his line, he would not let her go. This time she just did it to take revenge on Susie. Next time if she did anything harmful to him, he would fight back without hesitation.

Seeing that Ken had revealed her secret, Michelle knew that it was useless for her to pretend to be innocent. She simply and generously admitted, "yes, I did it. So are you coming to blame me?"

Seeing that Ken behaved like he didn't like her, Michelle's face turned cold. She had regretted helping him to go back to the company. She had thought that he would help her once he went back to the company, but she didn't expect him to be the stumbling block.

Having confirmed the conjecture in his heart, Ken's face was calm, but the aura around him became colder and colder, and even Michelle felt a little scared.

"I have warned you not to do anything harmful to the interests of the company last time. You don't take my words serious." Said Ken in a cold and emotionless tone. He looked at Michelle coldly, with a tinge of danger in his deep eyes.

If he couldn't handle it properly this time, it would bring a huge loss to the company. Although he was against Bruce, he always thoug

hough Ken was the CEO of Mu's Group, he was a senior journalist. How could Ken be so rude to him? He had been asked to delete the news for many times, and had never seen a man as domineering as Ken, which made him very uncomfortable.

"Why? Just because you ask me to do so? It's not easy for me to get the news. How can I delete it?" Morgan Li had already expected that Mu's Group would send someone to deal with it, so he had made a plan.

Mu's Group was one of the leading companies in the country. If it encountered such small problems, the quickest and direct way to deal with them was to settle them with money. Therefore, Morgan Li still had his own thought in his heart.

However, Morgan Li was doomed to be disappointed this time. With Ken's vicious nature, it was impossible for him to compromise so easily, and he was well prepared this time.

"I heard that you have a mistress outside, and you have an illegitimate child. I think your wife doesn't know about that. What if she knows what you have done outside?" Ken didn't talk about the money. Instead, he shifted his attention to Morgan's wife.

In fact, Morgan Li was just a punk who got nothing in the end. The reason why he was able to work for the magazine was because he his relationship with his wife. Without his wife, he was nothing now.

At first, Morgan Li was smirking and waiting for the money from Ken to give him. But when he heard that Ken mentioned his wife, he suddenly became flustered. He looked at Ken with a little vigilance.

"How... How did you know about this?" Morgan Li had done his best to keep his secret from others. When Ken knew about it, he was shocked, but more afraid.

If his wife knew about it, she would definitely not forgive him. But if his wife had a fight with him, he would lose everything.

Seeing that Ken had grasped the soft spot of Morgan Li's opponent, a faint sneer flashed across Ken's eyes. How dare Morgan Li try to blackmail him for just a little money? Morgan Li was really overestimating himself.

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