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   Chapter 249 Meet A Hooligan

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Susie was safe for a few days. So she let her guard down. She believed that the reason why Michelle threatened her the other day was just to frighten her and that Michelle had no ability to do anything else.

It was late when Susie finished shooting the promotion video of Mu's Group. She went to the underground parking lot to pick up her car, and wanted to go home early for a rest.

When she just sat in the car and was about to close the door, a man directly sat in the front passenger seat.

When she saw the man who suddenly appeared in front of her, Susie was startled. After she saw his face clearly, she found that she didn't know him. She became alert at once.

The man narrowed his eyes at Susie's beautiful face and let out a sigh. It was a good job.

He said nothing more. He drew closer to Susie, intending to kiss her. But she pushed him away warily.

"What are you doing? Get out of here right now, or I will call the police!" Although Susie was scared of the man who was very strong in front of her, she dared to retort harshly to him. After all, she had been a tough girl ever since she was a little girl.

Until now did she realize that she had met a lecher and wanted to ask for help. But it was so late, no one would come to save her.

"I say, you'd better listen to me. Don't make me force you." With the separation resistance of Susie, the man looked somewhat displeased, and an impatient look appeared on his creepy face.

It was such a great torment for him to stay with such a beautiful woman and he only could watch her but not feel her, but he had to do something for the sake of getting money.

Before Susie could react, he pounced on her again, which completely angered the toughness of the woman. Susie started punching and kicking him.

She picked up her bag and hit him on the head. Then she smartly stepped on the man's foot with her high heels. The man got hurt and had to let go of her quickly.

But she wouldn't let the person who had hurt her go easily. Susie walked to him again and tried to give him a good beating.

The man didn't expect Susie to be such a tough woman and he was no match for her. Left with no choice, he fled.

Seeing that the man had escaped, Susie threw her bag into the car and looked forward angrily.

"You want to take advantage of me? Do you know who I am?" Susie was proud of herself for beating the ruffian away.

If that lecher hadn't run fast, she would have made him suffer.

Susie smoothed her messy hair, she sat in her car and decided to take a bath to get rid of the bad luck for meeting ruffian at such a late time after work.

After the car left the underground parking lot, a man with a camera came out from behind a pillar. He looked at the picture he had just taken and sneered.

It was a scene in which Susie was sitting with a man in a very ambiguous posture. This was taken before Susie fought back. Th

f coldness flashed through their eyes, and Ken's face turned the most gloomy.

According to what Susie said, he had begun to suspect someone, but he was not sure yet, but he was sure that someone was targeting at Susie.

Looking at Ke who seemed to be absorbed in thought, Bruce squinted his eyes doubtfully and scrutinized him. But after a second thought, Bruce denied his suspicion immediately. Although Ken was determined to oppose Bruce and take over his company, Ken was a man who would never do anything harmful to the company's interests.

"The most important thing right now is to stop this disappointing report. Director Ken, I'll leave it to you. I think this kind of little thing should not be difficult for you!" Bruce didn't want to know who was to blame for this, he just wanted this to be over.

Ken was a little surprised that Bruce suddenly left the matter to him to handle, but he soon understood what Bruce meant.

"I know. I will handle it well." Ken said lightly but firmly.

Seeing that Ken had agreed to his request without hesitation, Bruce nodded with satisfaction. Then Bruce turned his eyes to look at Susie again.

Louisa trusted her and spoke for her, so Bruce trusted her.

Susie looked at Ken for help, hoping he could handle this matter well. Although it was inevitable for a public figure's gossip, this matter was of great importance. She didn't want it to harm anyone.

After the meeting was over, Ken called Susie to his office and asked her about what happened last night. It was a shame, but to fix it well, Susie told him exactly about it.

Hearing what Susie said, Ken's face became gloomier, and his deep eyes became colder, with a faint of anger. Now Ken was totally sure that someone was behind this matter. Otherwise, it couldn't have been so coincident.

"I know what happened. I'll handle it. Don't worry." After listening to Susie's narration, Ken said calmly and peacefully.

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